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Its Springtime…. garden anyone??…

Believe it or not, it is Spring!! Although its also riding time, I am a gardener at heart. Looking for some great ideas? Try Pinterest. Here is the first idea I put on my Pinterest page.. There are so many great ideas out there that you can spend hours reading and planning.
While you are at it, think about getting that bike in order. Here is a great article by the AMA that will certainly help…

Now that Spring has sprung, get out there and get busy because we have waited months to get here, dont waste any time!

Lady Godiva on wheels…. needing to get dirty!!


Happy Father’s Day? Really….

Today is Father’s Day and according to my husband who rarely drinks, my only duty is to make sure his glass of Tequila Sunrise is full. That also means that I should walk behind the ride-on lawnmower with a pitcher in my hand and wearing an outfit that would send the neighbors into shock! I took a deep breath and calmly gave him a choice…..he chose well and will live to see another Father’s Day. 
So, a few minutes ago I was doing yard work. Summer happened while I wasnt looking and the truth is that the most beautiful part of my property are the weeds that have flowered during the recent rain followed by sun! It’s a mess. But the good news is that weeds are easier to get when they are waist-high and you don’t have to bend down! I joke, but this is no laughing matter. Where do they all come from and although I have poisoned them, stomped them out, cut them down and cursed at them, they still come back. Resilient little suckers and can’t take a hint!
Well, here is how it went for me…. bend and pick, move over, bend and pick, repeat. I was bending and picking and bending and picking and “Hole in the ground?”. I only heard a slight buzzing sound before I ran. I considered jumping in the pool but remembered that I hadn’t put the summer chemicals in yet. I thought about grabbing the hose but opted for the sure thing and hit the back door to the house at full speed, shutting it behind me with a slam!! So much can run through your mind in a short amount of time when you think you have a swarm of angry Yellow Jackets on your tail.
Back in the house I was summoned to fill my husbands glass…. its better than the Yellow Jackets and he is a lot cuter. Maybe I will even cook him a steak for dinner!

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful guys out there. It only comes once a year so enjoy!

Lady Godiva on wheels… warmin up the grill and giving my husband a little kiss on his bald head!


Meeting Jason and Kelly….

It’s so funny to meet someone on Twitter and have a long running relationship with them… and then finally meet them! This isn’t the first Twitter buddy I have met and I have to say that I have been blessed with some great friendships that I can’t imagine loosing, ever! In fact, Andrea D’assis, designer of the Wrapter hair wrap and “chickthatrides” on Twitter, met me in Vegas for some fun.
Enter Jason hellcatcustoms on Twitter, Kelly fierypinkgirl on Twitter, and Fred smoothbiker on Twitter! Man did I have a good time and have found more great riding friends.
I just wanted to thank Jason and Kelly for all the good times had and for the great bike and bike show experience. You two are awesome!

Lady Godiva on wheels… lovin the bike and my old but new friends! Thanks Twitter!!

Next up…. all about the Las Vegas Bikefest and my new three wheeled beauty!


September 11, 2001…..

Let us never forget how vulnerable we are… Let us never forget that united we stand… Let us never forget those who serve… Let us never forget those who parished… Let us never forget! God bless us all, a nation on shaky ground in need of a Savior.

Lady Godiva… remembering. (very heavy sigh)
(photo via Got Geoint? and was not a webpage I could find to provide a link)


Read about the “NYC IMS after party” w

Read about the “NYC IMS after party” with @cshookup. And I am guna b there!! Wana come too? C how at..


Im all packed for NYC…International Mo

Im all packed for NYC…International Motorcycle Show, here I come.


In case anyone was wondering….

I sent Santa my wish list and I didn’t get what I asked for…

I think Santa has gone soft!! No Enertia Plus, no Empulse, no Brammo jacket! And I was good last year…..just wait until this year!!

Lady Godiva on wheels…… goin bad!!