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Tips for Women Traveling Solo..

With the weather promising to get better…although I have my doubts… I have begun to think about all the rides I want to  take to exotic places, near and far..aka the hills near my home and somewhere beyond. I want to make a few maps and actually plan some REAL great rides to take this riding season and that provokes thoughts of what I need to do. Here are some of the places I have used for some helpful advice.
My friends Susi and Dana did a couple of blog posts on what to pack and some very good equipment for camping (back in June). 
A woman who I admire, Carla King, did a great blog on women traveling solo..and she should know.  Read her book called, “American Boarders” and see how she handled a ride through Europe and her ride around the United States and Canada.
Stop by and visit our family run website at Motorcycle Travel and look for “Ladies Only” under “Tips“. There is information on everything we girls need from packing ideas to medical issues.

Planning is everything when you travel by motorcycle or any other means. Stop by our website and make  a map for your trip and send an invitation to all your riding girl friends.  If you decide to go alone, make maps every night you stop and add it to a blog provided on the website so no one needs to worry about much. Only your designated family and friends can access and read all about what you did that day, see pictures, and see icons to show what you did and where you are. Contact me if you need any help with it and I can show you what to do.  Put everyone’s minds at ease and ride alone with confidence.
So… let it snow, for now. Its going to have to get better eventually and when it does, we will be ready!!

Lady Godiva on wheels.. making plans now while the Old Man Winter is still in charge!!


All I wanna do is ride..cant a girl get a little ride around here??

Well, as I said in a previous post, I’m pretty pissed at the stupid groundhog. All I want to do is grab my bike and take a ride. A ride around the town, around the corner, around the yard, around anything!! Wanting to do something and being able to do something are two different things! The snow and bad weather just wont go away and we are all getting a little tired of it. At this point I am thinking about loading my Harley on my trailer and driving south until I can find some decent weather. I realize I will need to brush up on my spanish….heavy sigh and a pouty face.
I have been having a few days that have made me feel a little out of sorts and having no possibility at “two-wheeled therapy”, I was feeling pretty bleak! And then today…. I came home and got the mail. When I opened that mail box and saw that beautiful sight… well, lets just say that I was feeling high! It felt like I was floating as I stepped into the house and onto the couch………… 
 with my IronWorks Magazine!
This day is looking up.

Laura Klock..this is great! I wanna be her..
I’m feeling better already.

and Marilyn Bragg has an article?? 
Does it get any better than this?

I might just make it until the weather changes after all. Thank you, IronWorks Magazine. You aren’t as good as my “two-wheeled therapy” but, you do make me happy!

Lady Godiva on wheels….with a glass of wine and my IronWorks magazine. Sweet, Im gunna make it after all! (Mary Tyler Moore would be proud!)…spuishy faced smile.


what I did after the International Motorcycle Show…look out “Big Apple”

After the International Motorcycle Show, I didn’t have much of a voice left.  32 hours of talking to everyone that came along and I was pretty beat up.  My partner in crime, Andrea D’Assis, creator of the Wrapter hair wrap, decided that we should just take our “bucket” lists and “get lost”.  Believe me, we did that by accident!! Judging by the miles we put on our boots, we got lost and found and lost again but, we couldn’t have had more fun. Take a peek at all the pictures at Motorcycle Travel via Facebook…. Click on the picture to see our adventure.

Lady Godiva on wheels and the pictures that go with it….
PS… Still need to send out a shout to Christina Shook. Without her invitation, we wouldn’t have had the great adventure we had. Christina, you’re the best!!


Punxsutawney Phil is on crack…

On February 2,2011 Punxsutawney Phil promised this: “He surveyed his surroundings carefully and found that there was no shadow around, So, an early spring it will be.” Well, apparently someone forgot to tell the weather!  Here is what I woke up to on Wednesday the 16th!

As you can tell, “Clutch”, the newest member of “Team LaParne” for Motorcycle Travel, was so bummed to have to park his Harley due to snow!
Spring? Punxsutawney Phil can kiss my………..

Lady Godiva on wheels..well, not until the snow is gone! Damn groundhog…


Motorcycle Travel goes to the International Motorcycle Show in NYC…

I had an awesome opportunity to be a part of the International Motorcycle Show in New York City with my buddy, the author of “Chicks on Bikes”, Christina Shook.  Knowing this woman has opened my eyes to exactly what it means to put yourself out there and “just do it”.  And so, that’s exactly what I did.  I spent three days in a booth at the show and literally talked for 32 hours about the new website my family just launched, Motorcycle Travel  Yup… talked my little self into a sore throat and no voice by Sunday night. 
I only had about an hour to tour the show and enjoy the row after row of beautiful motorcycle…. and drool!  Here are the pictures of what I saw…. enjoy!!

A special thank you goes out to my friend Christina Shook. You may just push me into success and I thank you for it!!

Lady Godiva on wheels…. still drooling over the Indians and the Ducatis!!


How many blogs I read… Oh, my

I read motorcycle blogs everyday…as in, every day. I love them! The talent out there is unbelievable. But, lately I have found that it takes a good chunk of time at home to sit and read them all. I have had trouble reading the books that have accumulated on my night stand. I have given up trying to read the magazines that have collected on my coffee table. I have even given up photography and sketching. The realization that I read 102 bloggers made me come to a conclusion… I may have to give some of them up. So.. I started going over the list. Do I give up Chessie/Marilyn Elmore’s lovely pictures or Fuzzys great ideas? Do I stop reading Hell for Leather or Iron Works?  Stop rooting for “The Girl Gets Around?  How about Oasis of the Soul, KD Did, Steady on the Humble, Lilreds, Motoette, Christina Shook??  Oh, hell no! Hell no, I say!!  I’m not giving any of them up….EVER!! 
 There is only one solution! An Apple iPad.  That way I can read them anywhere… when I’m waiting for an appointment, in the pick up line at my grand daughters school, at the bank, ANYWHERE!  “I hope the Apple Fairy visits my part of town……”, she said with a little sigh.

Lady Godiva on wheels… thinking that I may just need a really good nights sleep!! And a good glass of Chianti. Night all…
Next… the NYC International Motorcycle Show.


Wendyvee’s RoadsideWonder..Another great blog to read…

I have been following this one for some time now. Wenyvee @RoadsideWonders on Twitter, has some of the coolest places to see…strange, interesting, and always out of the ordinary. Looking for something different, this is where you will find it! Read her blog here. You wont be disappointed…. I promise!!

Lady Godiva on wheels… ready to ride to the strange places out there.