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Hi Ho,Hi Ho, Its off to Laughlin I go!!

     Imagine, if you will, being a part of a Broadway play. You rehearse, and rehearse for weeks and even months. You can literally say your lines in your sleep, and probably have. Opening night is just a few days away and suddenly, you get stage fright! Well, that’s not even close to how I feel.
     I have been working on this website for over two years. I know it backwards and forwards. I do see it in my sleep! In addition, I am one of those bubbly, happy, people persons that loves to talk to anyone and everyone. With that in mind, why would I suddenly be scarred! I am going down to the Laughlin River Run, which I have attended numerous times before, to be amongst motorcycle people, like myself, and do what I do best, which is talk. Hmmm…now that is something to ponder.
     According to, Stage fright or performance anxiety is the anxiety, fear, or persistent phobia which may be aroused in an individual by the requirement to perform in front of an audience, whether actually or potentially (for example, when performing before a camera). In the context of public speaking, this fear is termed glossophobia, one of the most common of phobias. Such anxiety may precede or accompany participation in any activity involving public self-presentation. FYI…that doesn’t describe me at all!!
     So, I guess I will have to just have faith that God knows what he’s doing with me and put myself out there while throwing in a little fun. Sometimes writting about it makes me feel better and I think this is one of those times. In fact, I’m starting to feel excited and  giggly.  Now, that’s more like me.
     “Thank you” to everyone that looked at my brand spankin new website. If you havent seen it yet, it’s Once you get there, you will find a place for you to sign in and tell me a little about “you”. You can sign up your club, or create one, show off your photos, and add any event you might think people will be interested in attending.
     Let’s have some fun! The sun is shinning and there are so many bikes on the road that my neck hurts from snapping around to catch a glimpse. Everyone ride safe, but, get out there and ride!
     I will be back in town in a week with some great pictures for the photo gallery on my website. For those who are attending the run, I am having a contest for the best event picture. There will be cash prizes for first ($200), second ($150) and third ($100) places. So, start snapping those pictures. Who knows, you might win!!

                                     Lady Godiva on wheels and on the way to Laughlin!!!!!  Wooohooooo

P.S.  There is much more to come to the website so stay tuned. Revisit often to see what else we add.  Also, remember to advise us if you think there is something that might be helpful to other bikers and we havent thought of it yet!


What everyone needs!! (A re-publish)

This is one of those stories that you need to read, especially at the beginning of the season…….                                                                                                                                    We all ponder the question, “What If?”. What if you’re out and about and the bike breaks down? My two favorite friends have always been the AAA card and my cell phone. But there are times when the darn cell phone and the darn cell towers are not working together to make your life easier…..ya know what I mean?

That was the case one day when a group of us were traveling through Arizona and Nevada. We had just left a little town called Oatman, in the Arizona desert, out in the middle of no where and decided to gas up since we weren’t sure where the next stop would be. We stopped at the local station and took time to find the bathrooms, get a drink, smokes for those who needed them, aspirin for my dear sisters rear-end (we had traveled long and hard), and gas. With all that under our belts, we were on our way. Not ten minutes out of town, the one bike…..and also the novice riders bike….began to smoke, a lot. This poor guy was hysterical. It was a brand new bike, as in first time out. We all pulled over and tried to console him while determining what was wrong and how to fix it. One of the guys remembered that the novice had gone on the other side of the station island and that he had filled the tank with diesel fuel. Not the best thing but not the worst either. But we were in the middle of nothing with no cars on the road and nothing in sight. It was starting to get late and dark. And, of course, no cell phone service!

Let me explain one difference between the seasoned rider and the novice. The novice has no tools….none! The seasoned rider has all the tools you could need, and none you don’t need, all in a little condensed pack and ready to go. In that little treasure chest was a few feet of plastic tubing that was perfect for allowing the novice to suck the diesel fuel out of his tank that didn’t spill out when we tipped the bike. Oh, yeah. We sure weren’t doing it for him!!! A travel cup provided enough gas….once retrieved….to get the novice back to the gas station and full of the proper fuel to get him on his way. The only ill effects was the smoke that resulted from what little diesel was still in the tank and motor. All was well with the world and the novice with the brand new bike, both now slightly seasoned from the road and the mishap. He went home and put together the sweetest little tool kit, complete with plastic tubing, that you have ever seen. Smart novice!!

Now, we know that the “what ifs” can happen at any time and to any one. The tool kits are worth their weight in gold but my favorites are still the cell phone and the AAA card. I like the comfort of having them all at my disposal. How about you??

Let me know whats in your tool kit and why. We have all learned by mishap and experience what works. Maybe its time to put together a list of things that are tried and true and definitely necessary for the occasional “what if”.

Viva la tools……………………Lady Godiva on wheels


My MotoSport Magazine….

I’m home in bed today….sick!!  I don’t do sick real well and today is no different.  About the time I thought I was going to loose my mind, the mail came with my street resource book for 2009!! Halaluea, brothers and sisters. My sanity is saved.
The cover has a picture of Larry Pegram on the “Foremost Insurance” Ducati racing bike sponsored by……you guessed it…..MotoSport!! Nice little “front wheel off the pavement” picture to stimulate the senses before I even crack the cover. Nice! You can also follow Larry Pegram on facebook @
Now, I need a new helmet.  I really do! Its not like shoes…..well, kinda. Okay, I don’t need a helmet but, I want one!  So, I’m goin in.
If I have to sit in bed and puke all day, the least I can do is have fun shopping in my MotoSport Magazine. I love you guys. That and sanitize and re-sanitize my laptop keyboard….lol.

                                   Lady Godiva on wheels…..pukin away……….


Computer geek, I am NOT!

So, according to my friend Rich with Blue Sky Web Design, I need to be on Facebook and Twitter. Now, I don’t even like “reality TV”, on line relationships, or chat rooms but, I am on Facebook and Twitter.  I am launching a web site this month and its important for me to be in the motorcycle loop because that’s what my web site is all about.  Okay, fine.
On Twitter I found a way to tweet from my phone. I am so technologically inept but, I managed to accomplish this HUGE feat. I was so proud of myself that I told everyone on Twitter that I would be able to tweet, via my phone, about all that was happening at the Laughlin River Run, while I was there, passing out information about the Motorcycle Travel America event picture contest that my new web site is having as an introduction to the public on April 22-26. 
One of the people on Twitter responded by saying that he and a group would be there and he would have his blackberry with him. Because I am so darn lacking in the understanding of all that is this technology, I actually advised him that I am “old school” and he could text me and passed my number along.  REALLY? How blond can I be?
I want to apologize to all the numerous people that have to put up with my ineptness. I am just an infant in all this. I am barely crawling along but I’m making progress.  I am immune to the laughter, in fact, I laugh right along with them. How can I not? It is amazing how much I have learned and how far I have come. Under the tutelage of my friends at Blue Sky Web Design, I can go nowhere but up. Bare with me and we can all be amazed……mostly me.
That’s my silly story for the week, the month, and maybe the year.  Here’s to all the “not computer” geeks in the world.  Don’t give up.

                         Lady Godiva on wheels………just crawling!!


Leaving my baby behind……

I was lying in bed this a.m., pondering some particulars about my upcoming trip to the Laughlin River Run, April 22-26.  I am launching my new web site, Motorcycle Travel America ( and, will be handing out fliers for our “best event picture” contest. First prize is $200 in cold hard cash. I have made travel arrangements, designed the fliers, haggled over prices for printing,  and every other little thing.  I had the mental list in my head, rolling around and around when…….I realized that I was going to have to drive to Laughlin….in a CAR!!  I have been to countless River Runs but, never in a CAR!!  So, this is what being the CEO means.  Crap!
Well, I have had to do worst…being the mother of three and the grandmother of three, one of which I have been raising for the last 3.5 years and hes now 16. 

I was in the garage the other day and I noticed that my bike was sitting up just a little straighter than before. I haven’t told her that I’m driving a CAR to Laughlin. I don’t know how I’m going to tell her.  This could get ugly……wish me luck.

                                              Lady Godiva on wheels……four wheels, darn it.

Look for information about The Laughlin River Run at And, if you plan to attend remember that there are NO colors allowed.  We all know why so, behave.  We are all in this together, boys and girls!!


I’m on a Mission….don’t I wish!!

Well, I’m on to another electric motorcycle that has caught my attention. You may recall the recent blog I did on the Enertia Motorcycle by Brammo. I didnt have any luck getting to talk to anyone about that bike and certainly didnt get to see one or….dare to dream….ride it!!  In my depressed state of rejection (;))..actually, in an attempt to find another way to get in to see the bike…I found another bike that I liked even more.  The Enertia really seemed to be the perfect commuter bike but this new one just sounds like pure fun. My new love is the Mission One from Mission Motor Company located somewhere near San Francisco.
This little gem has that same futuristic look that seems to be a signature for the electric bike.  The designer/developers (Yves Behar and fuseproject) claim to have given much attention to more than just horse power and top speed ratings but, every aspect of performance, as well, such as speed, acceleration, range, handling, reliability, and impact on environment. With that said, it is abundantly clear that they also mean this motorcycle to mean business with 100 ft-lbs of torque at 0 to 6,500 rpm, a top speed of 150 mph, and a high energy lithium ion battery that gives you 150 mile range. 
So, this bike is sporting the latest in battery technology, powerful motor, and smart technology to give this bike sustainability instead of compromise and loads of fun for the rider, as well.  Check it out at And, remember that we owe it to Mother Earth and the future generations to limit our carbon footprint. We are runnin out of excuses and with the Mission One, we’ve lost several!!

Food for thought………………………………….Lady Godiva on wheels


One more thing…..

I would love everyone to revisit my post called ” I want you to remember this one!’  It will make you feel like you can help out and make a difference.  Get a tissue cause this little dog is amazing! 
                                                  Lady Godiva on wheels………..sniffle…..