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This brings back memories….

I was reading Cyril Huse blog today and he had a story about the Fiber Optic Mohawk Helmets by Helmet Inc. He made it a point to indicate that the helmets work well for the younger crowd and not for we older biker bunch. I had to laugh a bit and remember that I had decided to “night ride” my Harley with an item that was really a blast from my past and not particularly mature! Let me explain….
How many of us just had to make our bicycles sound cool with a few clothes pins and a deck of cards? I was right there with ya! Later I fixed up my sisters bike with beads that glowed in the dark attached to the spokes… she thought she had the coolest bike on the block. Years later I put strobing spoke lights on my kids bikes so that I could find them on summer nights when they rode the cul-de-sac we lived on. Soon all the kids had them and I was back to standing in the front yard calling their names..
I was surfing the web and looking for ways to make me more visible on those dark moonless nights when I just had to go for a ride and I ran across a real blast from my past…  

The Nite Ize Spokelit LED light is meant to go on the spokes of your bicycle tire but, I just knew that with a little ingenuity I could adapt it to my Harley Road King or my little Brammo Enertia electric bike. And, for less than $10. Not once was I thinking about cool. What I was thinking was this….”Now lets see if that dumbass down the street in the Mustang pulls out in front of me and says, “Sorry, I didn’t see ya!!”‘.  A couple of the spoke lights and you could see me from the Space Shuttle!!

So, to all of you that might not think a 55-year-old grandmother should be rocking a LED mohawk helmet, think again. If it was your grandmother and she got home safe, would you want her to wear one? The easier it is to see me, the better. If they had a strobe light that would fit my butt, I might try it!! That might need to be one big ol’ strobe light..LOL. Ride safe, everyone, and light it up if ya can!!

Lady Godiva on wheels… rockin the LED


What I wanna be when I grow up….

I am an avid “motorcycle rider/blog about it” reader. I didn’t start out to be, however, I couldn’t stop reading all the wonderful adventures about all the wonderful rides. I love the stories, the pictures, the antics… I love everything but the occasional accident. I do love the fact that the author does share and believe it helps us all understand that even the best rider can have an accident and perhaps it will keep someone on their toes and save a life.
I was reading one of my favorites, Rachael over at She did this sweet little post about 4 of her favorite motorcycle travel blogs, two of which I already read (2wheels revisited and Chessie’s Tales, Motorcycles and Rides) , and asked us what ones we like. I gave her one of mine, The oasis of the soul, just to share.
Later, I began wondering why I am so attracted to these authors and their tales. The truth…. I am jealous! I want to be them when I grow up. In fact, I wanted it so badly that I have been working on a travel website for 5 years so that I can use it when I start my adventures. I have been a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a business woman my whole life. I have ridden when I could but with little consistency so that I was a newbie rider a number of times. Now, that is about to change.
I want to thank the nearly 80 bloggers that I follow for all the wonderful posts that have danced around my head like the proverbial sugar plums. I want to be like you when I grow up and it looks like 2011 may just be my year. I am putting the finishing touches on my own motorcycle travel website after doing a COMPLETE makeover that has lasted a couple of years. I am launching it in unison with my trip to the International Motorcycle Show in New York City.  So, stay tuned and I will give you more info as I go..
Thank you, Rachael, for making me think about that….. and smile.

Lady Godiva on wheels, lovin those bloggers!!


Tis the season…

And, on behalf of my motorcycle riding family members as well as myself….
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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!


Dear Santa Baby,

I hope it’s not too late to send you this “wish list” but, I have been busy. After the tree was up, the gifts bought and wrapped, the house decorated, the community service events completed, the local food closet helped out, the local toy drives’ barrels stuffed, the family dinners are cooked, and I am finally finished, I realized that I hadn’t sent you this request. So here we go…
Santa, I know that you are all about being nice but, can’t you be a little naughty in an effort to be nice? ALL I want for Christmas is the new Enertia Plus from Brammo, and in order to get it for me, you may have to send a team of “Special Forces Elves” (like the ones that they showed on Tim Allen’s “The Santa Clause”) and pick up the one at the Brammo headquarters in Ashland, Oregon. Just go to the website and it will tell you the address and show you pictures of the bike. Just in case, I am sending a picture of one:
Carbon CalculatorMake sure its the one that has the “+” on the body piece directly after the word “Enertia” and my preference would be the white one. Remember to bring the plug for the start button that will be on my old panels so that I can switch it out with the new panels. Once we get the pink Dorothy Robinson panels on the new Enertia Plus, we are home free!!

Now, while you are down in Ashland and the Elves are in the Brammo headquarters, if they happen to see a really hot

Order an Empulse

cafe racer looking bike called the “Empulse” and you have room on the sleigh, I know my daughter is really excited about getting her hands on one of those. Here is a picture… just in case.
You know that she has been a really good girl this year… really good! She is a full-time single mom, a full-time student going for her teaching degree, just completed her tax preparers classes in unison with her regular schooling, and cleans houses to give her daughter all the extras like band and cheerleading. 
I don’t know where she finds the time or the energy. And, if she rode an Empulse, she could save money on gas by going electric!
Well, Santa… that’s the request and that’s the plan. I know that if you don’t do this for me I will have to wait till next year and I’m not sure I can. I dream about that new bikes everyday and the fact that my own little Dorothy will go from my commuter to my little cruiser. That extra 40 mile possibility gets me all giggly!! You know those sugar plums that dance around ones head… with me, its Empulses and the Enertia Plus. PLEASE, Santa… you gotta help me!!

Oh, one more thing. While you are there at the Brammo headquarters, can you see if there is one of those Brammo jackets that Harry Mallin(aka @Brammofan on twitter) got from Jackie Chan’s JCAM. He gets all the cool stuff!!

If you could leave the Brammo guys something really nice, that would be really cool. All the guys down there work really hard. I was thinking that they could have constant massages while they work or plates that hold their favorite foods and replenish themselves anytime they get hungry?? I’ll leave that to you….

Thanks Santa Baby, you’re the best…
Lady Godiva on wheels…. hoping, hoping, hoping.


Last minute Christmas Gifts and Great little stocking stuffers..

For those of you struggling with some last minute shopping, there is one item that makes a great gift or a great stocking stuffer and everyone can appreciate it. I’m referring to a t-shirt from a persons favorite bike builder, blogger, motorcycle dealership, or even their favorite product indorsement T. There are literally hundreds of great t-shirts to be had and one of them will be the perfect gift for someone you want to surprise.
Here are the ones on my list; Dorothy’s favorite artist, Jason Sarratt’s Hellcat Customs t-shirt with the awesome “Hellcat” on the front, my favorite east coast bike builder, Jason McCudden’s South Side Kustoms “Real Divas Ride” t-shirt to benefit breast cancer research, and one of my favorite bloggers, Liz Frazier at Rippin-Kitten has a great ladies “boy beater” with a terrific design. All of them would be great to find in my stocking!
Alas, I have NOT been a good girl this year and I’m not hopeful that Santa is going to grace my stocking with anything but a heap of coal and a stern warning. With that I have to say… proper acting women never make history and certainly never make an impression! Santa needs to learn to deal…….;) 

Lady Godiva on wheels… hoping everyone is enjoying the season!


Harley Davidson Received Federal Assistance…from the “KNEESLIDER”.

I just read this article on of my favorite things to read.. and you can read it, too. A special “thanx” to Paul Crowe for keeping us informed.