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Its Springtime…. garden anyone??…

Believe it or not, it is Spring!! Although its also riding time, I am a gardener at heart. Looking for some great ideas? Try Pinterest. Here is the first idea I put on my Pinterest page.. There are so many great ideas out there that you can spend hours reading and planning.
While you are at it, think about getting that bike in order. Here is a great article by the AMA that will certainly help…

Now that Spring has sprung, get out there and get busy because we have waited months to get here, dont waste any time!

Lady Godiva on wheels…. needing to get dirty!!


Did someone say Spring…..

According to the internet: Spring began with the vernal equinox at 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20, 2013 in the Northern Hemisphere. However, someone forgot to send Old Man Winter the memo. I saw a post on Facebook that said, “I think its time for Old Man Winter to get Mother Nature drunk and have some fun making Spring”. I promise to provide the alcohol!! Anything they want!
But, smile… it is coming so get that bike in shape and get ready to ride!!

Lady Godiva on wheels… loosing patience with that darn Old Man Winter!!


What makes “Clutch” tick..

“Clutch” is my two-year old grandson. Recently I have considered re-naming him “Crash” since he has mastered the wheelie and the stoppie and is now perfecting laying down his bike and announcing in a loud voice, “Crash!!”. Then he rolls around on the ground for a while and then picks up his bike and starts all over. He has figured out that he can slide his back wheel around the corners, pull it upright and slide into the position to lay his bike down with a perfect tuck and roll! It just may be a skill that serves him well since he will be on a motorcycle before he’s five years old, I’m sure. We are a motorcycle family so it’s a given!
Now that his head has grown big enough, he got his first big boy helmet, complete with the Fox sticker, of course. So, how does Clutch watch his morning cartoons…. with his helmet on, naturally! The only way I could get it off his head was to promise him he could read his motorcycle magazine and eat raisins. Alas, the hair was your A-typical “helmet head” hairdo for a good portion of the day!! Not that he cared because he could sit ,content and play with his motorcycle apps on his iPad which is very hard to do with the helmet on, as he discovered! These are the things that make “Clutch” tick! Motorcycles, motorcycle tricks on his bike, helmets, motorcycle magazines, and motorcycle apps on his iPad. Starting to see a pattern? Me, too…..

Lady Godiva on wheels… playin with our smallest member of the Motorcycle Travel family and my little sweetie, “Clutch”. Now this is living!!


A Quote from the blog of Dwain DeVille, the biker guy…

Smart people use quotes that come from the best.  Motorcycle Travel’s friend, Dwaine DeVille, is just one of those considerably smart individuals; using a quote from the great John Wooden, legendary coach that led the UCLA Bruins to seven consecutive NCAA championships, he shows just how smart…how true this one is: 

“Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you,”.

Read about the great John Wooden and his many quotes! Food for thought, every one.
Find Dwain on Facebook to see all the great things he’s up to…

Lady Godiva on wheels, spreading the word but experiencing technical difficulties adding links. Had to do it “old school”, baby!!


Speaking of Dad….

I was just thinking about Father’s Day and a couple great “idea” items for you to consider..

The first is a great little item that I intend to buy myself in honor of my own dad who reluctantly got a cell phone per my request. OXO puts out a plug-in charging shelf that holds the phone out-of-the-way while it charges. Check it out at

The second… also one I intend to get for my very own.. is the XL Cable Organizer to keep all those cords out-of-the-way and out of sight! A simple idea that works great. Check it out at The Container Store.

A little something from my mind to this blog; Dads are important, especially to their daughters. They teach their little girls what kind of men to date and marry.  They teach a little girl that she is beautiful, smart and of value before she ever reaches adulthood. They teach us to ride our bikes, drive a car and appreciate the thrill of riding motorcycles via a ride on the Harley zipped up in their daddy’s leather jacket. They teach us good things and some teach us bad things, I realize that. If you are fortunate enough to have a dad that was wonderful, tell him on Sunday because you were truly blessed. If you weren’t so blessed, do something for YOURSELF and take the time to make amends because they are gone all too soon.

Lady Godiva on wheels… thanx for letting me get that out!!
Happy Father’s Day to all those fantastic men that do the hard work because they love their families that much! They will be better for it! And so will you…


I’m back… I think!!

Its been way too long since I have visited all my readers here on the old blog. I am just touching base to let everyone know where I was…
My dad had a sever decline in health early last year and I spent some of it taking care of him down in California. He was, at times a real trooper. Then there were the times when he went kicking and screaming! It was a journey for all involved. In November, just after Thanksgiving, he lost the good fight but he was ready. Not that it made it any easier for the rest of us….
One of the things my father and I talked about was my website, Motorcycle Travel He loved his Harley and loved the thought that we had motorcycles in common. He wanted me to continue on with the website and enjoy my life on the back of my bikes. Although it has been a tough grind to make the website do all I want it to do, my dad helped make the decision to forge ahead. Thanks Dad!
Yesterday was my grandest meeting with the web gurus and the search for funding has begun! The need to explain why motorcyclists need more than 10 waypoints on a map of a road trip proved to be difficult but I was successful!  Now the real work begins. Business plans, proposals and charts are all I will be working on for the next month. My sweet little trike sits down in Chandler, AZ in the talented hands of Jason Sarratt from Hellcat Customs. Although I would love to be out riding her… and I would… I know that I need to get some things done first. Jason has been so patient with me and I love he and Kelly for it. There will be lots of fun to come and many more stories to be written but they will have to wait for now.
So, there you have it. I couldn’t leave everyone wondering where I went and what had happened to me. Life.. that’s what happened to me. We all have our stories! Stay tuned and I will keep writing and let everyone know where I am and how its going. If there are hiccups and I stay away too long, I will always be back!

Lady Godiva on wheels getting back on the horse.


Lets talk Christmas and a bad economy…

This year may very well be the year that I exercise the most restraint that I have ever used doing my Christmas shopping. With that said, I would like to share some helpful hints for avoiding over spending…
These are really common sense ideas but ones that I have never chosen to tap into. Could I be one of the many that look at Christmas and loose all sensibility? Well, yes I could be! Which is how I know so much!!

Xmas Present.jpg

1. Make a plan, a list, and a budget. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It’s not! Choose your present carefully and make sure that it is a meaningful gift. It’s not important to spend a lot of money but to put a lot of thought into it. You can avoid last-minute panic shopping events at the mall by starting now while cooler heads still prevail.
Buy things in “sets” and then break them up into individual gifts made special by adding that touch that speaks to the person its intended for. Example: Candles in a set with a special holder for each that is just right for the person its purchased for. Or: A set of bowls given individually with special homemade cookies with a recipe that the person loves.

2. Dont use the credit cards…. unless it’s too late to save the cash. Spending with plastic makes you more likely to over spend. Stick to the list and the budget!  Credit cards aren’t the enemy but its the way they allow us to spend that makes them a danger! January will not be pleasant if you don’t stick to the plan!

3. If you plan on shopping online, which many of us will, make sure you take advantage of the sites that will compare prices for you. Here are some that were used by people I know. I have not used them personally so exercise some caution and do your own research: Shopzilla , Pricewatch , and PriceGrabber .
When shopping online, remember to check for “promotional codes” and “coupon codes” on the sites you decide to use before you make your purchase. Although you may be getting a smokin deal, there may be more money to save and who doesn’t love that kind of opportunity?

One more footnote: Remember to factor in entertaining cost when you are making a budget and start stocking up on items that come on sale to cut the costs there, as well. Make your holiday menus based on the things that come on sale. No one will care if its ham or turkey, peas or green beans… unless they hate those food items or they have allergies. 😉  Also a big help is that holiday cookies and goodies can be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer in sealed bags. Then you can have a last-minute gift idea!  You will also have more time to enjoy the season and be relaxed enough to have some fun in a stressful time. How much would the people around you like that?? Very much, I am guessing…..

So, let’s make this a great year despite the economy, remember to buy “made in the USA” where you can and let’s work smarter not harder.

Lady Godiva on wheels…. FYI, done Christmas shopping. Oh, don’t hate me!!