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Challenge for all…a trike that leans??

For anyone who doenst know me…I am a girl pushin 55! I am a business owner, mother and grandmother raising my now 17yr old grandson for the past 5 years. I love to ride! However, I realize that there is too much hinging on me to fall down and hurt my aging body. I dont bounce like I used to! With that in my head, I was actually “afraid” to ride. I have a beautiful Road King just sitting in the garage calling my name….daily! I have been told that once you are afraid, riding becomes difficult and I have to say that it is not a rumor but factual with me. So….I reluctantly decided to go to a trike.
I convinced myself that it was “no big deal”. In fact, it would give me a trunk with more space than I could use to cart around my stuff. I could go to the store and not have to stuff the milk into my shirt to carry it home….brrrrrrr. The reality is that riding a trike is different, stiff, weird! I have to be honest about it. Most of my riding bretheren would tell you that a trike is not a motorcycle. I wont go that far but, I will tell you that I am concerned that it will diminish the fun for me, just a tad……or more.
I have a couple that I know and they became the proud guardians of an infant grandson about five years ago. That presented a problem for the couple since they were the active presidents of the Rose City Motorcycle Club here in Portland, Oregon and advid riders. To allow her to ride whenever she wanted, she had to figure out how to bring the boy with her……enter, side car! But, leaning is her therapy and a rigid side car would eliminate that possiblilty. Hmmmmm. With a little research and some patience, he found a side car that leans. Yup, you heard me…leans. (read details at ). So, off to Belgium to pick it up, bring it home and install it. Several years later, the little boy has traveled the country in that side car, she gets to lean and all is well with the world.
Now, my question is this…..why cant someone build a trike that leans? Or at least some “clip on wheels” that lean. COME ON…somebody??
According to my husband, he saw a person riding a three wheeled bicycle and thought, “why couldnt we buy one of those and use it as a test vehicle to try to find a design that works”? Very good point. It does duplicate the same design on a much simpler level.
With Harley Davidson realizing that the target rider is aging, they got on the trike bandwagon this last year. But, just because we are old doesnt mean we want to give up that glorious feeling of flying that we get when we take a curve. We may be aging but we still like the roar of the road and the curves ahead!

This is my challenge… there someone out there that needs a guine pig? I would be in….so in. I will even ride around town on the three wheel bike and test the design. I mean that.
If anyone has ideas, let me know. Get on the site and see what makes the leaning side car work. Call all your engineer friends. Give an old girl a break! Dont make me give up the “LEAN”!!!

Lady Godiva on three ridgid wheels? Whimper….


Saved by an Angel….a Hells Angel

I have a blogger buddy named Michael at, and he did a very good piece on the Hells Angels called “The Hells Angels – The Most Intelligent and Influential Outlaw Biker Club in the World”. Definatelly worth the time to read it, by the way. After I read it, I remembered my own experience with a group of about twenty of them in Southern California in the late 70’s. The story goes like this….
I was in my early twenties, tan, thin, blonde, driving a chopped VW convertable around the town of Laguna Hills, California. I had my sweet little three year old daughter in the car and we were out for a drive, looking for a bit of water in the Trabucca Canyon area to play in. Noticing I was low on gas, I turned into a station to fill up. In California we fill our own tanks and have for ever. Standing there with the nozzle in hand and watching the pump, I didnt pay any attention to the pickup with the local Marines in it that pulled up to the island on the other side of me. I didnt notice them but they did notice me. At first I blew it off as just a little fun but they got a little too friendly. I got a bit uncomfortable when they were standing in all directions of me and didnt move to let me pass. I felt an urgent need to get the hell out of there and was just shy of a full blown panic when I heard a deep voice say, “Do you need some help here?” When I turned around, there was a guy standing by the last pump of the row, with another twenty or so walking towards us. The group making their approach started talking, the Marines started responding and the guy by the pump ushered me to my car door, shoved me in and said, “Start the car and drive, we’ll be right behind you”.
Let me paint a picture of this for you…….8-10 burley Marines with their street clothes on but noticably cropped military haircuts and macho attitudes meets 15-20 burley badass bikers with leather,tats,long hair and bad “lets kick their asses” attitudes and one 100lb blonde girl with a three year old. I couldnt start the car fast enough. The last thing the biker said to me was, “Dont be afraid, we’ll take care of this” or at least I think thats what he said! The thunder of the motorcycles starting made him hard to hear. The last thing I saw in my rear view mirror was the Marines and the pickup throwing dirt as they took off and went the opposite way.
By the time I got to the first stop light, I was surrounded by all the bikes. They escourted me all the way home and after I pulled into my driveway, they drove down to the end of the cul-de-sac and back by the house and away. All I could do was wave and scream “THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!”
There were neighbors standing outside looking at me like I had two heads! I just smiled…
The strangest part of this is that when I drove into the gas station, I didnt see one bike. I doubt I could have missed twenty. All I know is that they sure came through for me. That day they were my Angels and I have had a soft spot for them ever since! I looked for them for the remainder of the time I lived in that town and never saw them again. But I never forgot them…….
So, mine is a story of a girl who had heard all the stories of the Hells Angels and had formed a less than glowing opinion of them. I was wrong of this particular group and have come to realize that I need to hold the opinion until I see the truth for myself, and thats with any person, group, organization.

I hope if there ever comes a time when you need an angel, your angel will appear. If they happen to be on bikes, remember…..they may be the same angels that helped out that girl in Southern California.

Lady Godiva with angels on wheels………………..


The power of the motor.

I bought myself a new toy the other day. Yup! I bought myself a power washer by Rigid powered by Subaru. This bad boy gives me 3000 pounds per square inch and 2.6 gallons of water per minute!! Phew. That can blow the paint right off something if your not careful.
My first love in the tool shed used to be my leaf blower. A beautiful blower by Stihl! I thought I could clean anything with it but, the new tool in the shed is definitaly my power washer. I tried to break it to the blower gently but, once I pulled the cord and the powerwasher fired up, there was no way to deny what had happened. I started slowly, being unsure of what to expect but, the wand gave me a new sense of authority over the dirt on my deck, the mess in the driveway, the dust on the house siding and anything else that came into view. I couldnt put it down!! The deck, the cement, the asphalt, the siding, the grandkids….opps, sorry kids! I was drunk with power and if I could have caught the dogs, they would be bald now.
In all honesty, I am a motor junky. I would rather go to Home Depot than the mall. I would rather go to the John Deere distributor than a jewelry store. I love to fire something up and dominate! I believe God made my hands to be dirty. I cant help myself.
Which brings us to why I love motorcycles…..they have motors, you fire them up and dominate, and I can get very dirty playing with them. Lets not forget the feeling of flying……its intoxicating. Who needs booze when you ride a bike? Ya know what I mean??
So, thats the story of my newest love….the powerwasher. I have to go, he’s waiting!!

Lady Godiva with a powerwasher…on wheels!!


Dont forget “Ride to Work Day”

Just wanted to remind everyone that June 15th is the 18th annual motorcycle and scooter “Ride to Work Day”. Its a day dedicated to advocating the everyday use of motorcycles as transportation and bringing awareness to the number of motorcycles on the road.
According to my friend at “Northwest Harley Blog”….In the U.S. the average driver travels 29 miles per day and a total of 55 minutes on the road. Motorcycle riders are a minority. Commuting and transportation riders are a minority within a minority. So, in the semi-famous words of Ben Stiller and the “Do It” guy of Starsky & Hutch… “No, seriously come on. Do it. Do it.”
So, if it means enough to mention multiple times….which he has….lets give it a try!

Lady Godiva on wheels, riding to work!!


My friend at

I have a passion for electic motorcycles. I have written about the Enertia from Brammo motorsports in Ashland, Oregon. I have written about the “Mission One” out of the San Francisco area. I like these bikes but….I love the way the “Blue Shift” motorcycle looks! And, its electric but looks like a crotch rocket.

I had trouble remembering the name of the bike. I thought it was called the “Throttle” out of Michigan. I looked everywhere for the darn thing. When I had exhausted all possibilities, I decided to bug my friend at Kneeslider. I gave him all the info I could remember and much of it was wrong to boot!! Now, if you have never visited this site, please do. I read it nearly everyday. It is the most complete compiling of information about motorcyces that I have encountered and I have been surfing the web for motorcycle information for YEARS! Not only did this guy find the bike for me but, he replied to my inquiry. Not everyone does that. I know its shocking but true!

This guy came through for me and I consider him a gentleman for taking the time to help a girl out. You can find him at and he has new information daily. If you want to know ANYTHING, thats the place to find it. If you cant find it, ask! He actually responds to your inquiries.

I want to send a special thank you out to anyone who is on top of things enough to answer and thats what this guy did! So, Paul, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are good people and I promise to read your information till Im old and gray. At that, you have a good five years out of me!! LOL

Lady Godiva on wheels……………………..


My motorcycle blogging brethren..

There are literally so many talented people out there blogging. Then there are my people, motorcycle bloggers. We just write about what we love, what we do, what we see, what we think and things of the future. I have around three dozen of these afore mentioned folks that I read daily. Some are my twitter buddies and some are not. Here is my story…

It is a cornucopia of information and you really never know what you will find when you open the page. I may catch my friend Beth in a particularly deep mood and writting about something with such passion that it makes me tear up! And my friend Carla on an adventure that makes my heart race, fearing that it may be dangerous. Or my friends from Fred Motor Co(whos name is not Fred) and Mac that bring facts about bikes, repair, technologies and manufacturer business, all for my benifit. Then my friend Michael that never fails to make me giggle or grin with delight at the things he writes about. And, last but certainly not least, my friend Ken who is quick to lend good advice or a helping hand. There are more that I love to experience but, its the same basic story with them as well, lots of talent providing information and entertainment.
My friend Sheila thinks we should all get together and meet face to face. I swear, its like a little community of people who are following our endevors, listening to our ideas, and in the case of my friend Marilyn, praying for her mother to have comfort. Its odd that we have never spoken on the phone or seen each other except in photos. But some of us really like each other. What if we meet and cant stand each other? Too bad the world is so complicated.

Now, my conundrum is that I am so busy reading all their wonderful stuff that I run out of time to write my own! I know, boo hoo, stop your whinnin. If only I had more time during the day………….yea, right!

I want to thank all my motorcycle blogging friends. You are a source of inspiration and comfort. You make me think and make me laugh but, you always make me love the blog and the act of blogging. Kudos!

Lady Godiva on wheels….with friends who blog about them.


What my Daddy said about motorcycles and diaretics…

My father is the first guy that ever gave me a ride on a motorcycle. At age three, he zipped me up in his leather jacket and off we went. Sigh, fond memories.
My father has been in the hospital for a few days. Nothing life threatening but, hes gettin older, as are we all, and he hadnt noticed a few things until they were makin him sick. Thats when my dad goes to a hospital, when he is sick enough to be subdued and loaded into an ambulance! The end result is he came home with what he refures to as “water pills”, we call them diaretics. We began talking about the fact that so many people after a certain age are perscibed these diaretics and thats not too much of a problem but a bit unmanagable if you are on a motorcycle and doing any more than down to the store and back!
My father comes up with an idea……his next invention….something that will make him rich, and allow him to ride even with the diaretics!
Now, I cant be quite as colorful as my father was when I explain, but, the idea goes like this……a soft comfortable cradle to put your “junk” in with a tube running down your leg and past your boot. Then you can have the comfort of urinating while you ride and only stop when the rest of the group stops. After I quit laughing my butt off at his discriptions, we got a bigger laugh at the possible disasters. Let me just say that the three winners were….1)Never urinate when the wind is blowin good and another rider, who is visibally the size of a small mountain, riding in the line of fire! 2)Never sneeze real hard..eww! 3) And, never sit at a table next to some really scarey guys with your “hose” foot up on your leg pointing at them….and then sneeze real hard!! You get the picture.
Obviously, my father is fine! Still has his sense of humor and thinks he is as funny as all get out. And, who knows….there may be something to this idea!!

Lady Godiva on wheels….and all this talk makes me need to go! 😉