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Its Springtime…. garden anyone??…

Believe it or not, it is Spring!! Although its also riding time, I am a gardener at heart. Looking for some great ideas? Try Pinterest. Here is the first idea I put on my Pinterest page.. There are so many great ideas out there that you can spend hours reading and planning.
While you are at it, think about getting that bike in order. Here is a great article by the AMA that will certainly help…

Now that Spring has sprung, get out there and get busy because we have waited months to get here, dont waste any time!

Lady Godiva on wheels…. needing to get dirty!!


Did someone say Spring…..

According to the internet: Spring began with the vernal equinox at 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20, 2013 in the Northern Hemisphere. However, someone forgot to send Old Man Winter the memo. I saw a post on Facebook that said, “I think its time for Old Man Winter to get Mother Nature drunk and have some fun making Spring”. I promise to provide the alcohol!! Anything they want!
But, smile… it is coming so get that bike in shape and get ready to ride!!

Lady Godiva on wheels… loosing patience with that darn Old Man Winter!!


Punxsutawney Phil is on crack…

On February 2,2011 Punxsutawney Phil promised this: “He surveyed his surroundings carefully and found that there was no shadow around, So, an early spring it will be.” Well, apparently someone forgot to tell the weather!  Here is what I woke up to on Wednesday the 16th!

As you can tell, “Clutch”, the newest member of “Team LaParne” for Motorcycle Travel, was so bummed to have to park his Harley due to snow!
Spring? Punxsutawney Phil can kiss my………..

Lady Godiva on wheels..well, not until the snow is gone! Damn groundhog…