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Motorcycle death rate falls for the second straight year…

Truck/motorcycles crash in Phoenix
Although the decline in 2009 was 16% and the decline in 2010 was only 2%, the news is still good to hear. Check out all the stats and a great story on the subject at USA Today.

Remember that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month.  Here, at Ultimate MotorCycling, is a really good post with some very good practical advice for you to read and pass along to others.

Ride Safe…. Lady Godiva


More time to ride…and a small suggestion to help you find some..

If you are reading my blog, you will have realized that I have been MIA lately. I couldn’t possibly explain it in one blog post… and, I havent the energy to try. Time is a commodity that I wish I possessed more of and don’t. Life is time-consuming.  With that revelation out on the page, I have a suggestion that might help me and hopefully, some of you. The Crockpot…..yes, as silly as it sounds, that amazing little appliance that cooks your dinner while you are out enjoying the day on the bike. Ahhh, I crave that and just typing it makes me yearn for it.

Here is a website with so many crockpot recipes that I defy you to say there isn’t at least one you like. Crockpot on in the morning equals dinner for all when you finally make it home from the ride…priceless!! Take a minute to check it out, pass it on to your friends, and use it when time is little and the open road just wont stop calling your name….

Lady Godiva …not on wheels and feelin blue.  “sigh”…