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Memorial Day….sniffle

The Memorial Day weekend is behind us. I cant help but pause… was one of the most emotional I have experienced and I couldnt quite put my finger on why. That, as always, makes me ponder. Why did I take it so hard? The parades, the acknowledgment, the veterans, the flags…..was I questioning what it is really for?

I guess with the economy circling the drain, people loosing their homes, their jobs and their dignity, it made me wonder. This is what I know……we are all here cirling the drain, and we will all be here when it turns around because of the people that fought for our right to do so. We have had troubled times and we will again but, we get to decide. We get to worship, complain, vote! We get to mess it up and fix it up….we…the American people are free to do that! I am proud and thankful to be one of those.

I have been reading all the blogs about Memorial Day and I am pleased to read all the thoughtful and provocative works of these talented people. They have taken the time to put down their pens writting about motorcycles and pour out their hearts to our veterans. Bravo!

I want to add a quote from my friend, Beth at…”Someone once said we live in the land of the free, because of the brave. Please remember to thank those brave men and women who answered the call of their country”. You cant say it any better than that! And, I wont even try…

Thank you, to all the vets from the wars of the past, the ones of the present and…God help us all….the ones of the future. I believe they are heros and I believe in the term “in God we trust”. Take care of a hero, if you can. Thank God for your freedom and pray that the veterans of our nation are cared for, if you cant. Enjoy your freedom….one day you may have to fight for it yourself!

Thank you, Beth,and all the talented and thoughtful bloggers!!

An emotionally exhausted but, very grateful, Lady Godiva on wheels….


Everything I learned in Laughlin!

          I was sitting here… could be anywhere…..and I began to ponder, “What did I really learn from my trip to Laughlin, Nevada?”

          Well, for the first thing, I discovered that you could hand out almost four thousand fliers telling about the cool picture  contest I was hosting on my new website and promise them CASH, only to find out that only about twenty people actually did it!  Man, that’s rough.  I’ll bet I talked to over a thousand people, flirted with several bikers, smiled until my face hurt and fell into bed every night completely exhausted.   My nearly thirty year old daughter, who is gorgeous,  offered to do the honors next year.  And, I intend to let her!!  And six of her cutie friends!

          The second thing is that when I did the interview with Dave Perewitz, I learned you have to listen very carefully to understand a person with a Bostonian accent.  Although I am familiar with the term “bobber” in the motorcycle world, it sounded like barber when he said it.  And, it made me giggle like a little school girl!!  Talk about feeling like a real dummy!  Thank goodness Mr. Perewitz was such a gentleman. 

          Then there was the lesson about how poorly we ride!  I cant say enough about that one.  I have lost more than my share of motorcycle brethren in my life and Im not real comfortable with the possibility of it happening again.  I may have to do a whole campaign about safety and the responsibility of the rider!  DEFENSE, people.

          And, now that I am home, I realize that launching a website on a shoestring budget takes time!  I will have to be clever, diligent, persistent and have perfect timing.  I am up to the task.  I wasn’t given this idea so I could bail when it gets tough.  The people that know me, know that that isnt the time that I walk, its the time that I dig in.   So, I’m digging in folks…………………….

     So, lets recap….1)It doesn’t help to promise people free money, they still don’t care.
                                 2)People with Bostonian accents sound funny and make me giggle.
                                 3)Motorcyclists think they are on the road alone.
                                 4)Having no money sucks!!

Somewhere in there is an old saying……LOL

                                                        Stay tuned, because I’m just getting started!!   
                                                                  Lady Godiva on wheels, digging in!!


A little more about what I learned on my visit to the Allstate Garage

As you read mentioned in my last blog, “Dave Perewitz keeps us all in good hands with Allstate…”, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation came up with some very good advice for both motorists and motorcyclists alike.  I have to hand it to these guys. Its good, simple, logical advice.  Here it is for all to see and pay attention!
1) Be careful when going through an intersection.  80% of all accidents happen in an intersection. 80% of all those involve a motorist.
2)Did you know most motorcyclists do not activate their brake lights when slowing down? They slow sown by downshifting. A motorcyclist should flash their brake lights when slowing down.  This helps others on the road know your intentions.
3)Because of the small size, a motorcycle can easily hide in a car’s blind spot.  A motorcyclist should avoid blind spots and always use your headlights.
4)Motorcyclists often adjust position within a lane. This helps them be seen more easily by motorists.  Motorcyclists should avoid side-by-side formations.  This will give them room to swerve to avoid a potential hazard.
5)Motorcyclists should remember to give themselves plenty of room between the bike and the car in front of them. It will allow more time to react to other motorists actions.
6)A motorcyclist should always remember to wear the proper gear.  It provides the protection in the event your body his the road.  And, if you are a new rider, rush hour is not the time to learn how to maneuver your bike.  You should STRONGLY consider taking a training course.

Now, most of these may seem like common sense but, I did blog about my recent trip to Laughlin, Nevada and let everyone know that I was less than happy with my motorcycling brothers and sisters.  I may have been a little more hyper-sensitive about the “motorcycling  gone a wry” because I’m a girl  that rides and know the rules of the road.  I was waiting for a very ugly scenario to unfold on the road from here to there and, although it didn’t, it could easily have.
Motorcycle accidents are on the rise and its being said that it may have to do with the fact that we HD riders are between 45 and 60 and are naturally apt to have more accidents.  They are predicting that the older we get, the more accidents we are going to have.  I don’t know about that!  And, I am still researching the facts.  That’s for a later blog!! 

Well, Allstate Motorcycle Insurance and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation have given us some “food for thought”.  So, think about it!!  I am….

                                                 Lady Godiva on wheels..deep in thought!  Hmmmmmmmmmm


Dave Perewitz keeps us all in good hands with the help of Allstate Motorcycle Insurance.

At the public introduction of my new website, Motorcycle Travel, I had the good fortune to be invited to the Allstate Garage at the Laughlin River Run. I was given a first hand look at the efforts being made to bring safety awareness to both motorcyclists and auto drivers, alike.
With the help and expertise of such a high profile spokesperson as Dave Perewitz of Perewitz Cycle Fabrication, the word is getting out that there are things we can and should do to increase our chances of surviving the open road. Dave Perewitz has more than 30 years of experience riding and building motorcycles and I was given an opportunity to sit around and talk with this hospitable man about saving the lives of motorcyclists.

Dave explained that he, along with Allstate and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), developed safety tips for a tri-fold card with tips for motorcyclist on one side and automobile drivers on the other. These tip cards are distributed at events and Dave talks to riders to help them understand the stats. According to those statistics, 80% of all motorcycle accidents happen in intersections and 80% of all those involve an auto. “Look, look, then look again and see what you didn’t see the first time” is the advice Dave gives all riders and drivers. This dynamic spokesman will be travelling to major events across the country along with the Allstate motorcycle that Perewitz Cycle Fabrications ( built and will auction off at the end of the year (pictured on my website).

To his credit, Dave Perewitz is a four time Motorcycle Hall of Famer, recipient of the Easyriders Magazine “Lifetime Achievement Award”, Discovery Channels Great Biker Build-off 2006 winner, and too many other acknowledgments to mention. I was having so much fun talking to Mr. Perewitz that I asked him a few more things. He answered with the true Bostonian accent that comes from his living in his part of the country.

**Have you always wanted to be in the motorcycle industry? Dave: Before that I was a mechanic. No, I didn’t have it in mind, it just happened.

**Is paint your first love of design? Do you see the paint and build the bike or build the bike and see the paint? Dave: Yes, paint is my first love of design. I build the bike and see the paint but we don’t do sketches. Nope, no sketches, it’s all in my head. We build the bike from what’s in my mind.

**As an artist in the motorcycle industry and being in it for over 30 years, what are the trends you’re seeing. Dave: Bobbers and baggers are in right now. The bobbers are cheaper to build than most customs. They can be crude and they look good crude. Baggers were never popular because guys would say, “we dont wanna look like an old man”. Now, they want to carry so much stuff that they need the bikes with the bags.

**Because I am in the process of building a family business, I have to ask you how it feels to be in the position of a parent that succeeded at it? Dave: Great! It’s had it’s challenges but it’s great working with my kids and it’s been very rewarding.

Click on “tips” at the top of the page to get tips on safety, riding schools, getting your endorsement, insurance companies, and laws per state. Or, if you are in my blog, click on the website and do the same.(

Thank-you Dave, for giving me some of your time and a great experience.
My thanx to Ryan McShane for the opportunity to be in the presence of greatness.
Thank you to Allstate for helping keep us safe.

Be safe out there, Lady Godiva on wheels


Anyone thinking about Sturgis?

Although its a few months until the 69th annual Sturgis Rally, August 3rd thru August 9th, some of you may be thinking about what to expect. If that’s the case, I have a site for you.
One of my very favorite  twitter friends,( Ken Kinstle, has all the info you could want and more. Get all the information from a man that lives in the beautiful Black Hills, rides, and knows what he’s talking about. He has put together a beautiful site called “Mrken’s Life in Sturgis”, and it tells you about history, dinning, motels, happenings, traffic counts, and more! So, try it
While you’re at it, check out the tips on my site at Find advice on packing, renting a bike, shipping your bike and where to find the laws for any state!
Happy Riding and stay safe………..
                                                                         Lady Godiva on wheels!!


View from the car.

I had the pleasure of going to the Laughlin River Run this past month, for the first public introduction of my families new website, Motorcycle Travel This is not my first occasion to visit Laughlin for this particular event but, it was the first time I traveled there in a car.  I had fliers to hand out and information to bring along that would have been difficult to fit in the saddle bags, so I succumbed to the auto.  And that’s where my story begins.

I have, on occasion, considered some of my biking brethren a little less than stellar riders. I have, on occasion, called a couple of them crazy. This road trip, via a car, gave me a particularly clear view of how careless we can be. I, myself, nearly ran off the road when a motorcyclist decided to go between cars (called “lane splitting”)on the I-5 freeway, which is legal in California. Legal, but not wise!  I literally had to put the two driver side tires on the shoulder to insure that he didn’t bump me and kill himself.  Then I said a few nasty words, clutched my chest, and started to review my own riding skills.  
Now, “I” know what I’m doing when I ride. That doesn’t mean the other cars on the road know what I’m doing. It was much harder to read a rider than I thought! And when they are riding in a group, they resemble the behavior of a swarm of bees. It was maddening.
One more “food for thought”…….DRIVE IN THE SLOW LANE. The left lane is for passing, and when you have completed the passing of a vehicle, get in the right lane.  Its that simple. And, its the law.
To check all motorcycle laws per state, check my website ( Click on “tips” and scroll down to safety. Always check the laws of the states you plan to visit to know what is expected of you as a safe rider.
As a rider, I was concerned at the level of disregard these riders were willing to display.  I think its time to reconsider how we ride, before we loose the battle of the road.  If you have a minute, look for statistics on the Internet. If that doesn’t make you change your ways, then you really don’t care.  If you don’t care about yourself, consider the guy that kills you and has to live with that.  And, consider the people that love you and have to live without you. 

                                                                            And, that’s the view I saw from the car!
                                                                                             Lady Godiva on wheels