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More of my favorite things..books and games, always a crowd pleaser.

I love to get books and games for the people I love. You can individualize them all you want but, more than likely each one of them will serve several persons quite well. That’s the beauty of books and games and I have a couple to share with my readers…


The first is a book that I just love! It sparks the rider in all of us but, centers on the special strength and fluidity of a woman on the back of a machine..making it a part of her.  I’m rather fond of the author, as well. My friend, Christina Shook, is a mix of many people but, the photographer and artist are by far the most predominate. She has such an eye and the book not only shows her talent as a photographer but,  it also shows her strength in picking her subjects.  This book is a must have for anyone and everyone. Check out “Chicks on Bikes” and order a few for all the bikers in your life.

The second of my favorite things is a great new board game developed by a couple of

guys named David Veal and Steve Schader. The game called “American Throttle” was to create a fun experience for trivia players who happen to love motorcycling. They also made the game work for those who just love to tour the country, love rock n roll, love poker, like to hang around their friends and party. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one, regardless of gender or age, this is fun in a box. Since its new on the market, I guarantee that you wont find someone who already has one.


Now, one more idea… who doesn’t need a calendar? Seriously..from the mail carrier to the kids teachers, everyone needs a calendar. The one that has landed on my wish list this year is the one from BikeEXIF 2011  with thirteen of the world’s most beautiful custom motorcycles, from builders including Deus in Australia, Denmark’s Wrench monkees and Ritmo Sereno of Japan. Multilingual day and months in English, French, Italian, German and Japanese. If you don’t drool then you aren’t human!! You are going to want one or two of the bikes…you wont be able to help yourself! I’m still stuck in May.. Oh, my…

A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps giving all year! I have two that I truelyCurrent Issue
love and don’t like to live without. The first is Morotcycle Consumer News Magazine and I rely on it for the more technical stories about motorcycles and their riders. You can always count on them to let you know what recalls are happening and what new models are coming and going.  I find them to be extremely useful in my line of work and just love reading them.

IronWorks MagazineNow for my total entertainment… that would be my IronWorksMagazine. I get great intel from this magazine as well but, the pictures, the human interest stories, and perhaps the fact that Marilyn Elmore (chesshirecat on Twitter and Chessie’s Tales, Motorcycles and Rides ) is a contributing editor and one of my favorite people in the industry, makes it my personal favorite. I truly get giddy when I go out to the mailbox and find that magazine inside. My family knows that if they go out and find that magazine they are NOT to crack the cover before I do…it is simply not done in my house. LOL  I can be really scary when crossed. Check this one out if you want a magazine with a little bit of everything.

I have a new favorite in the magazine section that deserves mention. The Throttle

PhotobucketGals Magazine is a new one on the scene and if it continues the way its going, I want to write for them one day. True, it is a magazine that is done to appeal to women but, if the guys in your life can’t find something to love about this beautifully done magazine, then HE shouldnt touch it!! LOL  You really have to check them out and if you have a woman in your life that likes ALL things that go vrooom.. Throttle Gals Magazine is for her.  

So, there you have the bulk of my research for Christmas gifts for bikers. But, wait. There is one more little idea that I have come up with. I’m going to let my fingers rest for a couple of days and then I will be back… Please hold!!

Lady Godiva on wheels… with one more trick up my sleeve!


Here are two more of my favorite things…this one is for the ladies and the guys that buy Christmas gifts for them!

Lets talk ladies. Lets talk ladies that ride. At some point when you talk ladies that ride, the subject of hair is going to come up.  That is where we get the next two of my favorite things. Hair help!!

I have had the pleasure of meeting some extremely talented and creative women in the world of motorcycles and I don’t understand why we all don’t “OWN” the world!! But, that’s a whole different subject for a totally different blog..LOL

The first of my favorite things is a hair wrap called the “Wrapter”, a condom like thing (her words not mine..LOL) that holds your pony tails and, in my case, braids. They are the designs from a woman named Andrea D’Assis who made them for herself because of her long, gorgeous hair! Riding that Ninja 650 means you need to keep your hair out of the wind.
Andrea grew up in a little town called Norco, California and later moved a couple of miles away to a town called Corona.. the town I was born in. This is a part of the country that has it all…small town feel yet close enough to everything Southern Cal has to offer. Listening to the story of her life made me miss my past! It’s the part of the country that teaches you to love your surroundings and the great outdoors. It also allows you to get really dirty..something I do really well!  Keeping long hair out of the mix is a blessing! That’s what Andrea managed to do, creat a blessing.

So, with some challenges to find a way to keep her hair safe and sound, learn how to sew… she describes it so well.. “I had no idea how to sew. But, I bought a cheap sewing machine, read the instructions, cursed at it, hit it a few times pulled out some of my own hair trying to figure the thing out and when I finally did figure it out, I came up with this open pillowcase type thing with a drawstring.   It was a total embarrassment! But I was determined and I finally got that “Eureeka” moment when I thought to make something that works similar to a condom. I made a prototype, tested it out and it worked! Not only did it work, it worked great! and other riders would ask about it and want to know where they could buy one too.”  See, I told you the condom thing was her words!! She finally came up with the perfect solution. And the rest is history.
With the help of two partners, The Wrapter has been making a splash with the ladies and there is much more in the future of the pony tail protector. I wont reveal the marketing plan but the amount of different people who would benefit from this product will keep Andrea and her partners busy for a long time to come.

So, check out the Wrapter at and take care of the pony tail dilemma for all the ladies and even the gentlemen motorcyclist, dirt bike riders, outdoors people. They make a really good stocking stuffer , too…

 Now, another clever girl in my life is my friend, Cindi Servante. This girl is a talented hair dresser who rides a motorcycle   and wants her hair to look as good after she gets off the bike as it does when she finishes fixing it. All you have to do is give a girl a dilemma and she will find a way to get around it…especially if its her hair!!

Cindi has a patented product called the Style Saver Scarf made of a special silk material that keeps the helmet from musing and flattening the hair. Once you take off your helmet and the scarf, a little shake of the head and you are ready for that date, that luncheon, that meeting at the track. In fact, you could certainly manuever around the corporate world  on your motorcycle and look good enough for the board room with one of these scarves.
Cindi (motoette on Twitter) lives down north of San Francisco where she owns he own salon, rides whenever she can, writes a blog called “Motoette-in forward motion” about the world of motorcycle racing, and also writes for Girl Racer, UK. She is a very busy girl! If you want something done right, find a busy person to achieve it. And if you want to look good even after you have ridden hard, find yourself a hairdresser to show you how. For all those stylin-estas in your life, this is a great product for them. They make a great stocking stuffer, as well!!

Next on the list of my favorite things… games and books, always a crowd pleaser!!

Lady Godiva on wheels with a few more ideas comin…..


Here are three more of my favorite things..Considering a new helmet as a Christmas present?

Here are three helmets that I just love and two of them are right here in my back yard.

The first one I wanted to showcase is a local company that allows the motorcycle rider to sport their favorite collegiate colors and logos on their helmets, combining two of their passions. The company is called Fan Rider and I found them quite by accident, wondering how the local sports bike club riding to one of the college football games were wearing helmets with the OSU Beavers colors and logos on them. I had to chase them around town to finally get an answer!! I believe that the teams are limited but, the more interest and exposure they get, the more teams we will see them add. So, if you have a person that loves that college team and loves to ride, as well, this could be the perfect gift.

Next is a company called RedIron Helmet Branding and it is located in the next town over from me. Like the first company

Custom Embroidered Helmets from RedIronI spotlighted, I ran into a fella wearing one of these helmets and was in awe at how well done they were and how beautiful they looked. You can have anything…well, anything they will agree to put on…and it can be put on a one of a kind helmet. You can make helmets for your entire club, have your business put on your helmet, or put someone special on the helmet and have them ride along with you. There is no end to the helmets that you can have done..and, did I mention that they are very well done??

Wow! Look at that awesome helmet design! Last but, certainly not least is a helmet that has some serious bling! The name of the company and the designer is Rain Hayes of Rain Hayes Designs and they are located in San Francisco, Cali.  These helmets are covered with genuine Swarovski crystals made into the design of your choice. These are one of a kind helmets and will have you the envy of everyone that sees you in it and the love of the person who gets it as a gift. They are that special and that beautiful. I have wanted one of these helmets for three years and Santa still hasn’t brought me one! Looks like I might want to give up my “naughty” ways!! Yea, that’s not about to happen!!
So, if a helmet is one of your gift giving ideas, get on it! Time is wasting..

Lady Godiva on wheels with a few more ideas up my sleeve!!


Just like Oprah, I have my favorite things…Christmas gifts for bikers.

Every year I come up with those creative gifts for the bikers in my life and thought I would share a few with my readers. Lets start with two that can be given to anyone, any gender, even someone you don’t know well….but, are sure to impress!

 First on the list is the “Bikers Coffee Company”. The name is pure and simple enough and the names of the different coffees tell a story, as well.  Their beans are organic, shade grown and premium roasted..and that sounds good to me. Although this coffee company is primarily Canada and more east coast, the beauty of the internet brought it to my attention a couple of years ago and again this year when one of my favorite bloggers, Liz at “Rippin-Kitten” did a post about them in October. Here is how you can send the gift of coffee, made by bikers for bikers with mugs, travel cups, t-shirts, and patches, to the biker of your choice. One day they may name a coffee after me!! Mellow and a little goofy? Ok, maybe not! 

Next on my list is the V-twin Vinyards and Del Fava Wines. This is an endeavour brought forth by the love of wine and the love of motorcycles and wanting to do something that brings passion as well as a living. This is a subject I personally understand. Scott and Lisa Del Fava have found the perfect parallel and a great gift idea for the biker in your life. You can also make someone a member of the “Wine Club” and get the premium and exclusive wines as they come available. The prices are reasonable and all the reviews I have found are favorable. This was a location in the heart of wine country that I wanted to visit via the seat of my bike and have just never had the opportunity to do so. Perhaps 2011 will cough up some time for me to have a little fun and add this location to my list of road trips. Until then, I plan to enjoy a little wine sitting in the garage leaning up against the Harley and dreaming of “next year”. Well, as soon as the wine gets delivered!

That’s all for now but, I will be back with more… please hold!
Lady Godiva on wheels… comin up with more of my favorite things.


Christina Shook and The International Motorcycle Show…

GalleryMy dear friend Christina Shook, author of “Chicks on Bikes”, was at the International Motorcycle Show this last weekend, Nov. 19-21 at San Mateo as a guest speaker. She was honored to be a part of the second year of the “Women’s Center” part of the show. She was also surprised to find that the majority of the pictures they displayed in the area were from her wonderful book that happens to be all about the “normal” women that ride motorcycles. See Christina’s story here.
Christina will be attending the NYC on January 21-23. Be sure to stop by and see her! You can find all the dates for the show…some past but plenty still ahead.

I was supposed to do this blog before the November dates in California however, I got sick and had to go have a surgery to repair a nasty hernia that I managed to develop in my younger years as a maniac athlete. I played field hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, flag football, and water polo and somewhere in there I managed to get a “little” hernia. Over the years of raising three kids, the darn thing got worse. I finally had to go under the knife! So… I havent been doing much here on the old blog. I have a couple more weeks to heal up and then I will be ready to rock and roll…

I will be doing a few blogs on my favorite Christmas gifts so please hold… I will be back.

Lady Godiva on wheels… just hanging out, relaxing, and healing up. PS..I am under the influence of some mean pain meds so If I spelled wrong or something sounds funny, I blaming it on the drugs!


HD’s Second Annual ‘Military Appreciation Month’? Southside Kustoms does that everyday!!

Motor Sports Newswire did a story on the Harley Davidson 2nd annual “Military Appreciation Month” and that left me compelled to tell my readers that Southside Kustoms in Buffalo, New York, does that everyday. In fact, they extend that to firefighters, EMTs, and the police that keep the population safe and often put their lives on the line, just like our military. Jason McCudden, owner of SSK, offers discounts all year-long;

With that said, enjoy your Veterans day and remember to shake the hand of a Vet you know, visit a memorial, or take a minute to visit one of the many Veterans hospitals.. just to say “Thank you”. Where would we be without their dedication and sacrifice?
Kudos to Harley-Davidson for their efforts! I believe we need to say “Thank you” any day we can. Like Jason, everyday is a day to thank the people who keep us safe. Thanks, Jason! And, thank you to all our military, past and present.

Lady Godiva on wheels…. taking a minute to say, “Thank you”. How about you?


Daylight Savings Time and the end of my riding season..

The Winter Scenes Screensaver screenshot 1It’s that time of year again, Daylight Savings Time, and we need to “fall back” and change all the clocks in the house. Here in the Great Northwest it means that the days will get so short that it well be dark at 4:00 pm and not light again until 8:00 am. I dread these days! If it weren’t for the holidays, I would lose my mind.

I am a California girl, born and bred and it’s this time of year that makes me long for my  childhood home in Huntington Beach. Of course, I’m not taking into account the long foggy days that come with late November, December, and January. I choose to forget those…

So, take the time to change those clocks because at 2 a.m. on Nov. 7, 2010 we gain an hour and proceed into the dark abyss of winter. This is a sad time for this little motorcycle rider. Guess I’m gunna have to take the Harley apart and clean it up for next year. Dorothy is going to have to sit and watch because there is absolutely nothing to do to an E-bike. I suppose I could wash her up and just sit and admire her. After Jason did the incredible paint, that is what I do anyway!! Thank you, Jason and Hellcat Customs…again…still!!

Lady Godiva on wheels…gosh I hate winter.