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I was beginning to worry….

My Road King has been kinda blue lately. He is used to being fussed over and polished and sometimes, just feeling a hand run across his fenders and tank. He is a beauty and I love him. I’m pretty sure he was feeling the pain of having to share me with “the new bike” but since he rescued her, he has been feeling much better. I think I even saw him puff up his chest while I was hooking her up to the electrical outlet. As I stepped out to let the garage door close…I swore I saw her wink at him. I wonder what the coupling of a Harley Davidson Road King and an Enertia electric-powered motorcycle would look like……….

LOL  Lady Godiva on wheels sayin, “I love my Enertia but, I’m still crazy about that Road King”.


two things you can’t do on an electric bike…and saved by a hog!

Well, I got my bike! (story to follow) She is a kick in the butt, too. Sporty, easy to ride, quiet and a reason for people to stare. I have been stopped at restaurants and mini marts. Everyone wants to know what it is, how it works, what it costs and where they can look at one. I have become incredibly popular and I am the first electric bike in my town and in my motorcycle club, Rose City Motorcycle Club.
Now, there are differences in electric verses gas and as I have been riding, I have learned two of them the hard way! If the visual that developes in your mind doesn’t cause you to giggle, I will be surprised.

So, here I am on my maiden voyage. I am lovin’ the feel of the bike. I have my full face helmet on with the face shield slightly open so I can feel the breeze in my face. My braids are flyin’ and I’m in heaven. I pull up to the first red traffic light and stop. I’m contemplating where to go and who to see and without thinking I bend the throttle a little, just like I always do. Anticipating the roar of the motor and that rat-tat-tat,  the electic bike lurches forward and me with it. My feet fly up and back down on the asphalt while my body leans back and then snaps forward. My head kinda follows and my helmet slides down ever my eyes. When all the motion stops, I mutter, “phew” as I adjust my helmet back to where I can see again! I couldn’t help but laugh at myself! Then the light turns green and while shaking my head, I’m off again hoping to remember to put that on my list of “things you can’t do on an electric bike..#1” and to never do that again.

Like any vehicle, it takes time to get to know your electric bike. I discovered that I hadn’t quite set the bike up right to charge after having it hooked up all night. I had been in counseling all day with my grandson and the whole time I am thinking about how much I want to get home and ride. The weather was warm for a March day and the sun was out. I just couldn’t stand the thought of missing a perfect day to ride. When the session was over, I kissed my grandson and was the first person out the door. My Suburban must have known what was up because it was unusually stealthy on the freeway and managed to find every hole it could fit in to avoid the traffic.
Once home, I discovered that my hubby had already taken the Road King and was off enjoying the day. I didn’t care! I threw off my clothes and slipped into my leather pants, t-shirt and riding jacket. I grabbed my helmet and gloves, slipped on my boots and ran out the door. It was 4pm and I could still ride for a couple hours before the sun went down. I opened the garage door, unhooked the bike from the electrical outlet, put the seat on and locked it. I was ready!  I pulled it outside and started it up. I checked to see how much juice I had and noticed that it wasnt fully charged. “hmmmm”, I said. I had a little less than 20% battery. “I wonder how far you can go on 20%?”I asked?  And as I was going through what I had done wrong with the charging process in my mind, I heard the familiar sound of the Road King. After “hello’s” my hubby decided we should go to dinner and take a little spin on the bikes together . I didn’t even think to say no……really?  I figured I would have enough juice to ride around town, down to the local Nonna Emilia’s Italian restaurant and back home with no problem. And, I almost made it, too.  But, alas, about a mile from home I lost power. I checked to see how much charge was left and it was at a whopping 3%. Crap!  I started the bike up again and made it a few more feet before I depleted all the charge that was left. To my right sat my hubby on the Road King laughing his butt off. He laughed so hard he just about hurt himself…which made me laugh. So, here we are in the middle divider of the street sitting on our bikes laughing like a couple of crazy people. Too bad laughter doesnt power my bike! But, I was sure glad he decided to come along.
To make a long story short, there we were with the tow rope attached to the forks of my bike and the tail end of the Road King making the last mile home. The Road King towing the Enertia to safety! I only wish someone had taken a picture of that. It does prove that 20% doesn’t go as far as I thought and that we all need each other, gas-powered and electric.That is when I decided that I would have to go home and add to my list..”things you can’t do on an electric bike..#2″.  Just to make a point, my hubby nearly ran out of gas the other day and anticipated having to call me to come get him!!
I’m sure some of you remember having a bike with no gas gauge and having to do the “tank shimmy”, that thing you do so you can hear how much fuel is in the tank. It took some time to figure out what you were hearing meant. From time to time you had to pop off the cap and make a visual. Sometimes you didn’t quite figure right and all you had left was the reserve tank or nothing at all. Well, that’s kind of what I’m going through. I don’t know what the heck 20% charge means, yet! But, I will. 
So, to recap:
#1 thing you can’t do on an electric bike….DO NOT bend the throttle at the red traffic lights..or anywhere else you might be while at a stop. It might not turn out well and you do not hear rat-tat-tat!
#2 thing you can’t do on an electric bike….run out of gas and call AAA to come and gas you up! Its electric and unless you plan on carrying a REALLY long extension cord, consider yourself screwed.
Despite the couple of mishaps, I love this bike. If you are or know a person who would love to ride but feels a little intimidated,  consider the Enertia. Once you get some skills under your belt, you can ride anything! This bike IS the perfect commuter bike. I can’t say enough good things about it. And, the best thing of all is my very “green” grand-daughter thinks I’m wonderful! 
P.S. I have been teased insesively….and all I have to say to that is, when gas is through the roof, think of me!

The “Green” Lady Godiva on wheels….charging!!


Look out Punxsutawney Phil!

Just wanted to throw a little dose of reality in with all the talk about the riding season being upon us. 
This is from our friends at IronWorks Magazine via  

The IronWorks Blogger

Published by Sam Kanish

scan0019 580x395 Spring Fever
I’ll get even with that groundhog!

Lady Godiva on wheels


Gotcha thinkin?

If all the recent information has you thinking you might want to consider taking a closer look at the Enertia, here is the contact information so you can take a look at these Best Buy Stores.
Best Buy logo
There are currently 6 locations on the west coast:
 11301 W Pico Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
    Phone: 310-268-9190
740 S Sepulveda Blvd
    El Segundo, CA 90245
    Phone: 310-416-9937
 1127 Industrial Rd
    San Carlos, CA 94070
    Phone: 650-622-0050
 Open Soon!
    1950 Santa Rosa Ave
    Santa Rosa Marketplace
    Santa Rosa, CA 95407
    Phone: 707-545-1078
9739 Ne Cascades Parkway
    Portland, OR 97220
    Phone: 503-249-7130
1780 Jantzen Beach Center
    Portland, OR 97217
    Phone: 503-737-3599
You can also check out all the information at and if there aren’t any Best Buy Stores in your area, call Brammo direct at  (541) 482-9555.

Lady Godiva on wheels, keeping you informed!!


Another reason my Enertia is making me smile…

There are so many reasons to love the idea of owning and riding my new Enertia electric motorcycle.

 These days the talk around town is all about the cost of gas. The average price of gas in 2000 was $1.51 per gallon. At one point in 2008, the gas prices soared to $3.25. The average for a gallon of gas today is at $2,75 but, the buzz says that it will be above $3.00 a gallon by summer and in the town of Menlo, California, it is already at $3.97. When you consider that there is NO gasoline involved with the Enertia and an average charge to have it ride ready costs around $.30 that is a reason to smile!
Now, lets talk a little about another buzz around town. NOISE. The AMA is constantly talking about the future looking bleak for our loud piped bikes.  They are currently acting through their Government Relations Department sound-testing program to provide kits containing a calibrated motorcycle sound meter called the J2825, to try to have an easy to administer test as an alternative to the complex drive by test required by the EPA.  They have worked diligently to try to make sure the tests are fair and are working to have motorcycles held to the same standards as any other noisy vehicle out on the road. Well, the Enertia doesn’t make a sound….nope…not one. They actually had to put safeguards to insure that you can’t use the throttle unless the kickstand is up. The problem being that while the bike was running you can’t tell because there is virtually no noise and not realizing the bike was running,  it was possible to grab the throttle. Believe me, you can’t tell its running except for the light that indicates so!! I am going to be so stealthy around town, they wont hear me coming!  Noise wont be a concern. 
While I was in Best Buy taking a look at the new white color panels that had been installed on my Enertia, I was asked if I thought this was the bike of the future. To that I have to say yes. I will always love the load pipes and the big gas driven bikes that I know, love and own but I also realize that the words “carbon footprint” are currently an active part of our vocabulary. Between the gas prices and the noise problems, I will be more than happy to ride my new bike. When everyone is gripping about the fact that they have to tear their bikes apart and modify the exhaust because of excess ticketing and figure out how to make them more gas efficient because gas has gone through the roof, I’ll just be sporting around on my sweet little electric sweetie and be happy as can be. The truth is, I just want to ride! Period…..

Lady Godiva on wheels, just happy to ride!


Here’s the real story about the Enertia…

 As you read in my prior blog, I am buying one of the electric motorcycles from Best Buy here in Portland, Oregon. Brammo Motosports, captained by founder and CEO Craig Bramscher, made a bold move with the Enertia and reduced the price from the going rate of $11,995 to $7,995 and partnered with Best Buy to offer the bike more readily to the consumers in 5 locations here in the states.  My numbers were slightly off which is a result of blogging from my bed at 5 a.m. after no sleep from the night before.  Note to self….the computer is not allowed in the bedroom but gets to stay in the office, where it belongs.  My appologies!
Easy and Exhilarating  
     In addition to the drop in price are Federal income tax credits of 10% for owning an electric vehicle to sweeten the pie. In my state of Oregon, you will see additional tax credits that would bring the price down to $5,695. If that isnt enough, Best Buy offers financing that requires the purchaser to come up with $2000 down and $250 a  month for 24 months. If you take in to consideration that the cost to charge the Enertia is only 30cents, requires no oil changes, no valve adjustments, runs quiet, never gets so hot that you burn your legs and requires only a regular plug in to charge which can be done ANYWHERE, there are many reasons to give this bike a look.                                                                                      
I have been working with a lovely young man at Best Buy, Chris Hertz, and with his help I have decided that I am so excited to ride this bike around and show it off that I can’t bare to send the whole bike down to my friend Jason Sarrat with Hellcat Customs, but instead will purchase an additional three pieces on the body that make up the color portion and send him one that is primered and ready to go so he can work his magic with that. Once that is finished, he will send it back to me to be installed on the bike and I can keep the “white noise” colored one to have for the day that my tastes change or I just feel like something different.  (Check out the Brammo website to view the bike ).
     A couple other things I am going to talk to Chris about is purchasing additional batteries, a good shop manual for my own personal use, the possibility of a snap on windshield and a REALLY loud horn since the thing doesnt make a bit of noise and I might have to make myself heard!  We will be taking some time in their shop to aquaint me with this new fangled machine so I will understand what Im dealing with. I like to work on my bikes but, this might be a little harder to understand than the gasoline powered bikes I’m used to. I dont think I will be able to get used to not getting my hands greasy, but I’ll try!
  One more thing should be said about this bike….it is soooo much cooller looking up close than I realized.  Its also much larger than I thought, as well. I look forward to having some fun, raising  a few eyebrows and seeing what new ideas I can come up with to make my Enertia unique; as if being painted pink and being named “Dot” isnt enough? 

        Lady Godiva on ‘GREEN’ wheels…….So, what do you think about that, Mrs. Robinson?