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The new Brammo hat…. and more??

This last weekend brought me down to the headquarters of Brammo, in Ashland, Oregon. I toured the facility and had a great time with all the Brammo boys. Before I left, I was presented with a brand new Brammo hat! Could this be the first in a line of apparel that Brammo will make available on their website at ??
To give you a little idea of how terribly cool the Brammo boys are, the hats are made from 100% RPET. What is RPET? Let me quote Tom Larson of the GreenSmart Notebook:
” What is rPET Polyester Fabric?
This question has been coming up lately, so why not talk about it in a blog? It’s not difficult to get, it’s just never explained.
rPET stands for recycled PET, the bottles that we are all familiar with used for water and soda. The recycle symbol #1. PET is Polyethylene terephthalate, a member of the polyester family, which most people don’t realize. What has always been the case is that PET is the same chemistry as polyester. The difference is that a PET bottle is molded and polyester is a fiber. So in most respects PET and Polyester are synonymous. If that doesn’t quite add up, you could think of dough in a loaf pan to make bread or dough in a pasta machine to make linguine. The source of both is dough, but, the result is totally different.
When anyone puts a bottle in the recycle bin, it may go back through the recycle process to become a bottle, or it may become a polyester fiber of some kind. It may come back all kinds of forms. Polyester is tremendously strong, inherently water-resistant, and pretty much totally color fast. In outerwear you’ll find polyester as polar fleece, in general apparel because it is lightweight and wrinkle resistant, as a component in clothing (cotton/poly blend), bedspreads, sheets, curtains and in all types household fabrics. Additionally, polyester is found in tires, ropes, conveyor belts, safety belts and lots of industrial applications.
Any one of these applications could have rPET origins, but, most don’t. What makes rPET fascinating is how much energy is saved in production and of course, it consumes what would otherwise go to landfill, the bottle. So when you see something labeled as rPET, rest assured that it is a recycled material.”

I thought that tag on the cap from the CAP AMERICA company, put it so well. “This cap began life as a plastic bottle and now has a new purpose. After the bottle was recycled it became PET and was spun into yarn that was used to make your cap.  Enjoy your new headwear knowing you are doing your part to keep our planet beautiful for futur generations.”  
Brammo has chosen to create motorcycles that are made of recycled materials or parts that can be recycled. This kind of conscientious thinking has spilled over to the hat they gave me. I am constantly being amazed by this company! I look forward to being amazed in the future…..

Lady Godiva on wheels…. thankful for conscientious companies like Brammo!


My Enertia may have a big sister…

A couple weekends ago was a great treat for me with a visit to the Brammo headquarters down in Ashland, Oregon. Along with the great visit, I started hearing  that my Enertia, Dorothy, may have a new sister. A BIGGER sister. Yup, that’s right…. a BIGGER sister, with an estimate of 60 miles on a charge!
The new motorcycle, speculated to be  named the Enertia Plus,  has better battery technology that make the range better. I even heard someone say that there will be some other changes to the bike as well, such as the absence of the ON button in the middle of the body panel. There will also be some colors that weren’t available on the original Enertia. So, as soon as they make the announcement, go to to see all the information about the newest addition to the Brammo family of electric motorcycles.
As lithium batteries become more popular and the demand increases, the cost of the material to make them goes down allowing companies to spend more time and money on new technology.  Brammo is constantly looking for ways to bring us a better motorcycle for the best price possible. Compare the Brammo bikes to any other electric motorcycle on the market and you will find this to be true. I am expecting Brammo to get to the point that their bikes are comparable in price to the ICE bikes on the market.  
For everyone’s information…. that is what cultivated the partnership between Flextronics International Ltd (NASDAQ: FLEX) and Brammo (Cant wait till they go public!). A huge electronics manufacturing company with facilities in over 30 countries would be able to aid in keeping costs down. Flextronics has contracts with such large companies as Microsoft, Lego, and Verizon Wireless and has been in business since 1969. This should be a great journey to watch! When I heard the news about the partnership, I was doing the happy dance under the covers in my bed with the flu. That was the most spunky I had been in three days!! I actually started feeling better after that….who wouldnt??

Brammo has also expressed the fact that the owners of the original Enertia, like mine, will be able to take advantage of the new technology. We will have to wait to find out what that means but, they promise that they will do their best to make sure we aren’t forgotten. I have to say that I was a little surprised about the attitude there! How many companies are helping you to upgrade when a new model comes out?  I can’t think of one….  Thanks Brammo!! I can’t wait to have a longer range in Dorothy!!

Lady Godiva on wheels…. gettin an upgrade!!  YAHOO…


Guess where Dorothy and I went last weekend??

This last weekend, Dorothy got to get back to her roots! Yup, she went right back down to Ashland, Oregon to see the place of her birth….er, assembly…Brammo!
On Friday I loaded my beautiful little electric darling up on her trailer and we made the four-hour trip to Ashland, a lovely little town near the Oregon/ California border. The next day we traveled over to the Brammo headquarters and were given the VIP treatment! Myself, my dear friend Cindi Servante (Motoette in Forward Motion and Girlracer) and her darling niece and our favorite helicopter pilot, Devon Watkins, were shown around the place and we shot video for hours. We were even shown some top-secret things!!  I promised I wouldn’t tell so, don’t ask me. (FYI, tell ya later!!)
A special thanks goes out to Wayne Buck, Project Engineer for Brammo, for taking really good care of us while we waited. He was so patient and showed us all around the assembly part of the building and in to the design and conception areas. Another “thank you” goes out to Adrian Stewart, director of sales and marketing,  for helping organize this weekend and for showing us all the really ‘COOL’ stuff! Oh, and for the tea…he’s British!  Last but certainly not least, thank you, Craig Bramscher, for allowing us to interview and just generally “bug” you. You were so gracious.
There is much more to say so, stay tuned! We have a couple big stories to come…..

Lady Godiva on wheels….keepin the lips zipped!!


Want to be like SSK..doin my part!

My buddies at South Side Kustoms are very charitable business owners. They have the “Real Divas Ride” motorcycle with a portion of the sale going to Breast Cancer Research and a new t-shirt coming soon.

So, I wanted to show them that I do my part, as well.  Sunday the 19th was Portland’s Susan G. Komens “Race for the Cure” and it was quite an event! Here are some pictures of the ride downtown on our MAX Rapid Transit line. Wall to wall people in pink accessories!! We were the happiest sardines you ever saw…

And, once we got downtown to the waterfront, there was more to see!


There were news crew…

And loads of help, if needed..

And when we were all in place, all of the thousands of women in the dark pink shirts (survivors) and all the rest of men, women and kids, in the white shirts, walked for 5 miles, side by side. You couldn’t help but have a constant lump in your throat. Some of the women would never have the chance to come back and walk the 5 miles again. But, today they walked. They finished the race and walked into the survivors lane where their families and friends cheered them on and meeting them with hugs, kisses, tears and flowers.
With this race and others across the country and all the money donated, there may be a day when breast cancer is a thing of the past. Until then, we all need to do our parts. A huge thanx goes out to South Side Kustoms, the family of Susan G. Komen, all the people who walked 5 miles on Sunday, and everyone else that does their part to help find a cure…. cuz that’s what we really want!

Lady Godiva on wheels…. doin my part!


I had a really bad week…..

I havent written a post for a week. I havent written one because I didn’t feel like it. I had a bad week. I lost a friend on 9/11 in an automobile accident. I was there to bury her on Saturday 9/18.
I was sitting in my chair in my bedroom, feeling blue and whining to God. In the midst of it all, I saw a report about a man with Cerebral Palsy that decided to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. What? How? They had my attention…. 
I’ll be darned if this guy didn’t take on the enormous task of pulling himself up, 4-6 inches at a pull, in a specialty built chair and with the help of two friends, to the top of El Capitan which is the equivalent of a whopping two Empire State Buildings (2,500 ft)! He pulled with only his hands roughly 20,000 times over six days to reach the top. And he did reach the top making him the first person with his disability to achieve it.
After he reached the top he said, “The pure exhaustion of six to eight hours of constant pull-up after pull-up after pull-up and the bright sunshine and the heat,” Wampler said. “The whole adventure was, was just unbelievable.” Read the whole story here.
So, this is what I learned from Steve Wampler….
When you think you are having a bad week, try pulling yourself up with just your hands, 4-6 inches at a time, to get to the top of something that is so big you cant even see the top..and yet, you keep going! Now your week doesn’t look so bad.
I commend you, Mr. Wampler! You havent just provided an example for people with physical disabilities but, little old me with “thinking” disabilities. Every day is precious so climb those mountains and remember anything is possible, even when you don’t think it is!

Lady Godiva on wheels…put in my place!!


Race for the Cure and South Side Kustoms…

It’s that time of year again and I will be participating in the Susan G. Komen Foundation “Race for the Cure” on Sunday, September 19th in downtown Portland, Oregon. I am honored to be walking with my BFF who is a 3 year breast cancer survivor! GO, VICKI!!
Now, when I think of the breast cancer fight, I cant help but think of my wonderful friends at South Side Kustoms. They have built a special “Real Divas Ride” themed bike that is just the women in the world and meant to help with the fight against breast cancer as well as give friends/family members a way to honor those that lost their fight but are never forgotten. I did a previous blog about the generosity of these guys and cant help but blog about them again. You have got to see the bike they put together, it is so beautiful! Jason…you are an amazing young man with an amazing woman at your side. Keep rockin the place with your generous hearts, my friends.
October is “Breast Cancer Awareness” month. Remember to take care of the “girls”, inside and out! 

Lady Godiva on wheels, remembering those who passed before us and all of those who will pass in the future. Let’s find a cure…. do your part!!


Miss Stephanie still aint buyin what hairys celln…

IowaHarleyGirl As you may remember from my previous posts about “The Many Thoughts of Harley Girl” Stephanie Maier, is planning a little “Hairy Cell” butt-kicking on October 9th in West Des Moines, Iowa, by participating in a fund-raiser sponsored by the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Here is the webpage to get all the information about how you can show this amazing woman a little support in her quest to beat this monster blood cancer. No donation is too small, ever! When coupled with others, it turns into a means to ” fund lifesaving research that has contributed to major advances in the treatment of blood cancers and treatments for other types of cancer, such as chemotherapy and stem cell transplants. New targeted therapies that kill cancer cells without harming normal tissue are providing drugs and procedures that are improving quality of life”.  

I don’t want anyone to ever go through any event that is life altering by feeling alone. It is our social networking sites that allow us to go through these times with the arms of people from all across the country, around us and offering comfort.   

I admire this woman for her courage in simply sharing her story and so, we can say “thank you” and offer our support by showing her that we are behind her, even though we wont actually experience the event. From any place in the world, we can be a part of Stephanie’s fight against this “Hairy” beast. Let’s show her what the spirit of community means by helping her in her battle.  



Also, take a moment to wish her well on Twitter at Iowa Harley Girl. GO, STEPH!! 
Lady Godiva on wheels, being Stephanie’s little cheerleader!!