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Its Springtime…. garden anyone??…

Believe it or not, it is Spring!! Although its also riding time, I am a gardener at heart. Looking for some great ideas? Try Pinterest. Here is the first idea I put on my Pinterest page.. There are so many great ideas out there that you can spend hours reading and planning.
While you are at it, think about getting that bike in order. Here is a great article by the AMA that will certainly help…

Now that Spring has sprung, get out there and get busy because we have waited months to get here, dont waste any time!

Lady Godiva on wheels…. needing to get dirty!!


The 15 Best Roads in America…

I love my AMA magazine, “American Motorcyclist” and read it cover to cover. I saw the article on page 30 about the best roads in America, chosen by you and decided that it was blog worthy….however, my dear friend Fuzzygalore beat me to it! She did such a wickedly badass job that I didn’t have to do a thing but copy and paste!! Take a peak at her blog site and see all the details. Give us some insight as to what you think and what you would add or remove. What is on your bucket list??
The first thing I need to do is ride #9. US Route 12, Lolo Pass – Idaho and Montana and take a picture of the sign that says. “Winding Road Next 77 Miles.” and send it to Fuzzy, just to tease her!!

Fuzzygalore Pink Star Converse
 Rachael, aka Fuzzygalore, is an incredible woman and her blog reflects that. Thank you for making this blog so easy for me. I love ya, darlin….

 Lady Godiva on wheels… ready to ride Lolo pass for Fuzzy!!