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Lowering the rear suspension on an Enertia…how low can Dorothy go?

Actually, according to my field rep, about 2 inches. That 2 little inches may mean the difference between someone who can reach the ground when they ride an Enertia and someone who can’t. Good job, Brammo and, thank you for listening to my suggestions. I appreciate it!

Here is a picture of the shock under the seat in living color, via my son. Thank you, Joey….

Lady Godiva on wheels….goin low!!


“Doctor Dave” saves the day; Dorothy’s booboo…

Dorothy’s “Dr. Dave”, Dave Murray, is as good as a highly educated physician. When he comes out to examine Dorothy, he goes over every inch of her with a fine tooth comb and if there is so much as a small flaw, he will find it, and he did! On the black hard plastic piece , just below the tail light, was a small crack. I hadn’t even noticed it and I do all her baths! Aww, the eye of a professional!
Dave ordered the piece and came out to promptly replace it. He doesn’t let anything go! Let me say that when I decided to purchase an electric vehicle, I not only investigated the motorcycle but, the company that made it, as well. I was so impressed with Brammo that when I saw the Enertia and was impressed with how much it looked like a “real” motorcycle, I was sold! That was before I knew that I would have my own personal field representative at my beck and call. When you factor in my lack of knowledge about EVs, I couldn’t have been happier. Dave always takes the time to let me pour over the bike and he explains what he is doing, no matter how long it takes. He listens to my suggestions and even passes them along to Brammo. In fact, they even listen! I know how hard that is to believe but, that is exactly what Brammo does. With that attitude, they can be privy to the insight of a consumer, in my case; female, and make changes that will benefit them. That is smart business….
So, here are the pictures of Dorothy gettin naked;

The last picture shows “Dr Dave” replacing the plastic piece under the tail light. 

This next picture shows the batteries that keep Dorothy running; 


I’m just waiting for the day that they reduce the size of the batteries in the “Empulse” that takes the motorcycle 100 miles on a single charge so “Dr Dave” can put them in Dorothy! 

Lady Godiva on wheels….waitin for the 100 miles!


Slix by Drayko…a follow up.

After I wrote the post about the skinny jeans called “Slix” by Drayko, I had some comments about the cost and protection factor. Here is a follow-up…
“Slix” by Drayko are actually lined with a combination of Kevlar, one we are all familiar with, and Dyneema, “Armor solutions made with Dyneema® – including vests, inserts, helmets, shields and vehicle armor – are specified and used by military, law enforcement and civil protection applications around the world” which is new to me as a protective material in riding gear. The $250ish cost is high however, what kind of cost do you put on protection? 
So, if your skin and its protection is an issue.. these jeans are the real deal. If Leah Peterson likes them, they must work. The girl is a stunt rider…..check her out at and on Twitter @StuntBums.

Lady Godiva on wheels… positive about the protection factor.


Protected by my skinny jeans….

These skinny jeans called “Slix” are made by a company called Drayko and come with a protective inner liner.
Watch this YouTube and get all the info you need. Also, notice her jacket at the end of the film.. very cool and made just for women!
I have been dying to get my hands on a pair of “Slix” jeans from this company. Go to their website and check it out. Will do a further review on the jeans when they arrive (and I lose 30 lbs!!). Style is great but, safety first.

Lady Godiva on wheels, safe in my skinny jeans..;)


Prayer needed for one of our own..Electric Glide in Blue

SelfPosted on “Electric Glide in Blue” is the story of “Riding the Storm Out”.  I have been reading this man’s postings for…well, a long time.  However, I was not prepared for what I read today.
Test had proven that there were tumors in his pelvic area and after going through surgery, he is home and recovering. Please take the time to stop by his blog-site and wish him well. Funny thing is, I don’t even know his name, just Electic Glide in Blue. Truth be known.. I don’t need to know his name to pray for him!  

Lady Godiva on wheels, taking a moment to pray for one of our own…


Extreme pogostick…

According to the website at 
“Vurtego Pogo Sticks are made from the best materials, and assembled by hand in our Southern California warehouse. They are designed to be ridden aggressively, and are engineered to withstand the type of punishment that true pogo stickers can dish out. Our pogo stick has been featured on the History Channel’s Modern Marvels show as “The World’s Strongest Pogo Stick” in 2007″.
See the segment featured with David Letterman on the Tonight Show.

Couldn’t download pictures but you can see a bunch of them at this site….

Lady Godiva on wheels… tired from just watchin!!


Dorothy goes “Bobber”…..

Today Dorothy got a visit from “Doctor Dave”, my field rep, Dave Murray.  Imagine my surprise to find out that he was secretly trying to turn her into a “Bobber”. Oh, the evil plan of a mad doctor!!

Ok, it wasnt an evil plan but, we did get a good laugh looking at my little electric “bobber” bike!!  Change out the back tire and extend the rake? What do ya think?
I will do a post later about what REALLY happened and why “Doctor Dave” stripped my bike nearly naked…

Lady Godiva on wheels, lovin Dorothy as a “bobber”…LOL