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What makes “Clutch” tick..

“Clutch” is my two-year old grandson. Recently I have considered re-naming him “Crash” since he has mastered the wheelie and the stoppie and is now perfecting laying down his bike and announcing in a loud voice, “Crash!!”. Then he rolls around on the ground for a while and then picks up his bike and starts all over. He has figured out that he can slide his back wheel around the corners, pull it upright and slide into the position to lay his bike down with a perfect tuck and roll! It just may be a skill that serves him well since he will be on a motorcycle before he’s five years old, I’m sure. We are a motorcycle family so it’s a given!
Now that his head has grown big enough, he got his first big boy helmet, complete with the Fox sticker, of course. So, how does Clutch watch his morning cartoons…. with his helmet on, naturally! The only way I could get it off his head was to promise him he could read his motorcycle magazine and eat raisins. Alas, the hair was your A-typical “helmet head” hairdo for a good portion of the day!! Not that he cared because he could sit ,content and play with his motorcycle apps on his iPad which is very hard to do with the helmet on, as he discovered! These are the things that make “Clutch” tick! Motorcycles, motorcycle tricks on his bike, helmets, motorcycle magazines, and motorcycle apps on his iPad. Starting to see a pattern? Me, too…..

Lady Godiva on wheels… playin with our smallest member of the Motorcycle Travel family and my little sweetie, “Clutch”. Now this is living!!


“When life gives you lemons…build a bike!” Jason Sarratt of Hellcat Customs is at it again….

Well, here we go again, folks.  As the title states, when life gives you lemons… build a bike.  My sweet friends from Hellcat Customs are some of the select few who have had to listened to me whine about life for the past few months.  With everyone’s words of wisdom and kindness, ultimately I bounced  back and hit the drawing board with a new idea for a bike that is sure to lift my spirits as I roar through my home town and to places far away. Of course, Jason Sarratt, owner of Hellcat Customs, is always a good sounding board for me and a great person to listen to the ideas because he is so knowledgable and exuberant. He gets as excited about my projects as I do, maybe even a little more! So……… here we go again with a new adventure coupling Hellcat Customs and Motorcycle Travel  So, sit down and relax and join us on the journey…..
As I have said many times, I am an old girl who loves to ride. The stats on riders as we age is a staggering read and has made me do some reflecting. I don’t want to give up riding but I do realize that I am experiencing diminished capacities; i.e. vision, strength, hearing, reflexes and response time. With that said, I have decided that if I am to enjoy the long ride and the draw of the open road, I may have to make some changes. One thing I decided to do is research alternative riding machines. I looked at tilting trikes with two wheels on the rear out in Texas at Mystery Designs and two wheels in the front at Tilting Motor Works up in Washington state. Both are really great adaptations and allow you to ride with the feel of the lean that we all love so much and that I was not willing to give up. In the end I decided on the two wheels on the front and the excellent build by Tilting Motor Works owner, Robert Mighell.
Of course, the only person that will be building bikes for me is the brilliant and talented Jason Sarratt because of his innovative ideas and passion for the project. You may recall the absolutely outstanding artwork he did on my Brammo EV motorcycle, Dorothy.  (I know it sounds like I’m gushing about the guy but, I can hardly help it! He really is that good!) So, the call was made to Jason and a bike was located and purchased. Here is what she looked like in her perfect off the showroom floor condition… a sweet little 2010 HD Sportster 883.  But, she wont look like that for long.  A call to Tilting Motor Works revealed that the add-on for the front end currently could only fit a HD Road King and that the fitting of a Sportster would take several months. That was several months that we didn’t have because Jason, in true Hellcat Custom style, had promised the bike to be shown in the upcoming Las Vegas Bike Fest at the end of September. I was truly bummed but Jason wasnt worried at all. He decided to build me one from scratch…. no, really! He designed and is building a unit that leans to attach to the front end of my beautiful bike. The guy never stops amazing me…..

So, that is the beginning of the whole story. There is much more to come and I am so honored to have Hellcat Customs build me this wonderful bike. I am even more honored to have Jason Sarratt (HellcatCustoms on Twitter) and his beautiful pink haired fiance Kelly Rogers (FieryPinkGirl on Twitter) as my friends. I look forward to this project and all that comes with it! And so the journey begins…..

Lady Godiva on wheels saying, “somebody pinch me cause this is like a dream come true!”

A little P.S.  The next build will be a Road King and Jason has promised to install the front end from Tilting Motor Works because I believe in it. Kudos to Robert Mighell! Take a look for yourself at If that doesn’t suit you, try the fabulous machines at Mystery Designs out Texas way. See them here..   They are both great ideas and good people to work with.  Dont be afraid to tell them I sent ya!!


Desitin and a follow up…

Marilyn ElmoreWith the suggestion of a new idea, aka the Desitin, comes a comment from my friend Marilyn, (aka Chessie’s Tales , on Facebook, and Twitter). A word to the wise from someone who knows;
“Do be very careful around the eyes. In the heat of the day, the cream can…and will find it’s way into the eyes. I know… My mistake was to put it above my eyes just below the eye brows. I Didn’t cover the entire lid but the stuff did kinda “melt” and slide down into my eye from the wind pushing it around. Burned a bit…Yeowza!”

Thanx, Marilyn!
And remember to do a test patch to make sure you aren’t allergic or sensitive before you hit the road.

Lady Godiva on wheels…..


Updating my motorcycle travel bag…

It’s that time of year again. Time to crawl out of winter and get things ready to take advantage of the nice weather that I am sure will get here… one day.

Recently I have been considering how to reduce some of the products I like to haul around with me and after some research, I think I have come up with one really great find. Diaper rash cream…. yes, you heard me right,DESITIN® Multi-Purpose Ointment – Multi-Purpose Skin Protectant and Diaper Rash Ointment diaper rash cream.

The wonderful ingredient in this cream is zinc oxide. You probably remember it on the nose of some life guard sitting on a chair watching you splash around in a pool somewhere. In my case, it was on the

huntington beach ca home theater design

hot life guards sitting on the beach in my hometown, Huntington Beach, California. I was rescued once from under the pier after I got caught in a big wave and was tossed off my surfboard and swept away in the tide. He was the most beautiful boy, zinc on the nose and all. Mmmmmm…. but, I digress.

So, the zinc oxide in diaper rash cream can be a fantastic addition to your travel bag and offer you lots of uses in just one tube. For example, the cream does what you imagine to the area of the body that I will refer to as the”saddle area”, taking care of rashes, itching, suppressing symptoms of itching and inflammation. A welcome relief when on the road for days on end… no pun intended. It is also good for sunburns and minor burns such as the well-known leg up against the hot pipes burn that occurs when that guy…you know that guy… that just has to straddle your ride while wearing shorts. Oh, that guy will be so glad you had your diaper rash cream!! Chapped lips or any chapped skin area will love the welcomed relief that a thin layer of diaper rash cream can bring after a long day of wind and sun. In fact, it proves a decent sunblock in a pinch. If you plan to camp and run into poison oak, ivy, or sumac, it is a great inflammation reducer and speeds the healing process. It is even good for dandruff or dermatitis, should you need to use it for that on a lonesome road out there, somewhere ;). In fact, it’s even good for acne by the reduction of inflammation, reducing production of excess oil, drawing out the infectious toxins, and increasing the healing process in your skin.
The only precautions you need to keep in mind are that you  should keep the cream out of your mouth and eyes… so don’t eat it and use care when applying around your eyes, not in your eyes! Also, do a small patch test to make sure you aren’t sensitive or allergic to zinc oxide before you decide to put it everywhere.  Check out the information on Articles Skin Care.

Lady Godiva on wheels…. hoping the tip helps.


The 15 Best Roads in America…

I love my AMA magazine, “American Motorcyclist” and read it cover to cover. I saw the article on page 30 about the best roads in America, chosen by you and decided that it was blog worthy….however, my dear friend Fuzzygalore beat me to it! She did such a wickedly badass job that I didn’t have to do a thing but copy and paste!! Take a peak at her blog site and see all the details. Give us some insight as to what you think and what you would add or remove. What is on your bucket list??
The first thing I need to do is ride #9. US Route 12, Lolo Pass – Idaho and Montana and take a picture of the sign that says. “Winding Road Next 77 Miles.” and send it to Fuzzy, just to tease her!!

Fuzzygalore Pink Star Converse
 Rachael, aka Fuzzygalore, is an incredible woman and her blog reflects that. Thank you for making this blog so easy for me. I love ya, darlin….

 Lady Godiva on wheels… ready to ride Lolo pass for Fuzzy!!


Happy Fat Tuesday!!

Just a quick post… is Fat Tuesday….   What is Fat Tuesday?  A great reason to party?  Well, yes… but, exercise some good sense by thinking ahead and making plans before the alcohol kicks in. AKA, Put the local taxi

company’s number in your phone. Don’t drive/ride to the bar and then you can’t drive/ride home. Ladies, opt to wear something with really good pockets, preferably with zippers, and don’t take a purse. Make sure you run in “packs” with some trusted friends. Common sense is the best idea to staying safe. Common sense goes right out the window when alcohol is involved so, plan ahead!! 

Enjoy and be careful out there.
Lady Godiva on wheels………..


a close call with “ape hangers”….


 Over at the blog site “Better Motorcycling“, I found this story about a very scary mishap with a bike, a couple, and  ape hangers…see picture.

I had dinner with my buddy Stephanie Basalyga (on facebook, aka @motorcyclejones on Twitter) and was showing her the garage where we will be doing an interview on Sunday. I was showing her the bikes and telling her about changing out the handlebars on the HD, in the back of my mind I was remembering this picture. Sadly, I don’t like my ape hangers! Maybe I shouldn’t have insisted on the 16″, maybe I should have test ridden a bike with the ape hangers first, maybe I should have left the damn bike alone because the stock handlebars were great!  But, the husband absolutely LOVES them. He thinks the bike handles better……Venus and Mars, I tell ya.

Lady Godiva…. needin a new bike without ape hangers!!