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Are you confused,too?

Confusion can be such a problem and quite the stumbling block. That has been the problem with me since I decided that I wanted to build my very first trike.

Now, I have been looking at the finished product. I have visited my local HD dealerships, local shops of various kinds, bikes for sale on the various computer sites, and looked at the sites for the trike kits. Do you think this has helped with my confusion….not one little stinking bit!!

I love to surf the web…..always thinking that I am going to find just what I want with a tool that offers endless possibilities. That’s not always the way it goes, but I always think it will.                   Hopelessly optimistic…..Lady Godiva on wheels


Is anybody out there?

Just checking to see if there is anybody out there reading this darn thing. makes ya wonder….huh?? Let me know.
Lady Godiva on wheels


Taking advantage of old man winter….

I have to tell you….its cold!! I haven’t seen or heard a bike on the road in quite a while. That brought me to ponder this…what do we do when its too darn cold to ride?

The fact of the matter is this…given the opportunity, we would ride all the time. Right?? There is always a reason to ride. Ask any hard core rider that lives in the sun belt. Now, they have their own reasons to stay home. Arizona and Nevada, for instance, have the wind. Have you ever ridden in a wind storm? I have not but I have had to see it being done and that’s painful enough just to watch. Even a little bit of wind will send the sand from the sides of the road whipping into your face, pelting your arms and legs, and just making the ride less enjoyable. In a wind storm you can literally be riding side ways. I have seen it and its not easy, according to those who brave it. I’m sure you folks from other parts of the country can tell me all about your sunny part of town but today we are in my neck of the woods.

So, the weather is too cold to ride. What now? This may be the only time my friends are willing to break down their bikes. Really! They hate to do it because they would rather ride the things. They all maintain their precious motorcycles like rock stars but to completely break them down, well…. lets just say they go there kicking and screaming. But that’s what they do when its too cold to ride.

I have a friend that has this trick little lift. You roll the bike on it and secure it. Then its ready to be hiked up to the level most comfortable for you to work on it. Now that hes got it in position, he sits there and looks at it for a day, cultivating a plan in his head. He gets out his parts bible and anticipates the things that might be needed. He makes lists, checks prices, surfs the Internet, talks with anyone and everyone. He dreams of all the cool stuff he wants to add to the already gorgeous bike and makes more lists, checks more prices, surfs the Internet again, and talks some more. After all this talking, checking, and surfing he gathers everything he needs and starts taking the bike apart.

This year he is working on cooling the bike down. It ran just a little too hot for his liking all summer long and with that in mind he hatched a game plan for those cold days of winter. I happened to have visited him and was up close and personal with the makings of this years project. I was given the task of deciding what chrome design looked best with the overall look of the bike. Do you think it had anything to do with the fact that I am a girl….with a fantastic eye for fashion…especially shoes? Hmmmm? There were many devices dedicated to the cooling of the motor oil and also made for the opportunity to add more chrome. I admit that I couldn’t find a piece that didn’t promise to look good. Really.

By the time he is done, there wont be a piece of the bike that hasn’t been removed, replaced, cleaned, polished, and lovingly put back on. All this just makes us more anxious to get the bikes on the road and drives the neighbors crazy listening to the countless times we have to start the bike up and rev the motor….just to see how cool it sounds. Did you know that every time you add a chrome piece….even if its a simple bolt….the bike may just sound different. Even sound better. No bike owner can resist starting the bike up just to see. I even start mine up after I polish the chrome. LOL.

Enough of that. Truly, this is a time that can be well spent. So you’re off the bike for a few weeks….it can be a blessing since you would not have gone there without old man winter slowing you down. Take advantage and enjoy. Use the time wisely. Your next year of riding could just improve as a result.

Enjoy the journey and stub your nose at the cold……………Lady Godiva on wheels


What everyone needs!!

We all ponder the question, “What If?”. What if you’re out and about and the bike breaks down? My two favorite friends have always been the AAA card and my cell phone. But there are times when the darn cell phone and the darn cell towers are not working together to make your life easier…..ya know what I mean?

That was the case one day when a group of us were traveling through Arizona and Nevada. We had just left a little town called Oatman, in the Arizona desert, out in the middle of no where and decided to gas up since we weren’t sure where the next stop would be. We stopped at the local station and took time to find the bathrooms, get a drink, smokes for those who needed them, aspirin for my dear sisters rear-end (we had traveled long and hard), and gas. With all that under our belts, we were on our way. Not ten minutes out of town, the one bike…..and also the novice riders bike….began to smoke, a lot. This poor guy was hysterical. It was a brand new bike, as in first time out. We all pulled over and tried to console him while determining what was wrong and how to fix it. One of the guys remembered that the novice had gone on the other side of the station island and that he had filled the tank with diesel fuel. Not the best thing but not the worst either. But we were in the middle of nothing with no cars on the road and nothing in sight. It was starting to get late and dark. And, of course, no cell phone service!

Let me explain one difference between the seasoned rider and the novice. The novice has no tools….none! The seasoned rider has all the tools you could need, and none you don’t need, all in a little condensed pack and ready to go. In that little treasure chest was a few feet of plastic tubing that was perfect for allowing the novice to suck the diesel fuel out of his tank that didn’t spill out when we tipped the bike. Oh, yeah. We sure weren’t doing it for him!!! A travel cup provided enough gas….once retrieved….to get the novice back to the gas station and full of the proper fuel to get him on his way. The only ill effects was the smoke that resulted from what little diesel was still in the tank and motor. All was well with the world and the novice with the brand new bike, both now slightly seasoned from the road and the mishap. He went home and put together the sweetest little tool kit, complete with plastic tubing, that you have ever seen. Smart novice!!

Now, we know that the “what ifs” can happen at any time and to any one. The tool kits are worth their weight in gold but my favorites are still the cell phone and the AAA card. I like the comfort of having them all at my disposal. How about you??

Let me know whats in your tool kit and why. We have all learned by mishap and experience what works. Maybe its time to put together a list of things that are tried and true and definitely necessary for the occasional “what if”.

Viva la tools……………………Lady Godiva on wheels


The “surfer”

I am a novice at blogging….you cant imagine how much of one I really am. Blogging is being done to serve a purpose. Its not as easy as it sounds to find out what really makes a blog cool and interesting. So….I went surfing.

I wanted to find blogs about motorcycles. So, I Googled “motorcycle blogs”. It seemed much too simplistic to be realistic but, darn if it didn’t take me right to motorcycle blogs!! Go figure!! In that one fantastic move I was in amongst the elite. I made my way to a site called “”. From there I found a guy blogging about his two favorite things, bikes and pizza called “Pizza Tour”. On his blog I found a woman named Christine that warned the guy with the brand new HD to put the bike away in his garage and remember that “ice is not our friend”. That made me giggle and hope that the guy was reading her blog!! I also found the site of “Biker Chickz Blog”.

Now this girl had it all. Pictures, stories, witty chat, product sites, blog sites, and one heck of a nice bike. She also received the Bloggers Choice Award from the Motorcycle Bloggers International. Can I just say that I want to grow up to be her? Well, I do.

So now you know my dreams and aspirations. I know what I want to be… really great blogger that actually has people who want to read it.

I am taking a break tomorrow to observe the day dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King. I am hoping to get out and about but know that with the upcoming arctic freeze on its way, riding is out of the question. But I can sit in a sunny window and ponder whether Dr. King ever rode a bike. Maybe thats why he could always promote peace. All those days when he was at his breaking point, he climbed on his bike and took a ride….you know, to clear his head, have a conversation with God, and unwind. Thats how I see him. And thats all I have to say.

Why dont you check out that “whybike” site and see what you find. If you find something you want to talk about, let me know. I am always anxious to talk to others.

Until Tuesday………Lady Godiva on wheels


Where did this thing come from…

I live in Oregon and it gets a little nippy here in the winter. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from standing in a cold garage working on a bike. That said, I spent the majority of yesterday on the couch, coughing my brains out. During that time I pondered many things. Why, in the cold weather, would I insist on being out there and create a situation that would lead to me lay on the couch for the better part of a day. Wasn’t that a pretty bike. Who thought to create the motorcycle, anyway….. just to mention a few. If that doesn’t tell you how bored I was, nothing will.

The facts go like this…..Sylvester Howard Roper, an American, came up with the idea in 1823. He developed a 2 cycle, coal powered, steam engine, that he attached to a simple bicycle. Sounds to me like a guy that was tired of pedaling. But, kudos to him.

Later, 1885 to be exact, a German gentleman named Gottlieb Daimler, developed a true gas powered engine that he strapped to a wooden bicycle. Now, because I am of German decent, I am delighted that the two front runners in the motorcycle birth were American and German. I’m sure the future gasoline companies are delighted about the gas part and I cant imagine shoveling coal into the engine of my future trike at every “coal” station along my road trip route.

Thank goodness that Mr Harley and his two friends, Mr Davidsons, came up with the beautiful bikes we enjoy today.

It may sound like I am only an HD fan. Not true. I love bikes…all bikes. I have a particular love for the Ducati and the BMW. I can hear a bike coming for miles and will run to the windows at the front of my house, just to watch it go by. I will watch my rear view and side mirrors as they come upon my vehicle and check out the bike from end to end. I admire the colors, the accessories, but rarely can tell you what the rider looks like.

One day, I was out in my convertible. The day was beautiful and the roads were full of bikes. I came across one particularly pretty purple and yellow HD and was admiring it along side of me when the rider motioned for me to pull over. Mind you, it took a while for him to get my attention due to the fact that I was admiring the saddle bags that looked custom made and quite striking. Thinking he needed something and the fact that we were on a very busy street with lots and lots of people, I pulled over. The thing is…..he thought I was hitting on him. Something we laugh about now, but a bit embarrassing for both of us at the time. So, fellas, when a woman is checking you out, consider that she might be a motorcycle fan. But its a great segue into…..who knows what.

So, If you are like me and ponder the beginning of the motorcycle, ponder no more. If you are pondering something else, let me know. We can ponder together.

Be safe out there……ice is not your friend. Lady Godiva on wheels


The “birth”.

Today is the first day. The very first day. I have never blogged…heck, I had to call technical support just to find my blog. But when you want something bad enough, you will stretch and perhaps find a niche.

My blogging will be about something I love. Motorcycles. I have loved them since I was a small girl. About three years old. My father bought a beautiful Harley Davidson and would take me for rides zipped in his leather coat. Today that would be forbidden but back in the late fifties, things were much different. My father and I would ride to my mothers workplace to bring her lunch. We would sit outside and wait near the railroad tracks that ran down the back of the building where she worked. I would anxiously await the train because only after it had thundered by would my mother be free to come out and sit with us and eat. I imagined that the train held her inside and released her only after passing the building….kids and their imaginations!!

The best trip on the motorcycle was the once a month visit to the Harley dealership when my father would pay his payment. Every month they would give me a little Harley Davidson motorcycle to take home. I had a very nice collection by the time the bike was paid off. They were metal with real rubber tires. They looked great in the window of our apartment for all the world to admire. I would give anything to have those in my possession. But, alas, they met the same fate as my rock, baseball card, and shell collections. (darn parents).

My mothers sister was married to a man that was a California Highway patrol officer. He rode a Harley. A really big Harley!! My father wanted to be a police officer, as well, but he was too short. Yes, back then cops had to be tall…and a flight attendant had to look like a fashion model. Go figure. So my father bought the bike and made the best of it. Just after the bike was paid off….no more little motorcycles for me….my beloved uncle was killed in the line of duty. He was in a chase and was hit driving through an intersection. That was a truly sad day for the little three year old girl. I didn’t understand it all and to top it off, my father sold his bike. He never had another. I missed my uncle and the rides on the bike with my dad. Yup, a truly sad day.

What happened to me back then was that I knew I was in love with motorcycles. I love to look at them, work on them, fuss over them, and ride them. I prefer to be on the front but never object to riding on the back. As I have gotten older, and clumsier, I have decided to build a trike…..safer, according to me. My last bike was a lovely little 883 hugger that went up for sale when my grandson came to live with me and I needed quick money to pay for legal fees. Now, I love my grandson but, every time he misbehaves I remind him that I gave up my Harley for him. Isnt guilt great!!! hehe.

So….there you have it. The birth of “Everything motorcycle”. I have a lot to say about the subject so check with me every now and again and see what kind of things I’m talking about. And, talk back! Would love to hear about the things your doing and saying and maybe we can learn something from each other.

Until then……………..Lady Godiva on wheels