By mtajudy

As I surfed the web for some real estate business information, I ran across a story from September 23rd by The Wall Street Journal that was about the makers of my beloved electric motorcycle, Brammo, Inc.
This company has certainly made leaps and bounds in the business world. Read the story here. This company is one to watch. It makes the business side of my brain all bajiggidy!! Not only do they put out great motorcycles and have great customer service, they are really going to be a company to watch. And, watch is exactly what I have been doing. I can see an investment in my future…..
Front_3Q_Green 1000x667                                     From the original Enertia with a 40 mile range to the new Brammo EmpulseEmpulse with a 100 mile range, this company has really put E-bikes on the map. It just keeps getting better. Kudos, Brammo. I am one of your biggest fans!! And, a hopeful investor..

Lady Godiva on wheels, watching and waiting!

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