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Dorothy and Hellcat Customs t-shirt give away for

Of course, I have to brag a little about my bud, Jason Sarratt at Hellcat Customs, and add a little something about my beautiful E-bike, Dorothy, as well.
As you all know, Jason did the unbelievable job on my bike and he took the time to include her on, for the t-shirt give away. See it all right here
If you didn’t sign on and win the t-shirt, give them a shout on Twitter at @HellcatCustoms or @FieryPinkGirl and they have them for sale.

Lady Godiva on wheels… lovin my Hellcat Customs!!


“Dr. Dave” gives props to my little pink “Diva”….

Here is an email sent out by my field rep, “Dr Dave” Murray…

David L. Murray
Field Service Technician, Portland, OR
Brammo Inc.
From: David Murray
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 10:45 PM
To: Adrian Stewart; Brian Wismann; Danny Watson
Cc: Jennifer Rafiner; David Harvey; Hertz, Christopher
Subject: Judy LaParne’s ‘Dot’ customization paint job….

The wait is over… we now have a Pink Enertia. But the artwork Judy’s painter did to her body panels is phenomenal. This bike is destined for magazine cover art. I’ll send better pictures as I get them.

Enjoy…Dave M.

Ya know, I couldn’t agree with him more! Thank you, Dave Murray, for recognizing real art when you see it and taking great care of Dorothy. Thank you, Jason Sarratt of Hellcat Customs, for being an amazing artist and taking care of Dorothy’s body parts. Thank you, Brammo boys, for making me an exceptional ride. My little “Pink Diva” is really having a great time. So am I!! I hope Dorothy Robinson is sitting on a cloud up in heaven and smiling at us all….

Lady Godiva on wheels…. GO PINK!!


Dorothy’s new outfit and the Monkey I almost got!!

The big moment I have been waiting for….drum roll please!! Here are some pics of Dorothy’s new body pieces getting packed up for shipping. The whole family took a part in it…Jason, Kerry (the newest member of the Hellcat Customs team), and the Monkey (my personal favorite). In fact, I almost got the Monkey in the mail. I could have lived with that…she’s a sweetie. I don’t think Jason could live with it though. That’s his “side kick” (and his sweet little daughter)!! And, his riding partner but, that’s another blog entirely! In fact, I have a couple to do on this crew…all about Kerry Robins, ect. Lots going on here and great stories to tell! But, you will have to wait for that..
Enjoy the pictures… I sure did. Thanx, Jason and “crew”.

Check out the “pink” Brammo logo… Craig Bramscher would have to giggle!! FYI, I am the first woman consumer to purchase a Brammo electric motorcycle. It’s only fitting that I get a little leeway with my custom paint and Jason did the job right!!

Here is how they very sweetly packaged it all up. Jason made sure that the clear coat was dry and seasoned before he would even consider packaging it up. He really goes the extra mile for the customer.

I want a shop like this one!! Nice, Hellcat Customs!!

Don’t forget that Jason was very uncomfortable about sending these pieces since the storm had done some damage to the paint and he wanted to do a COMPLETE re-paint. Artists!! Whats next? A left ear, Vincent?? FYI, Jason…you are so much cuter than Mr. Van Gogh but you still wont look good with one ear!

And, look what I almost got in the mail with my bike pieces..

Darn, Miss Monkey! We were so close!! LOL

So, later this morning I am going to the FedEx store in Lake Oswego, to pick up the outstandingly beautiful pieces to what used to be my electric motorcycle by Brammo, Inc. but, is now a going to be transformed into a work of art!! My heart is so happy to have a genuine original done by a true artist. Jason Sarratt is just such an artist. Dorothy should be in a museum…. after I’m dead, please!! LOL
Stay tuned and I will have more to say…………………

Lady Godiva on wheels, off to FedEx to pick up my works of art!!


“Doctor Dave” saves the day; Dorothy’s booboo…

Dorothy’s “Dr. Dave”, Dave Murray, is as good as a highly educated physician. When he comes out to examine Dorothy, he goes over every inch of her with a fine tooth comb and if there is so much as a small flaw, he will find it, and he did! On the black hard plastic piece , just below the tail light, was a small crack. I hadn’t even noticed it and I do all her baths! Aww, the eye of a professional!
Dave ordered the piece and came out to promptly replace it. He doesn’t let anything go! Let me say that when I decided to purchase an electric vehicle, I not only investigated the motorcycle but, the company that made it, as well. I was so impressed with Brammo that when I saw the Enertia and was impressed with how much it looked like a “real” motorcycle, I was sold! That was before I knew that I would have my own personal field representative at my beck and call. When you factor in my lack of knowledge about EVs, I couldn’t have been happier. Dave always takes the time to let me pour over the bike and he explains what he is doing, no matter how long it takes. He listens to my suggestions and even passes them along to Brammo. In fact, they even listen! I know how hard that is to believe but, that is exactly what Brammo does. With that attitude, they can be privy to the insight of a consumer, in my case; female, and make changes that will benefit them. That is smart business….
So, here are the pictures of Dorothy gettin naked;

The last picture shows “Dr Dave” replacing the plastic piece under the tail light. 

This next picture shows the batteries that keep Dorothy running; 


I’m just waiting for the day that they reduce the size of the batteries in the “Empulse” that takes the motorcycle 100 miles on a single charge so “Dr Dave” can put them in Dorothy! 

Lady Godiva on wheels….waitin for the 100 miles!


Dorothy gets her “fix” at Starbucks…

I had a meeting with my friend, Mary Nunnenkamp of the The Randall Lee Nunnenkamp Scholarship Foundation, at my local Orenco Station Starbucks.  It had been a perfect day to ride and having got caught up in the lovely weather, I wasnt thinking about how far I had taken Dorothy on our route to the meeting. We had really taken the LONG way there and when I arrived, I realized that I was going to need to plug-in and recharge!

I went inside and started scouting out an outlet. One was perfectly located just inside the window where we were sitting! How perfect for me!  I grabbed myself a little iced coffee pick me up and asked about a little electric refreshment for Dorothy.  The girls behind the counter were in total amazement and wanted to know everything about the bike. That got all the customers going and during a 30 minute conversation, we cracked the window and hooked Dorothy up. I was able to go through the entire process for all to see. I even got a round of applause when I started Dorothy up and she made the familiar hummmmm. She had wowed the crowd again! 

Mary arrived and joined us at the table.  We had a lovely time talking about the “2010 4th annual Randy Cares Ride” coming August 21st. The proceeds from this event are used to fund education for young people who would otherwise be unable to secure money to go to school.  They are considered the ones that have fallen through the cracks!  Mary and all the people involved with the foundation have worked tirelessly to continue giving to the communities youth, in Randy’s absence. Read his story at “Randy’s Story”.   To anyone in the area of Hillsboro, Oregon or anywhere in the world, this is a worthwhile cause and deserves attention. If we can educate our youth, they can prosper and give back to society in a positive fashion. Hey, they may be taking care of us one day!!  Keep up the wonderful work, Mary.

After the meeting, Dorothy was revved up and ready to go. A special “thanx” goes out to the sweet girls that helped me out that day. I got my “pick me up” and so did Dorothy.  THANK YOU, LADIES!  See, you really can plug-in just about anywhere.

Lady Godiva on wheels…..


Dorothy’s getting a make-over….

So, I send the panels to my beloved little electric bike, Dorothy, down to my buddies at Hellcat Customs in Chandler, Arizona.  I wait and I wonder… Jason, being one of the finest artists I know, is capable of such beauty.  But, what does he have in store for Dorothy’s make-over?  What could he be thinking?  Hmmmmmmmmm
Just to tease me a bit, he sends me these pics of his beautiful lady, Kelly Rogers aka FireyPinkGirl on Twitter, prepping the panels and the pink color that they chose.  As I expected, it was more than I expected!! 
Look and drool.

Thank you, Kelly, for the hard work and picking a fabulous color. Dorothy is going to be the bell of the ball!
Lady Godiva on wheels…. thinkin pink!!