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Want to be like SSK..doin my part!

My buddies at South Side Kustoms are very charitable business owners. They have the “Real Divas Ride” motorcycle with a portion of the sale going to Breast Cancer Research and a new t-shirt coming soon.

So, I wanted to show them that I do my part, as well.  Sunday the 19th was Portland’s Susan G. Komens “Race for the Cure” and it was quite an event! Here are some pictures of the ride downtown on our MAX Rapid Transit line. Wall to wall people in pink accessories!! We were the happiest sardines you ever saw…

And, once we got downtown to the waterfront, there was more to see!


There were news crew…

And loads of help, if needed..

And when we were all in place, all of the thousands of women in the dark pink shirts (survivors) and all the rest of men, women and kids, in the white shirts, walked for 5 miles, side by side. You couldn’t help but have a constant lump in your throat. Some of the women would never have the chance to come back and walk the 5 miles again. But, today they walked. They finished the race and walked into the survivors lane where their families and friends cheered them on and meeting them with hugs, kisses, tears and flowers.
With this race and others across the country and all the money donated, there may be a day when breast cancer is a thing of the past. Until then, we all need to do our parts. A huge thanx goes out to South Side Kustoms, the family of Susan G. Komen, all the people who walked 5 miles on Sunday, and everyone else that does their part to help find a cure…. cuz that’s what we really want!

Lady Godiva on wheels…. doin my part!


Race for the Cure and South Side Kustoms…

It’s that time of year again and I will be participating in the Susan G. Komen Foundation “Race for the Cure” on Sunday, September 19th in downtown Portland, Oregon. I am honored to be walking with my BFF who is a 3 year breast cancer survivor! GO, VICKI!!
Now, when I think of the breast cancer fight, I cant help but think of my wonderful friends at South Side Kustoms. They have built a special “Real Divas Ride” themed bike that is just the women in the world and meant to help with the fight against breast cancer as well as give friends/family members a way to honor those that lost their fight but are never forgotten. I did a previous blog about the generosity of these guys and cant help but blog about them again. You have got to see the bike they put together, it is so beautiful! Jason…you are an amazing young man with an amazing woman at your side. Keep rockin the place with your generous hearts, my friends.
October is “Breast Cancer Awareness” month. Remember to take care of the “girls”, inside and out! 

Lady Godiva on wheels, remembering those who passed before us and all of those who will pass in the future. Let’s find a cure…. do your part!!


“Real Divas Ride” benefit bike from South Side Kustom

As you may have read in my previous post, South Side Kustom are celebrating their 5th year in business. They do so many great things for their community and this one is my personal favorite!  Here is my first, ever look at the finished product benefit bike made special for breast cancer research:


“Real Divas Ride” Breast Cancer Benefit
Bikes –  ONLY 20 to be built and $1,500
from the sale of each goes to Breast Cancer
Research. See our website for all the details


For more info, please contact South Side Kustom at:

Local # 716-823-6279
Long Distance # 1-800-675-3191
Thank you, Jason and crew!!

Lady Godiva on wheels, doin my part for the ladies!