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Daylight Savings Time and the end of my riding season..

The Winter Scenes Screensaver screenshot 1It’s that time of year again, Daylight Savings Time, and we need to “fall back” and change all the clocks in the house. Here in the Great Northwest it means that the days will get so short that it well be dark at 4:00 pm and not light again until 8:00 am. I dread these days! If it weren’t for the holidays, I would lose my mind.

I am a California girl, born and bred and it’s this time of year that makes me long for my  childhood home in Huntington Beach. Of course, I’m not taking into account the long foggy days that come with late November, December, and January. I choose to forget those…

So, take the time to change those clocks because at 2 a.m. on Nov. 7, 2010 we gain an hour and proceed into the dark abyss of winter. This is a sad time for this little motorcycle rider. Guess I’m gunna have to take the Harley apart and clean it up for next year. Dorothy is going to have to sit and watch because there is absolutely nothing to do to an E-bike. I suppose I could wash her up and just sit and admire her. After Jason did the incredible paint, that is what I do anyway!! Thank you, Jason and Hellcat Customs…again…still!!

Lady Godiva on wheels…gosh I hate winter.


Dorothy and Hellcat Customs t-shirt give away for

Of course, I have to brag a little about my bud, Jason Sarratt at Hellcat Customs, and add a little something about my beautiful E-bike, Dorothy, as well.
As you all know, Jason did the unbelievable job on my bike and he took the time to include her on, for the t-shirt give away. See it all right here
If you didn’t sign on and win the t-shirt, give them a shout on Twitter at @HellcatCustoms or @FieryPinkGirl and they have them for sale.

Lady Godiva on wheels… lovin my Hellcat Customs!!


“Dr. Dave” gives props to my little pink “Diva”….

Here is an email sent out by my field rep, “Dr Dave” Murray…

David L. Murray
Field Service Technician, Portland, OR
Brammo Inc.
From: David Murray
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 10:45 PM
To: Adrian Stewart; Brian Wismann; Danny Watson
Cc: Jennifer Rafiner; David Harvey; Hertz, Christopher
Subject: Judy LaParne’s ‘Dot’ customization paint job….

The wait is over… we now have a Pink Enertia. But the artwork Judy’s painter did to her body panels is phenomenal. This bike is destined for magazine cover art. I’ll send better pictures as I get them.

Enjoy…Dave M.

Ya know, I couldn’t agree with him more! Thank you, Dave Murray, for recognizing real art when you see it and taking great care of Dorothy. Thank you, Jason Sarratt of Hellcat Customs, for being an amazing artist and taking care of Dorothy’s body parts. Thank you, Brammo boys, for making me an exceptional ride. My little “Pink Diva” is really having a great time. So am I!! I hope Dorothy Robinson is sitting on a cloud up in heaven and smiling at us all….

Lady Godiva on wheels…. GO PINK!!


The big reveal…. Dorothy’s new duds!

How do you go from the box at the left to the first Brammo Enertia ever to have custom paint? Well, when you know someone like Jason Sarratt from Hellcat Customs, it’s really easy to do. Here is what Jason said about the job I put before him. He calls it “the story of the work” and I couldn’t say it better so, I didn’t!

“Ok, I’m not very good talking to large groups of people… I prefer to be a silent hidden force behind making things better. I’m also an artist, which means I’ve never done anything I felt was good enough and I’ve always completed things not with a feeling of accomplishment but the thought of how next time I could improve…a emotional flaw that tends to drive my loved ones nuts. I always do well, but, I never feel I did enough…an artist sickness I guess.
Judy asked me to help her do a tribute bike honoring a hero of hers… and now one of my lil girls as well. The subject matter was Dot Robinson, a woman who all you women in motorcycling should thank, for without what she did you all would still not be accepted in racing or being on the front seat.
God always has a funny way of testing me, pushing me and often just seems to laugh at me, this project was no exception. Judy and others helped get my shop back up and running after some of the speed bumps in life almost made me give up on the shop all together. When she asked me to do this I was honored.  Unfortunately, the shop not only came back but it boomed so much that I was working 7 days a week trying to fight to get deadlines met and Judy patiently waited. When Judy and I had our first phone conversation a few weeks back I agreed to make sure she had her finished parts back by the 15th for some promo work she wanted to do to support the fabulous company that created the electric scoot and my paint was to show the world electric bikes can be cool customs too. A storm came through AZ a week or so later, so quick and so unlike AZ weather…in 18 years I’ve never seen hail in Phoenix. At the shop there was more than 100 grand worth of damage done to some very high-end cars, but what I worried about was the lil electric bike. I did what I could to hide some of the lil flaws in the custom mixed pink paint but pearls are almost impossible to fix on the fly so I did what I could to hide it from the camera lens and your average onlooker. The parts looked like they would work so Kerry, my partner, made me pack and ship them. My kid helped pack them up and we sent them out FedEx. Pink is not a base coat color offered in color swatches. Judy asked me to match a pink envelope she received a thank you letter from Kelly in after she helped us so much. The letter meant something to Judy and the color she felt would be perfect.I decided to toss in some airbrushed highlights on the pink and covered it with a white pearl so that the bike would appear to glow, even when the sun doesn’t shine just like the bikes owner. Judy asked me to make sure to put Brammo back on the plastic, Brammo even sent me a letter with decals in several colors for the job. I will put one on my tool box I guess being I chose to not use them on this project. I decided I loved the “bull” logo the company started using, so in dark pink I put that logo on the side. The bull is a strong powerful organic image yet the symbol doesn’t tell you the name…I thought it would inspire folks to ask the owner what the symbol means and would make them learn about the bike rather than just reading a name and moving on. People need to know what it is… why it is and learn more than just the name Brammo. They need to have curiosity lead them to education from an owner and fan, not just a name they see in the news.On one panel is the free-handed image of Dot herself, with her leather pilot’s head-gear and goggles. I also wrote DOT above, just as Dot had on her sidecar racers. The next panel was partially taken from a photo of Dot racing her sidecar and had a man pushing her out of a rut…I deleted the man, cause she didn’t need a mans help. I also put her in a night wooded environment to show the unsure dangerous environment she powered through to become the godmother of motorcycles.The lower panel on the other side is a shield with the “Motor Maids Inc” logo, which I’ll prob get in trouble for using…This is one of Dots accomplishments. She helped found the female club which later turned into an Inc. Dot and her sisters changed the motorcycle world with small steps.The panel above that has the AMA logo, a checkered flag, and a trophy. Dot was a major competitor in a MAN’s sport during a time where the glass ceiling was a lot lower, women always wore dresses, and had nothing more to look forward to than to settle down and have children and a man’s house to care for. Not this one. She dawned leather boots and coats, straddled a bike and out rode the men who looked down on her over and over. She earned a place in AMA’s hall of fame and is an icon in the world of racing and american motorcycles…its really not enough considering all she did. 

To all you women out there!
When you see this lil electric bike I lovingly call a “Re-cycle” stop and look. Kneel down and look at the artwork. Stare into the eyes of the portrait I tried to do justice to and say “Thank You Dot”. Thank Judy for not only educating you on the future of two-wheeled transportation and environmental improvement, but also thank her for introducing you to Dot… Without Dot you wouldn’t be riding Harleys or racing with the boys. Judy is an inspiration all her own. That could be another story from me. But for now just know I did what I could to do Dot and Judy justice…even though I may not be happy because of the slings and arrows that caused me stress and flaw I pushed on doing what I could with what I had just like Dot! It’s not perfect just yet, but I beat the clock, won the race against time and Dot and Judy’s efforts were the inspiration behind getting it done and continuing to push for perfection in my craft.”  Amen, Jason!! Amen!
If you know someone like Jason, you can get the kind of work that will have my Enertia showing up in magazines and becoming a star! So… here is the big reveal…if you were here, it would take your breath away!

This is where Dorothy lives with the '06 HD Road King and the Honda dirt bike.

This is where Dorothy lives with the '06 HD Road King and the Honda dirt bike.

She is in some really good company!

"Dr Dave" Murray pulled her out into the driveway

He put on gloves and laid his coat on the ground for her.

He was nearly done but a good job can not be rushed

And then she was done! Absolutely gorgous!!

Dorothy’s first outing will be tomorrow night when we attend our club meeting for the TNC Motorcycle Club here in Beaverton, Oregon.  Everyone is very anxious to see the final result of all Jason’s efforts. And, I am anxious to show her off.

I want to thank everyone that followed this story. This isn’t the end but, just the beginning. Jason and I have more ideas and there may be more to tell. Dorothy will be going to the “Vegas Bike Week” in 2011 so Jason can show his efforts in supporting the new wave E-motorcycles. We will be showing the world that you can do custom paint on the new E-V’s as well as you can with the ICE bikes. If we can talk Brammo into allowing us, Jason is planning to do a GREEN custom modification, not just paint, on an Enertia, also for the “Vegas Bike Week”. We can show the world that E-motorcycles are closer to being like the ICE bikes than those doubters out there think!! So, stay tuned because there are lots more to come and we hope you will stay for the ride ahead.

A very special thank you goes out to Jason’s lovely pink haired woman, Kelly (@FieryPinkGirl on Twitter) and his sweet little daughter, the Monkey! You guys have been so wonderful and I love you like crazy! But, mostly to the artistic efforts of Jason, himself!

Lady Godiva on wheels…looking at my bike and swelling up with pride.  She is so beautiful!


The box is here and so are Dorothy’s pieces…

Man, my hands are shaking! In a million years, I didn’t expect the work to be so fine. Jason talked about flaws…I haven’t seen one. I held the pieces in my hands and still couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “UNBELIEVABLE”, is all I can say!
The biggest surprise to me was the following two pictures……
Can you believe this..the Hellcat Customs Logo on my bike and signed by the artist, himself! I will NEVER get rid of this bike, never!

I am so grateful to these guys for giving me the most beautiful motorcycle on the road!

Lady Godiva on wheels…”sniffle” lovin’ Hellcat Customs and the crew!

P.S.  “Dr. Dave” Murray, my Brammo field rep, will be at my house on Monday morning at 11:00 am. to do the install.  Stay tuned for the “big reveal”!!


Dorothy’s new outfit and the Monkey I almost got!!

The big moment I have been waiting for….drum roll please!! Here are some pics of Dorothy’s new body pieces getting packed up for shipping. The whole family took a part in it…Jason, Kerry (the newest member of the Hellcat Customs team), and the Monkey (my personal favorite). In fact, I almost got the Monkey in the mail. I could have lived with that…she’s a sweetie. I don’t think Jason could live with it though. That’s his “side kick” (and his sweet little daughter)!! And, his riding partner but, that’s another blog entirely! In fact, I have a couple to do on this crew…all about Kerry Robins, ect. Lots going on here and great stories to tell! But, you will have to wait for that..
Enjoy the pictures… I sure did. Thanx, Jason and “crew”.

Check out the “pink” Brammo logo… Craig Bramscher would have to giggle!! FYI, I am the first woman consumer to purchase a Brammo electric motorcycle. It’s only fitting that I get a little leeway with my custom paint and Jason did the job right!!

Here is how they very sweetly packaged it all up. Jason made sure that the clear coat was dry and seasoned before he would even consider packaging it up. He really goes the extra mile for the customer.

I want a shop like this one!! Nice, Hellcat Customs!!

Don’t forget that Jason was very uncomfortable about sending these pieces since the storm had done some damage to the paint and he wanted to do a COMPLETE re-paint. Artists!! Whats next? A left ear, Vincent?? FYI, Jason…you are so much cuter than Mr. Van Gogh but you still wont look good with one ear!

And, look what I almost got in the mail with my bike pieces..

Darn, Miss Monkey! We were so close!! LOL

So, later this morning I am going to the FedEx store in Lake Oswego, to pick up the outstandingly beautiful pieces to what used to be my electric motorcycle by Brammo, Inc. but, is now a going to be transformed into a work of art!! My heart is so happy to have a genuine original done by a true artist. Jason Sarratt is just such an artist. Dorothy should be in a museum…. after I’m dead, please!! LOL
Stay tuned and I will have more to say…………………

Lady Godiva on wheels, off to FedEx to pick up my works of art!!


My Enertia, Dorothy and a storm in Phoenix, AZ..

Last week, the news talked about a freak storm that came out of nowhere and pummelled Phoenix, Az and the area around it. Watch this YouTube!
That news made me hold my breath because I have family and extended family and friends all around that area. Two in particular are my dear friends Jason and Kelly with Hellcat Customs and their family. After I heard that it just made a horrendous mess, flooding, and nothing life threatening, I was relieved. Of course, I hadn’t considered that my little electric motorcycle had all her custom painted body pieces in the shop there and they may have been damaged. Way more concerned with the human factor! Wouldnt ya know it, they got a little beat up. The black panels were safe at home with the family but, the pink panels were in the shop. Between the blowing sand…which can take the skin off your limbs…and the huge wind whipping them around, I’m just happy that they are in one piece. Poor Jason wanted to do a complete re-paint however, I needed the panels back by the 15th. Because of the fact that the panels belong to me..”Momma Bear”.. and his need for perfection, it has been a struggle for him to send them back.  BUT, GUESS WHAT…THEY ARE HERE!!
The sad news is that I didn’t make it home from a 2 day business trip in time to get them.
This is what I came home to and I was pissed!! These guys never get here early until the one day that I need to make it home. UUHHHHH.

Oh, well… They open at 9:00 am tomorrow and I will be there with bells on!

Lady Godiva..aka “Momma Bear”…soooo excited!! More tomorrow, please hold.