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I had a really bad week…..

I havent written a post for a week. I havent written one because I didn’t feel like it. I had a bad week. I lost a friend on 9/11 in an automobile accident. I was there to bury her on Saturday 9/18.
I was sitting in my chair in my bedroom, feeling blue and whining to God. In the midst of it all, I saw a report about a man with Cerebral Palsy that decided to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. What? How? They had my attention…. 
I’ll be darned if this guy didn’t take on the enormous task of pulling himself up, 4-6 inches at a pull, in a specialty built chair and with the help of two friends, to the top of El Capitan which is the equivalent of a whopping two Empire State Buildings (2,500 ft)! He pulled with only his hands roughly 20,000 times over six days to reach the top. And he did reach the top making him the first person with his disability to achieve it.
After he reached the top he said, “The pure exhaustion of six to eight hours of constant pull-up after pull-up after pull-up and the bright sunshine and the heat,” Wampler said. “The whole adventure was, was just unbelievable.” Read the whole story here.
So, this is what I learned from Steve Wampler….
When you think you are having a bad week, try pulling yourself up with just your hands, 4-6 inches at a time, to get to the top of something that is so big you cant even see the top..and yet, you keep going! Now your week doesn’t look so bad.
I commend you, Mr. Wampler! You havent just provided an example for people with physical disabilities but, little old me with “thinking” disabilities. Every day is precious so climb those mountains and remember anything is possible, even when you don’t think it is!

Lady Godiva on wheels…put in my place!!