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Guess where Dorothy and I went last weekend??

This last weekend, Dorothy got to get back to her roots! Yup, she went right back down to Ashland, Oregon to see the place of her birth….er, assembly…Brammo!
On Friday I loaded my beautiful little electric darling up on her trailer and we made the four-hour trip to Ashland, a lovely little town near the Oregon/ California border. The next day we traveled over to the Brammo headquarters and were given the VIP treatment! Myself, my dear friend Cindi Servante (Motoette in Forward Motion and Girlracer) and her darling niece and our favorite helicopter pilot, Devon Watkins, were shown around the place and we shot video for hours. We were even shown some top-secret things!!  I promised I wouldn’t tell so, don’t ask me. (FYI, tell ya later!!)
A special thanks goes out to Wayne Buck, Project Engineer for Brammo, for taking really good care of us while we waited. He was so patient and showed us all around the assembly part of the building and in to the design and conception areas. Another “thank you” goes out to Adrian Stewart, director of sales and marketing,  for helping organize this weekend and for showing us all the really ‘COOL’ stuff! Oh, and for the tea…he’s British!  Last but certainly not least, thank you, Craig Bramscher, for allowing us to interview and just generally “bug” you. You were so gracious.
There is much more to say so, stay tuned! We have a couple big stories to come…..

Lady Godiva on wheels….keepin the lips zipped!!


Guess what I did 4th of July weekend… Part 1; Author Christina Shook.

This weekend was one of those weekends that happen every now and again and you have to keep pinching yourself to believe that its real. Then you look at all the pictures and realize that you don’t even have to embellish to make this weekend look good….
First thing to happen was that I was fortunate enough to host a four-day stay in my home for my friend, Christina Shook, and her two darling little girls.  Christina was on her “West Coast Book Tour” for her photo expose book of female bikers called “Chicks on Bikes”. That meant that where she went, I got to follow!! And, follow I did…

Christina spoke and signed books at several locations. Her first stop was Cascade Moto Classics here in my hometown of Beaverton, where she was welcomed by patrons and invited to the monthly breakfast meeting of the local Triumph riding club, Triumph Riders Association of Portland, and the Moto Guzzi National Owners Club of Oregon, both sponsored by Cascade. The next morning, we joined the group for a great breakfast and more QandA. The group was such a nice bunch of people and we both enjoyed them all.

Next up was MotoCorsa in North West Portland .  This event was a bit of a surprise Click to enlarge [Motorcycle-Themed Wine from CorsaVino - pic 1]to Christina, especially when she was presented with a bottle of “Corsa Vino”, MotoCorsa owner Arun Sharma’s signature wine .  The love of motorcycles and the taste for enjoying a fine wine, made the atmosphere at MotoCorsa a real pleasure for Christina as it is for everyone that visits the shop.

And, last but hardly least… the 2nd Annual Latus Harley Davidson “Wall of Death” event for 2010 in Gladstone, Oregon . Christina was awesome with some slide shows and QandA complete with some wonderful stories told by Cookie Crum, the “Queen of the Hell Drivers” and eight year veteran on the “Wall of Death” in the late 40’s and 50’s. I will have much more to say about the day we spent with some wonderful and incredibly interesting people in my next couple of posts.  
The evening of the 4th brought LOTS of fireworks. The locals near my home do fireworks in a BIG way. It gave us a fabulous display to enjoy. We sat out by the fire pit and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows while the sky lit up all around us. My poor puppy, Turbo, a 150lb Rottie/Ridgeback mix, was less than excited about all the loud noises. He is pictured here being comforted by his new friend, Christina’s daughter, Marlena. She called the fireworks “booms” and when she wasnt taking care of Turbo, she was curled up in her mommys lap, enjoying the show. Christina’s older daughter, the very bright and lovely Ella, enjoyed the show as well.  

 The next day gave me enough time to make good on my promise to let Christina ride my Brammo Enertia electric bike. She took a spin around the town but, would have loved to have made it a day ride and get a real feel for the bike. It surprised her in many ways and she was amazed by a few others.
A few more pictures and a couple more laughs and that made it time for my friends to hit the road and make their way up to Seattle for the next book signing opportunity. I sent them off down the Columbia Gorge to enjoy the sites of the Multnomah Falls and the wind surfing mecca of Hood River then across the “Bridge of the Gods” to Washington state. We had such a wonderful few days and are looking forward to getting together again in the future. Look for Christina’s wonderful photo journalistic book, “Chicks on Bikes” at   

 So, that is just part of what I did this 4th of July weekend! Next up… the “Wall of Death”.           

 Lady Godiva on wheels…. savoring the unreal weekend!!



The perfect picture for Brammo…

This is a picture of my bike, while charging, at my son’s house.  He got a new camera and couldn’t resist!!
It would be perfect for a commercial about a new color for the Enertia… Black, aka  the “Shadow”…

Well, I think my son is a brilliant photographer! (Gosh, motherhood makes you blind as a bat!!)

Lady Godiva on wheels… lovin my boy.


How to answer the question, “What is it like to ride a motorcycle?”

I have a new product that Im looking at that will allow anyone to answer the question that non-riders ask all the time, “What is it like to ride a motorcycle?”.  With a picture being worth a thousand words this little camera is about the size of a couple matchboxes, according to AMERICAN RIDER MAGAZINES REG KITTRELLE (, and comes with everything you need in the kit to make it possible. Its the GoPro HERO at
The HERO can be mounted on the handlebars, on the motor, on your chest, or your helmet with the different mounts available. It comes with a waterproof case that makes it possible to take still shots or videos, even in the worst weather. A fully charged battery gives you about two hours worth of filming time. The kit provides all the cables you need to hook up to your own computer and can make you a YouTube junky!!
Here is an example from my friend and fellow Enertia owner/rider, Implovator.

So, enjoy the video taken with the GoPro HERO. If you love taking shots of your ride or love to be a YouTube participant, this is the way to go. It also answers the age old question for those non-riders in your life!

Lady Godiva, enjoyin the ride…


Happy Earth Day….

With me, every day is Earth Day. Not that all I do is “green PC” but, I do what I can with my children and grandchildren in mind.
For all of you who dont believe that electric vehicles will dominate one day…listen to the passion in the voices of the people on this YouTube…