The new Brammo hat…. and more??

This last weekend brought me down to the headquarters of Brammo, in Ashland, Oregon. I toured the facility and had a great time with all the Brammo boys. Before I left, I was presented with a brand new Brammo hat! Could this be the first in a line of apparel that Brammo will make available on their website at brammo.com. ??
To give you a little idea of how terribly cool the Brammo boys are, the hats are made from 100% RPET. What is RPET? Let me quote Tom Larson of the GreenSmart Notebook:
” What is rPET Polyester Fabric?
This question has been coming up lately, so why not talk about it in a blog? It’s not difficult to get, it’s just never explained.
rPET stands for recycled PET, the bottles that we are all familiar with used for water and soda. The recycle symbol #1. PET is Polyethylene terephthalate, a member of the polyester family, which most people don’t realize. What has always been the case is that PET is the same chemistry as polyester. The difference is that a PET bottle is molded and polyester is a fiber. So in most respects PET and Polyester are synonymous. If that doesn’t quite add up, you could think of dough in a loaf pan to make bread or dough in a pasta machine to make linguine. The source of both is dough, but, the result is totally different.
When anyone puts a bottle in the recycle bin, it may go back through the recycle process to become a bottle, or it may become a polyester fiber of some kind. It may come back all kinds of forms. Polyester is tremendously strong, inherently water-resistant, and pretty much totally color fast. In outerwear you’ll find polyester as polar fleece, in general apparel because it is lightweight and wrinkle resistant, as a component in clothing (cotton/poly blend), bedspreads, sheets, curtains and in all types household fabrics. Additionally, polyester is found in tires, ropes, conveyor belts, safety belts and lots of industrial applications.
Any one of these applications could have rPET origins, but, most don’t. What makes rPET fascinating is how much energy is saved in production and of course, it consumes what would otherwise go to landfill, the bottle. So when you see something labeled as rPET, rest assured that it is a recycled material.”

I thought that tag on the cap from the CAP AMERICA company, put it so well. “This cap began life as a plastic bottle and now has a new purpose. After the bottle was recycled it became PET and was spun into yarn that was used to make your cap.  Enjoy your new headwear knowing you are doing your part to keep our planet beautiful for futur generations.”  
Brammo has chosen to create motorcycles that are made of recycled materials or parts that can be recycled. This kind of conscientious thinking has spilled over to the hat they gave me. I am constantly being amazed by this company! I look forward to being amazed in the future…..

Lady Godiva on wheels…. thankful for conscientious companies like Brammo!

3 Responses to “The new Brammo hat…. and more??”

  1. 1 Aaron Lephart
    September 29, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    What happened to the Enertia plus post? That was exciting news!

    • September 30, 2010 at 11:14 pm

      Sorry, let me try that again…
      I had inlisted my darling daughter to write my blog and post it for me while I was out of town doing volunteer work.
      Mis-communication between she and I caused a slight error in information. I removed the info as soon as I could and will “RE-POST” any information when I have a change to confirm and not use speculation to create a lovely story.
      I am very sorry to any of my readers who read my post…. heck, I didnt think I was this popular!!
      To let you all know… I believe there is something to come! Although, I think it will be much better than my story! I WILL BE RE-POSTING! Stay tuned!

    • October 5, 2010 at 1:55 am

      Ok… I revised the post about the possible new Enertia. Im sure there is much more information to come. Keep your ears and eyes open…….

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