The adventures of Dorothy; the first 100 miles, part two..

To refresh your memories, The adventures of Dorothy; the first 100 miles; part one, was about Dorothy’s purchase and arrival. https://mtajudy.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/the-adventures-dorothy-the-first-100-miles-part-one/ . Now that she has a home, see what Dorothy and I do with our days.

Dorothy, my Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle, is a fantastic commuter bike. The zero emissions makes it great for the environmentalist in me and makes my green-granddaughter proud! The bike is light weight, less than 400lbs, which makes it a perfect bike for the newbie rider and especially for we women since it is such a manageable weight. The fact that there is no clutch or shifter makes it the best motorcycle for learning to ride with confidence by putting some time in on the road, thinking only of learning to maneuver a motorcycle. Ask anyone who has learned to ride and they will tell you that in the beginning, before riding becomes a robotic act, there is a lot to think about. With this bike, there are a couple less things to add to the list. You can log lots of hours and ride with confidence before transitioning into a more long distance bike and still have the commuter for the short rides around town.  

Here are a few of the things Dorothy and I like to do when we are out an about:
We go to the bank drive through line. They really appreciate that the bike is so quiet!
I actually had a man chase me down and catch up to me in the bank parking lot just to ask me questions about the bike. It’s amazing how far this guy had to follow me around town before he caught me..LOL

We go to dinner with friends. It’s amazing how people look at me when I pull off my helmet and my hair falls down. It’s that moment when they realize I am a woman, and one of the over 50 group, and riding a motorcycle to a nice eatery! Here too,  I become very popular and have had my dinner interrupted by one of the patrons, saying, “Do you own the white bike in the parking lot that has a name “Enertia”?”  That started a conversation that ended up outside and took about 30 minutes. The gentleman was very nice and bought us all deserts for my time.

We hit the movie theatre!  This was actually the place that, while talking to a young man about wanting a bike for his wife, a leathered up cruiser rider walked past me and muttered, “I only ride American!” to which I commented, “Well then you should love this bike! Not only is it made in America, its made right here in Oregon.” He spun around and looked at the bike and asked, “Isnt that European?”  He was my funniest conversation, to date.  I even let him take a spin around the parking lot….. while I held the keys to his Harley, of course. LOL
We go to church. My pastor has given me a key to the outside maintenance room so I can plug Dorothy in during services and while I’m serving at the church. He is very much in love with the bike and would gladly have me make a nice donation to him in the form of…. yes, you guessed it.. Dorothy!!  There are some funny looks on the faces of my church family members when I stow my motorcycle helmet in the cabinets that are designated for ladies purses!  Or when I greet church members at the front door in my leathers.  The best is passing out communion in a shirt that has a motorcycle and rider on the front and states, “These are my church clothes!”.  I will sum it up with words from my dear, sweet pastor….” Only you, LaParne” as he shakes his head!!

We go to the grocery store. Albeit, I only have a backpack to carry the groceries in, she is great for a stop to Whole Foods for my favorite sesame seed crackers that I can’t live without or the fantastic burger that exceeds any other and has spoiled me forever!! I really need to break down and get the saddle bags for the bike. I was talking to my field rep, Dave Murray, and he said they are discontinuing the soft bags and going to the hard lockable ones, seen (to the left) on the Enertias currently used by the police in Tokyo. Very cheeky!

My favorite trip with Dorothy was to my granddaughters middle school for parents day. My daughter was spending the day with her and I decided to surprise them at lunch time. You can imagine the ruckus that I created by coming into the middle school cafeteria with my helmet and leathers. When they found out I ride an electric bike, I was the bell of the ball!!  That’s why my granddaughter adores me.. And I adore her right back!

Well, that is the end of the story of Dorothy and our first 100 miles. But, fear not….. we are currently working on the third hundred and the adventure continues!! 

Lady Godiva on wheels…. goin for a ride.  Later all


7 Responses to “The adventures of Dorothy; the first 100 miles, part two..”

  1. 1 v2iper
    June 30, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    I read it.

    • July 2, 2010 at 2:23 am

      This has to be the biggest honor, to date, on my blog!! Thank you, my petrol using friend!

  2. June 30, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    I’m excited about the future of electric motorcycles, but until there is some HUGE break-through in battery technology, I can’t see myself owning one. Range and power-to-weight ratios are just too low to be considered a realistic choice.

    You state the “Enertia” is the “perfect bike for newbies” and although I respectfully disagree, I do believe electric bikes do and will offer utilitarian value, much as electric scooters and golf carts do. However, as a sport rider and one that needs more range than the equivalent of a lap or two of the Isle of Man, I just do not believe electric motorcycles have matured enough to offer mass market appeal.

    Granted, Dorothy is certainly cute, I just prefer ’em a little wilder and sexier!

    • July 2, 2010 at 2:40 am

      Well, that is one way to look at it although, I cant imagine a new rider going very far in the beginning. Learning to ride and ride well, takes time and practice. Just getting your confidence up is a challenge and that is where my bike excels; easy to ride. Ive riden sport bikes and cruisers and I can tell you that this bike is by no means equivilant to a scooter. It handles like a sport bike and it has the capabilities of an Enduro! It may not weigh a lot but, its a big bike. I am fortunate enough to be a long legged girl or I wouldnt be able to touch the ground! You would have to see one to really understand how much a “motorcycle” this bike is. Dont be fooled by the fact that its electric and a cutie!! It gets up and goes..
      I will admit that I am looking forward to the day when the range of the batteries is 100 miles but, I will be the first of the bunch to get the new technology as it becomes available, which is why I chose to buy the Enertia now. I guess I just like being a trail-blazer!
      One footnote; the only reason my Harley has been sitting is because I decided to get new handle bars and the “ape hangers” take a little getting used to. He’s my road trip bike. One more footnote; as soon as I save a little more money, there is a Honda Shadow at the local dealership with my name on it. That will be my long ride bike. However, Dorothy will always be my “around town” ride, and why not!! She does her job extremely well.
      Thanx for reading and leaving a comment. I always appreciate the in-put, Paul.

  3. June 30, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Yea! A long-overdue Enertia post. This was worth the wait, Judy.

    • July 2, 2010 at 2:42 am

      Too busy riding to write!! I had a bunch of blogs in draft..hehehe. I come in from riding and publish one.
      What can I say, Harry. This girl just wants to have fun… I had to say that cuz I just saw Cindy Lauper on TV!

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