She Ain’t Buyin What Hairy’s Cell’n…part quatre; Stephanie gets her OWN bike….

IowaHarleyGirlAgain, to refresh your memories; I have introduced you to the monster named “Hairy Cell Leukemia” and shown you where to get some additional information about the disease. You have seen what a very strong person decides to do to get proactive and fight off a monster. You have also been given a chance to get involved in the fight against blood cancers. But, that’s not the end of this story….far from it!  Wait until you hear this part!

As you may remember, I have been reading Stephanie’s blog for a couple of years and have also gone back and read some of her earlier stuff. I read this fabulous blog Post about her first time at the Sturgis Rally. Because she didn’t ride, she went on the back of a Harley Road King belonging to her female hair dresser. It was actually her very first motorcycle rally. As she puts it, “I go big right off the bat!”  She has been riding on the back of other people’s bikes ever since and has fallen madly in love.
On April 12, 2010, Stephanie blogged about her cross over from the “view from the back seat” to a real, honest to goodness, Harley riding, Iowa girl! Read the entire sweet story at http://iowaharleygirl.blogspot.com/2010/04/is-this-dream-no-its-answer-to-one-ihg.html .

After all this, it must be much easier to see why the story of my blogging friend, Stephanie, was something I just had to share. The words that Stephanie writes today are those of a woman who understands that everyday is precious. I’m sure if we asked her, she would tell us that she was sorry it took her illness to get her to live life to the fullest. We always believe that we have “plenty of time” but, as we have seen, life is to be lived everyday as if it were your last. 
Stephanie has described herself as happy and healthier today than she has ever been.  I wish her the best with her health, with her blogging, with that smoking hot Harley,and everything else in her life!  Ride safe, my friend, and keep the blogs coming.
Remember to go to the website with Stephanie’s team and contribute to the Light the Night Walk at http://pages.lightthenight.org/ia/DesMineL10/AintBuyinWhatHairysCelln . In these troubles economic times it is understandably more difficult to rally contributions. However, the Hairy Cell’ed monster waits for nothing! No contribution is too small when coupled with hundreds of others. There is strength in numbers and we are stronger than anything named “Hairy”!   
Lady Godiva on wheels…. glad to know the Iowa Harley Girl and thanking God for His miracles, big and small!

2 Responses to “She Ain’t Buyin What Hairy’s Cell’n…part quatre; Stephanie gets her OWN bike….”

  1. June 27, 2010 at 3:08 am

    Wow…you made me cry! Thanks so much for doing this 4 part story on me. I hope to meet you on the road someday so I can give you a big ole HUG!

    • June 28, 2010 at 5:38 am

      Aww, sweetie! I love helping out. Who knows.. we may live long enough to see a cure. I am all about the possibilities of getting enough people involved to make a difference. Even if its only a small difference.
      I admire your courage and your spirit. I love girls with balls!! LOL
      If I have my way, I will be meeting you one day on a lovely, long, swaying road…. in the sunshine….with some rock and roll playing on the iPod as we make our way to somewhere. Ride safe, sweetie.
      PS… I will help out anytime. xo

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