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Did someone say Spring…..

According to the internet: Spring began with the vernal equinox at 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20, 2013 in the Northern Hemisphere. However, someone forgot to send Old Man Winter the memo. I saw a post on Facebook that said, “I think its time for Old Man Winter to get Mother Nature drunk and have some fun making Spring”. I promise to provide the alcohol!! Anything they want!
But, smile… it is coming so get that bike in shape and get ready to ride!!

Lady Godiva on wheels… loosing patience with that darn Old Man Winter!!


The amazing Hellcat Customs’ Jason Sarratt and his design…

For just a little teaser… here are a couple of pictures that show the progress of my new Sporty’s front end.

 To quote Jason’s comment to the picture he sent me, “Front end of a Nascar or Judy’s bike”. I hope that will be a good explanation… ” But officer, its made from a Nascar. I can’t be held responsible!”

Me on this bike… God help us all!

  To quote Jason, ” This is a joint, this and raw tubing is all we started with. The suspension in the picture is all hand-made with the exception of these joints”. I asked Jason if it would lean. He said, “Hell yeah, that is what it’s designed to do. Once you lean, it returns to straight up center”.

Well, talk about making this old girl happy! Motorcycle Travel’s first official vehicle. I think we have arrived and I have Hellcat Customs to thank for it, again. If you’re thinking about a bike and want something different, Jason is your builder. Find him on Twitter @HellcatCustoms. Or at his website at Hellcat Customs.

Stay tuned, there is much more to come…
Lady Godiva on wheels…. so excited!!


More time to ride…and a small suggestion to help you find some..

If you are reading my blog, you will have realized that I have been MIA lately. I couldn’t possibly explain it in one blog post… and, I havent the energy to try. Time is a commodity that I wish I possessed more of and don’t. Life is time-consuming.  With that revelation out on the page, I have a suggestion that might help me and hopefully, some of you. The Crockpot…..yes, as silly as it sounds, that amazing little appliance that cooks your dinner while you are out enjoying the day on the bike. Ahhh, I crave that and just typing it makes me yearn for it.

Here is a website with so many crockpot recipes that I defy you to say there isn’t at least one you like. Crockpot on in the morning equals dinner for all when you finally make it home from the ride…priceless!! Take a minute to check it out, pass it on to your friends, and use it when time is little and the open road just wont stop calling your name….

Lady Godiva …not on wheels and feelin blue.  “sigh”…


Desitin and a follow up…

Marilyn ElmoreWith the suggestion of a new idea, aka the Desitin, comes a comment from my friend Marilyn, (aka Chessie’s Tales , on Facebook, and Twitter). A word to the wise from someone who knows;
“Do be very careful around the eyes. In the heat of the day, the cream can…and will find it’s way into the eyes. I know… My mistake was to put it above my eyes just below the eye brows. I Didn’t cover the entire lid but the stuff did kinda “melt” and slide down into my eye from the wind pushing it around. Burned a bit…Yeowza!”

Thanx, Marilyn!
And remember to do a test patch to make sure you aren’t allergic or sensitive before you hit the road.

Lady Godiva on wheels…..


Updating my motorcycle travel bag…

It’s that time of year again. Time to crawl out of winter and get things ready to take advantage of the nice weather that I am sure will get here… one day.

Recently I have been considering how to reduce some of the products I like to haul around with me and after some research, I think I have come up with one really great find. Diaper rash cream…. yes, you heard me right,DESITIN® Multi-Purpose Ointment – Multi-Purpose Skin Protectant and Diaper Rash Ointment diaper rash cream.

The wonderful ingredient in this cream is zinc oxide. You probably remember it on the nose of some life guard sitting on a chair watching you splash around in a pool somewhere. In my case, it was on the

huntington beach ca home theater design

hot life guards sitting on the beach in my hometown, Huntington Beach, California. I was rescued once from under the pier after I got caught in a big wave and was tossed off my surfboard and swept away in the tide. He was the most beautiful boy, zinc on the nose and all. Mmmmmm…. but, I digress.

So, the zinc oxide in diaper rash cream can be a fantastic addition to your travel bag and offer you lots of uses in just one tube. For example, the cream does what you imagine to the area of the body that I will refer to as the”saddle area”, taking care of rashes, itching, suppressing symptoms of itching and inflammation. A welcome relief when on the road for days on end… no pun intended. It is also good for sunburns and minor burns such as the well-known leg up against the hot pipes burn that occurs when that guy…you know that guy… that just has to straddle your ride while wearing shorts. Oh, that guy will be so glad you had your diaper rash cream!! Chapped lips or any chapped skin area will love the welcomed relief that a thin layer of diaper rash cream can bring after a long day of wind and sun. In fact, it proves a decent sunblock in a pinch. If you plan to camp and run into poison oak, ivy, or sumac, it is a great inflammation reducer and speeds the healing process. It is even good for dandruff or dermatitis, should you need to use it for that on a lonesome road out there, somewhere ;). In fact, it’s even good for acne by the reduction of inflammation, reducing production of excess oil, drawing out the infectious toxins, and increasing the healing process in your skin.
The only precautions you need to keep in mind are that you  should keep the cream out of your mouth and eyes… so don’t eat it and use care when applying around your eyes, not in your eyes! Also, do a small patch test to make sure you aren’t sensitive or allergic to zinc oxide before you decide to put it everywhere.  Check out the information on Articles Skin Care.

Lady Godiva on wheels…. hoping the tip helps.


A funny iPhone app…and yet, SO necessary..

I will admit that I am getting a little restless lately and have been reduced to strange ideas to keep myself amused. Not that I have a lot of time on my hands but, I need to change venues and maintain my sanity.

Here is what I found one day when I was tired of listening to all the people in the restaurant I was patiently waiting in for an appointment I didn’t want to be at. It was the iPhone app called “Sit or Squat”.

I actually laughed out loud until I realized how much I liked it and how beneficial it could be to a woman on a motorcycle in a strange part of the country that had to GO.  I’m not opposed to finding a tree to relieve myself behind but people in towns across America might be. I wish I had found this when my kids were little and one of the three had to go about every 30 minutes or so. I don’t know who’s little bit of brilliance came up with this but, its free, its all mine, and I would like to thank them.
Here is the link to find it on your computer, as well…. 

Lady Godiva on wheels…. knowing I can find a bathroom anywhere. What a relief!!


Tips for Women Traveling Solo..

With the weather promising to get better…although I have my doubts… I have begun to think about all the rides I want to  take to exotic places, near and far..aka the hills near my home and somewhere beyond. I want to make a few maps and actually plan some REAL great rides to take this riding season and that provokes thoughts of what I need to do. Here are some of the places I have used for some helpful advice.
My friends Susi and Dana did a couple of blog posts on what to pack and some very good equipment for camping (back in June). 
A woman who I admire, Carla King, did a great blog on women traveling solo..and she should know.  Read her book called, “American Boarders” and see how she handled a ride through Europe and her ride around the United States and Canada.
Stop by and visit our family run website at Motorcycle Travel and look for “Ladies Only” under “Tips“. There is information on everything we girls need from packing ideas to medical issues.

Planning is everything when you travel by motorcycle or any other means. Stop by our website and make  a map for your trip and send an invitation to all your riding girl friends.  If you decide to go alone, make maps every night you stop and add it to a blog provided on the website so no one needs to worry about much. Only your designated family and friends can access and read all about what you did that day, see pictures, and see icons to show what you did and where you are. Contact me if you need any help with it and I can show you what to do.  Put everyone’s minds at ease and ride alone with confidence.
So… let it snow, for now. Its going to have to get better eventually and when it does, we will be ready!!

Lady Godiva on wheels.. making plans now while the Old Man Winter is still in charge!!