I might have to rethink the traditional trike..

There is a gentleman that lives up in Marysville,Washington named Bob. Bob is the owner of a company called Tilting Motor Works and has developed a great looking bike that consists of two wheels in the front. Bob has made a three wheeler that should do Harley proud…and I want one!! In fact, I want the red Road King in the YouTube entitled “Tilting Motor Works I Am Free Enterprise”.  Im sure once you watch the short video shown below, you will agree that it looks bad ass!  Bottom line here is that I can be old and still be bad ass……  Actually, that goes without saying! But, the bike will simply drive the point home. LOL

Bob is planning a trip this summer from Washington state down to Southern California to show off that particular red Road King up and down the west coast. I have asked him to let me know when he comes this way so I can see the bike and he has agreed to let me take it for a spin. The thing he doesnt know is that once I straddle that bad boy, Im just gunna ride it home….. dont tell him!!  I dont want him to see it comin!

 Remember, I am too old to try to pretend Im not. Maybe its time we riders admit that we need to consider alternative riding ideas. It might just lower the accident rate for older riders…since half of all motorcycle fatalities are people 40 yrs old and older and half of those were 50 yrs old and older.  FYI..42% of all fatalities are from riders not wearing helmets!
With all that said, let me know what you think of the bike I want…..

An old Lady Godiva on wheels…..wearing a helmet!!


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