My Enertia and the new paint…

As I have already written, my buddy Jason Sarratt is doing a custom paint job on my little electric sweetie, Dot the Enertia by Brammo Motosport out of Ashland, Oregon. My Best Buy sales person and Brammo representative, Chris Hertz, helped me purchase an additional set of panels with my rewards card points and shipped them down to Arizona to Jason’s shop at Hellcat Customs.
After close inspection, Jason decided that the pieces provided…the colored pieces on the bike…didnt give sufficient area to do the job he wanted to do and so, he requested the black pieces, as well. A phone call to the local Brammo representative, Dave Murray, had a set of black panels at my door, hand delivered and ready to pack up and send. Jason has some great ideas up his sleeve and as a master painter, I know he will turn my Enertia into a work of art. Again, if you don’t know Jason’s work…take a peek at an example at Robs blog
So, the progress is stalled until the black panels reach Arizona. I am so excited about this custom paint! My Enertia will be like no other…..

Lady Godiva on wheels…anxious as all get out!!


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