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Las Vegas, here we come!

My bags are packed and Im ready to go…. Las Vegas Bikefest is calling my name.  I feel like Im waiting to give birth. Really! Think about it; I conceived a baby..the reverse trike idea, I found the best OBGYN…builder Jason Sarratt of Hellcat Customs, I’ve seen the ultra-sound…the teaser pictures from Jason, and now I wait to see what the little critter comes out looking like…at the Las Vegas Bikefest.
This is the last picture I have seen… notice that its not a whole picture! Jason is such a tease…

Now, as Jason has made perfectly clear…. What I am about to see in Las Vegas is simply the bike with the concept showing but, its not the finished product. My beautiful baby will be worked on until early spring… pre-mature birth and she still needs the tender love and care of her pediatrition…yup, you guessed it. Jason!  I dont even care! I will be falling in love in a matter of days….Im on the count down…Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!! Stay tuned to Motorcycle Travel America’s Facebook page for the baby pictures and videos.

A very happy Lady Godiva on wheels, packed and more than ready to go.
FYI.. my spell check is mal-functioning so no wise-cracks about my spelling. Im tired!


She Ain’t Buyin What Hairy’s Cell’n…part quatre; Stephanie gets her OWN bike….

IowaHarleyGirlAgain, to refresh your memories; I have introduced you to the monster named “Hairy Cell Leukemia” and shown you where to get some additional information about the disease. You have seen what a very strong person decides to do to get proactive and fight off a monster. You have also been given a chance to get involved in the fight against blood cancers. But, that’s not the end of this story….far from it!  Wait until you hear this part!

As you may remember, I have been reading Stephanie’s blog for a couple of years and have also gone back and read some of her earlier stuff. I read this fabulous blog Post about her first time at the Sturgis Rally. Because she didn’t ride, she went on the back of a Harley Road King belonging to her female hair dresser. It was actually her very first motorcycle rally. As she puts it, “I go big right off the bat!”  She has been riding on the back of other people’s bikes ever since and has fallen madly in love.
On April 12, 2010, Stephanie blogged about her cross over from the “view from the back seat” to a real, honest to goodness, Harley riding, Iowa girl! Read the entire sweet story at .

After all this, it must be much easier to see why the story of my blogging friend, Stephanie, was something I just had to share. The words that Stephanie writes today are those of a woman who understands that everyday is precious. I’m sure if we asked her, she would tell us that she was sorry it took her illness to get her to live life to the fullest. We always believe that we have “plenty of time” but, as we have seen, life is to be lived everyday as if it were your last. 
Stephanie has described herself as happy and healthier today than she has ever been.  I wish her the best with her health, with her blogging, with that smoking hot Harley,and everything else in her life!  Ride safe, my friend, and keep the blogs coming.
Remember to go to the website with Stephanie’s team and contribute to the Light the Night Walk at . In these troubles economic times it is understandably more difficult to rally contributions. However, the Hairy Cell’ed monster waits for nothing! No contribution is too small when coupled with hundreds of others. There is strength in numbers and we are stronger than anything named “Hairy”!   
Lady Godiva on wheels…. glad to know the Iowa Harley Girl and thanking God for His miracles, big and small!


Another innovative Idea by Harley Davidson..

I was browsing for something…now I don’t even remember what it was…and I ran across an idea that, I have to say, shows the brilliant advertising minds that Harley Davidson has on the payroll. Let me explain..
First, it’s a promotional on-line book called 
“The Guide to Ride”     (  and has the lovely Marisa Miller to guide the male fence-riders through the three stages of material geared to helping men forget their inhibitions, leave their excuses behind, and purchase that darn bike, no matter what!
After curiosity got the best of me… I read through the material and I will admit, they thought of everything! You can learn how to get your endorsement, what to say to a spouse or significant other when they aren’t as excited about the idea as you are, or learn the “lingo” with a handy-dandy glossary, so you don’t look like a dork?. Worried about the price, they have an answer for that! Worried you’ll get hurt, they have suggestions there! You don’t know where to start….Oh, worry not!
My biggest giggle was the section called “Ask Permission or Beg Forgiveness” ( which centers mainly on the cranky hard nosed wife that wont give in and let the poor defenseless guy have a motorcycle. It goes so far as to say that you should just bring the bike home or just tell her it’s going to happen whether she likes it or not. Is HD going to employ divorce attorneys and give the rider a discount for services? I’m just sayin………. 
Now, Marisa is the  lovely girl in the introduction and they say she is a rider. You do see “someone” do a nasty burn out and ride a bike with blonde hair blowing in the wind…but, ya never see the girl actually riding! I think she is under the one helmet that kinda shows a face that looks like her… maybe. AT LEAST show the girl riding!! I don’t doubt she rides, I just think they outta show her. She does however, promise to guide you through the process so that you can get that Harley you’ve always wanted. Are guys so lame that they need a pretty girl tell them how to buy a Harley? If so, I have some great properties that I need to unload. My daughter is gorgeous and I would be happy to let her talk men into buying them. No, seriously!! 
For the record, in my house, I was the bike lover.  I had to convince the man I was married to, to buy a bike..and make it look like it was his idea. Unfortunately for me, the man I was married to said that “no woman of mine will ever ride her own bike!”. Part of the divorce agreement was a sweet little 883 Hugger  HEHEHE. She was a great ride and served me well until I had to sell her to pay for the right to raise my grandson..he owes me BIG but, it was worth it, sort of!!
Look guys, if you or one of the ladies out there want a bike, there is actually a lot of fine information on this somewhat silly HD page. Take a riders course and see what you think. If you like it, grow a set and buy one. If you aren’t sure, rent one. But, make no mistake about it…. there really are steps necessary to becoming a motorcycle owner and a motorcycle rider and not a motorcycle mishap statistic.
One more thing to note; HD is offering Rider’s Edge New Rider Training Courses, free to 100 contest entrants. Also, one guy and three of his friends will win a guy’s road trip with the winner riding his brand new motorcycle given by HD as part of their promotion. Sign up on the homepage; click on THE GIVEAWAY. A training course is an ABSOLUTE must if you decide to ride. In some states it eliminates the need to do the DMV riding course or take a DMV written test.
So, enjoy the above mentioned Harley Davidson’s “The Guide to Ride” and get some giggles where you can find them!

Lady Godiva on wheels…….. my own wheels, that is!!


I might have to rethink the traditional trike..

There is a gentleman that lives up in Marysville,Washington named Bob. Bob is the owner of a company called Tilting Motor Works and has developed a great looking bike that consists of two wheels in the front. Bob has made a three wheeler that should do Harley proud…and I want one!! In fact, I want the red Road King in the YouTube entitled “Tilting Motor Works I Am Free Enterprise”.  Im sure once you watch the short video shown below, you will agree that it looks bad ass!  Bottom line here is that I can be old and still be bad ass……  Actually, that goes without saying! But, the bike will simply drive the point home. LOL

Bob is planning a trip this summer from Washington state down to Southern California to show off that particular red Road King up and down the west coast. I have asked him to let me know when he comes this way so I can see the bike and he has agreed to let me take it for a spin. The thing he doesnt know is that once I straddle that bad boy, Im just gunna ride it home….. dont tell him!!  I dont want him to see it comin!

 Remember, I am too old to try to pretend Im not. Maybe its time we riders admit that we need to consider alternative riding ideas. It might just lower the accident rate for older riders…since half of all motorcycle fatalities are people 40 yrs old and older and half of those were 50 yrs old and older.  FYI..42% of all fatalities are from riders not wearing helmets!
With all that said, let me know what you think of the bike I want…..

An old Lady Godiva on wheels…..wearing a helmet!!


Here’s another thing you can’t do on an electric bike…

I realize that I havent done anything very technical about my new electric baby, Dot, but I love my bike and enjoy sharing the adventure that being a trailblazer brings. I have certainly been amusing to some! I plan to do many posts about my new electric bike, the Enertia, and will get into the technical stuff but, until then I have another occasion to share a difference between gas and electic and one more thing you cant do on an electric bike.
Most winters here in Portland, Oregon, give us multiple months when it’s too wet to ride. The cold can be handled with heated clothing but, the rain can’t be controlled since water finds it way into any crack or crevasse regardless. I find myself getting restless after about the third month and usually resort to a visit to the garage. I grab a beverage, dress like an Eskimo, and head to the garage containing my bike. Last winter my Road King sat in the dark and waited. I raised the door, slid in and closed the door behind me. I took a moment to run my hands over the tank and fenders…..ahhhhhhh. I missed him! Turning the key, switching to gas, climbing on, checking for neutral, and hitting the starter. A rumble, a rumble, and a start. The roar in a closed garage is nearly defining….I love it!  A few bends of the throttle and if I close my eyes, I could be anywhere!  A few minutes of that is all you can take.  The garage starts to stink with exhaust and its time to turn the bike off. But, that few minutes can get me by for a little while because me and my bike have taken a quick spin in my head.
Now to the Enertia. I received my bike in March and from that point on, the weather has been hit and miss. We had been experiencing unusually nice weather before she arrived and then it went bad. Fortunately, not real bad and I have had some time to take a few short rides to test the battery and acquaint myself with the bike. As you can imagine, I wake up EVERY morning wanting to take the girl out. On the days that are really rainy I grab a beverage, dress like an Eskimo, and head to the garage that holds my bike. I open the door, slide in, and close the door behind me. There she sits! Right next to the Road King, plugged in to the electrical outlet. I run my hands over the bike…no tank or fenders…ahhhhhhh. I unplug her and tuck the plug into the compartment under the seat. I put the seat on and lock it down. I climb on board, switch the key to on, and push the button. She starts to talk to me with her technical noises, she kind of purrrrrssss. Now, I can do this all day because the bike has no exhaust! Sometimes I just sit on her and watch the lights on the panel flash. I havent been far on her but, I can close my eyes and repeat the few little trips we have made. I can dream of the time when my batteries are to capacity. I am planning a trip down to Ashland to visit the Brammo factory to see where my bike was built and in my mind we are flying along down the I-5 freeway on those beautiful stretches of road from here to there.
Ya know, its different but its the same!  The thrill of riding is there and I miss her when I can’t ride her. This bike is incredibly easy to manuever and it has no problem getting up and going, in fact it feels like its going faster than she is. Its light, comfortable, and sexy to look at. I have had problems with “me” but not the bike, getting used to the new things that an electric bike presents.  I am loving this adventure and I am so proud to be a part of the green movement. I have taken some teasing but, all the people who know me, know that I do things the way I want regardless of what anyone thinks.
So, the #3 thing you can’t do on an electric bike is……you cant go out to the garage and listen to the roar of the motor just to make yourself feel better when it’s too wet to ride! But, you can keep the electric running till it runs out of juice and it wont make you cough or burn your eyes. LOL. It’s all about the give and take, people.
With every new break through, these electric bikes get better and more appealing to own and ride. I have had so much fun discovering the world of electric motorcycles and will keep you posted on all the adventures Dot and I have. My next purchase will be a handle bar mounted camera…..then, look out!  So, please hold, there is a lot more to come.
Lady Godiva on wheels…….with Dot!


Can Harley Davidson make the come back they dream of…or are they over the hill, like most of their riders

I have always considered and heard that Harley Davidson sets the tone for the entire motorcycle industry. If that is truly the case, you may have plenty of time to find a smokin’ hot deal on that bike of your dreams!

Harley stock has taken a beating during this economic downturn to as low as $9 per share. It has bounced up to a whopping $15 currently but, that may be the ceiling for some time. Individual dealers are all but giving the bikes away and soon the time for “in dealer” weekend party time at dealerships are due to begin. That will open the door for deals, deals, deals! Here is what the experts are saying about Harley…

Again, we are hearing about the aging Harley rider. Being one of those aging individuals, I get tired of hearing it. However, if I were someone in charge of things at Harley, I would have made changes ten years ago….when I first mentioned it to one of the employees at my local Harley dealership. They laughed at me when I recommended they consider trikes and sidecars for older riders and women…..hmmmmmm. Not so funny now, is it!!??
Here is a little bit of what the chatter is about it today….

Although it appears as though a comeback may be some time coming, I would recommend watching the stock. Harley may have its troubles with the economy but, it’s an icon known world-wide. If there is to be a comeback, Harley will be the one to achieve it on that merit alone. It might be worth a little money invested now for a profit in two years.

If you happen to be dreaming of a new Harley, they are back to running the “Harley competitive bike exchange” and I have been hearing that they have some great financing… and next month is “Women’s month at Harley Davidson”… . Now is the time. It might sound like I’m asking everyone to take advantage of a guy by kicking him when he’s down….oh, well! After the financial disaster the banks have put it in, I say “I can live with that!” ….chuckling

Food for though from Lady Godiva on wheels


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