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Another tidbit about Brammo “the company”..

While I am at it, let me tell you, I found something else while I was “surfing the web”. A site I visited just happened to have some info about Brammo “the company”. I wont say any more than that…. I’ll let you check it out. You can access the website here… 

Dont make me do all the work for you. This is about business, so do your “do diligence”. Hey, is this deja vu?? I think I already said that once yesterday to someone…LOL

I thought you might like to hear a quote from Craig Bramscher, ““Someone asked us if we’re the Tesla [Motors Inc.] of motorcycles. I told them we’re the antithesis of Tesla,” Bramscher said. While Tesla received commitments of more than $1 billion in equity and federal loans before it went public, “we’ll do it for under $100 million.” And, I think he might just be right!

Lady Godiva on wheels…. givin you a tip! Check it out..