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I’m back… I think!!

Its been way too long since I have visited all my readers here on the old blog. I am just touching base to let everyone know where I was…
My dad had a sever decline in health early last year and I spent some of it taking care of him down in California. He was, at times a real trooper. Then there were the times when he went kicking and screaming! It was a journey for all involved. In November, just after Thanksgiving, he lost the good fight but he was ready. Not that it made it any easier for the rest of us….
One of the things my father and I talked about was my website, Motorcycle Travel He loved his Harley and loved the thought that we had motorcycles in common. He wanted me to continue on with the website and enjoy my life on the back of my bikes. Although it has been a tough grind to make the website do all I want it to do, my dad helped make the decision to forge ahead. Thanks Dad!
Yesterday was my grandest meeting with the web gurus and the search for funding has begun! The need to explain why motorcyclists need more than 10 waypoints on a map of a road trip proved to be difficult but I was successful!  Now the real work begins. Business plans, proposals and charts are all I will be working on for the next month. My sweet little trike sits down in Chandler, AZ in the talented hands of Jason Sarratt from Hellcat Customs. Although I would love to be out riding her… and I would… I know that I need to get some things done first. Jason has been so patient with me and I love he and Kelly for it. There will be lots of fun to come and many more stories to be written but they will have to wait for now.
So, there you have it. I couldn’t leave everyone wondering where I went and what had happened to me. Life.. that’s what happened to me. We all have our stories! Stay tuned and I will keep writing and let everyone know where I am and how its going. If there are hiccups and I stay away too long, I will always be back!

Lady Godiva on wheels getting back on the horse.


Christmas gift ideas…. again!!

Zhejiang Huafeng Motorcycle Fittings Co., Ltd.(China (Mainland))

Learning to navigate the “social network”, I have learned that you can work on one thing and have it go multiple places!! Who knew!! And, so…
Here is Motorcycle Travel’s Facebook page and the place I am putting all my Christmas gift ideas for 2011. Here is my Motorcycle Travel’s Twitter page where this blog post will be displayed.
I hope everyone who reads this will find some value here and perhaps find a great gift idea for that motorcycle person in their lives.
If you have an idea for a gift that will make a motorcycle rider happy, let me know and I will research it and display it on our Facebook page with credit going to the one providing the idea. So…. bring it and let’s get some great ideas out there.

Lady Godiva on wheels…. ready to shop!


The amazing Hellcat Customs’ Jason Sarratt and his design…

For just a little teaser… here are a couple of pictures that show the progress of my new Sporty’s front end.

 To quote Jason’s comment to the picture he sent me, “Front end of a Nascar or Judy’s bike”. I hope that will be a good explanation… ” But officer, its made from a Nascar. I can’t be held responsible!”

Me on this bike… God help us all!

  To quote Jason, ” This is a joint, this and raw tubing is all we started with. The suspension in the picture is all hand-made with the exception of these joints”. I asked Jason if it would lean. He said, “Hell yeah, that is what it’s designed to do. Once you lean, it returns to straight up center”.

Well, talk about making this old girl happy! Motorcycle Travel’s first official vehicle. I think we have arrived and I have Hellcat Customs to thank for it, again. If you’re thinking about a bike and want something different, Jason is your builder. Find him on Twitter @HellcatCustoms. Or at his website at Hellcat Customs.

Stay tuned, there is much more to come…
Lady Godiva on wheels…. so excited!!


Tips for Women Traveling Solo..

With the weather promising to get better…although I have my doubts… I have begun to think about all the rides I want to  take to exotic places, near and far..aka the hills near my home and somewhere beyond. I want to make a few maps and actually plan some REAL great rides to take this riding season and that provokes thoughts of what I need to do. Here are some of the places I have used for some helpful advice.
My friends Susi and Dana did a couple of blog posts on what to pack and some very good equipment for camping (back in June). 
A woman who I admire, Carla King, did a great blog on women traveling solo..and she should know.  Read her book called, “American Boarders” and see how she handled a ride through Europe and her ride around the United States and Canada.
Stop by and visit our family run website at Motorcycle Travel and look for “Ladies Only” under “Tips“. There is information on everything we girls need from packing ideas to medical issues.

Planning is everything when you travel by motorcycle or any other means. Stop by our website and make  a map for your trip and send an invitation to all your riding girl friends.  If you decide to go alone, make maps every night you stop and add it to a blog provided on the website so no one needs to worry about much. Only your designated family and friends can access and read all about what you did that day, see pictures, and see icons to show what you did and where you are. Contact me if you need any help with it and I can show you what to do.  Put everyone’s minds at ease and ride alone with confidence.
So… let it snow, for now. Its going to have to get better eventually and when it does, we will be ready!!

Lady Godiva on wheels.. making plans now while the Old Man Winter is still in charge!!


what I did after the International Motorcycle Show…look out “Big Apple”

After the International Motorcycle Show, I didn’t have much of a voice left.  32 hours of talking to everyone that came along and I was pretty beat up.  My partner in crime, Andrea D’Assis, creator of the Wrapter hair wrap, decided that we should just take our “bucket” lists and “get lost”.  Believe me, we did that by accident!! Judging by the miles we put on our boots, we got lost and found and lost again but, we couldn’t have had more fun. Take a peek at all the pictures at Motorcycle Travel via Facebook…. Click on the picture to see our adventure.

Lady Godiva on wheels and the pictures that go with it….
PS… Still need to send out a shout to Christina Shook. Without her invitation, we wouldn’t have had the great adventure we had. Christina, you’re the best!!