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She Ain’t Buyin What Hairy’s Cell’n…part duex; what Stephanie is fighting…

IowaHarleyGirlTo refresh your memories; The many thoughts of Harleygirl, Stephanie, has shared with her readers about her recent diagnosis of Hairy Cell Leukemia. Now, you may never have heard of this cancer, I hadn’t!  Let me help you understand this disease.

Here is some excellent information from the Hairy Cell Leukemia Research Foundation:Photo of hairy cell leukemia cells under a microscope
“Hairy cell leukemia (HCL) is a rare blood disorder that was first reported at Ohio State University in 1958. HCL is a chronic leukemia and does not develop into acute leukemia. The name”hairy cell” describes the abnormally shaped white blood cells with hair-like projections that characterize this disorder. Most patients diagnosed with HCL are male with a median age of 52. However, with more widespread knowledge of the disease and better diagnostic techniques, physicians have identified HCL in both sexes and among younger adults.”


Here is the website for more information and education,  or 
In addition, read the story of Stephanie’s diagnosis at , If you really want to understand the feelings of a person in crisis, read this story. Stephanie was very honest about it all. It takes great courage to charge in with guns blazing like this girl has.

Although this disease is chronic and the cause is unknown, it is treatable and the long-term prognosis for most patients is excellent. Stephanie is hitting the disease head-on and being very proactive with her diet and her excercise. She has been working on becoming stronger and has vowed to become “healthy”. And, she is doing exactly that. She is on the road to triumph! 

Lady Godiva on wheels… sharing a victory!

Next up; She Ain’t Buyin What Hairy’s Cell’n…part trois; What Stephanie is doing…