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Speaking of Dad….

I was just thinking about Father’s Day and a couple great “idea” items for you to consider..

The first is a great little item that I intend to buy myself in honor of my own dad who reluctantly got a cell phone per my request. OXO puts out a plug-in charging shelf that holds the phone out-of-the-way while it charges. Check it out at

The second… also one I intend to get for my very own.. is the XL Cable Organizer to keep all those cords out-of-the-way and out of sight! A simple idea that works great. Check it out at The Container Store.

A little something from my mind to this blog; Dads are important, especially to their daughters. They teach their little girls what kind of men to date and marry.  They teach a little girl that she is beautiful, smart and of value before she ever reaches adulthood. They teach us to ride our bikes, drive a car and appreciate the thrill of riding motorcycles via a ride on the Harley zipped up in their daddy’s leather jacket. They teach us good things and some teach us bad things, I realize that. If you are fortunate enough to have a dad that was wonderful, tell him on Sunday because you were truly blessed. If you weren’t so blessed, do something for YOURSELF and take the time to make amends because they are gone all too soon.

Lady Godiva on wheels… thanx for letting me get that out!!
Happy Father’s Day to all those fantastic men that do the hard work because they love their families that much! They will be better for it! And so will you…