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iPod and iPhone holders

My friends at Gunslingers Motorcycle Tours has a holster to keep your iPod and iPhones secure while you ride!! Check here.

They have a pink one for my iPod that will look great on Dorothy.

I was hoping for a green one for the Road King but, no luck! My poor Harley seems to be missin out on all the cool stuff.

Lady Godiva on wheels..getting ready to buy a holster.


My Enertia, Dorothy and a storm in Phoenix, AZ..

Last week, the news talked about a freak storm that came out of nowhere and pummelled Phoenix, Az and the area around it. Watch this YouTube!
That news made me hold my breath because I have family and extended family and friends all around that area. Two in particular are my dear friends Jason and Kelly with Hellcat Customs and their family. After I heard that it just made a horrendous mess, flooding, and nothing life threatening, I was relieved. Of course, I hadn’t considered that my little electric motorcycle had all her custom painted body pieces in the shop there and they may have been damaged. Way more concerned with the human factor! Wouldnt ya know it, they got a little beat up. The black panels were safe at home with the family but, the pink panels were in the shop. Between the blowing sand…which can take the skin off your limbs…and the huge wind whipping them around, I’m just happy that they are in one piece. Poor Jason wanted to do a complete re-paint however, I needed the panels back by the 15th. Because of the fact that the panels belong to me..”Momma Bear”.. and his need for perfection, it has been a struggle for him to send them back.  BUT, GUESS WHAT…THEY ARE HERE!!
The sad news is that I didn’t make it home from a 2 day business trip in time to get them.
This is what I came home to and I was pissed!! These guys never get here early until the one day that I need to make it home. UUHHHHH.

Oh, well… They open at 9:00 am tomorrow and I will be there with bells on!

Lady Godiva..aka “Momma Bear”…soooo excited!! More tomorrow, please hold.