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She Ain’t Buyin What Hairy’s Cell’n…part un; Who is Stephanie??

IowaHarleyGirlOne of my favorite bloggers is Stephanie at “The Many Thoughts of Harleygirl” and IowaHarleyGirl on Twitter. I started reading her a couple years ago and have enjoyed all her blogs since. I even went back to the beginning and read her early works. Here is what her very first blog entry said from Thursday, October 13, 2005:

IowaHarleyGirl’s first posting…OH MY!

Welcome to my blog! Don’t worry, I’m not going to just blog about Harley Davidson motorcycles. I’m going to blog about everything that interests me or makes me go “HUM”. I’ve wanted to do this for so long and I finally am. How exciting! So welcome…visit as often as you like and leave comments if you so feel the need. 

She has stayed true to her word! It has been quite a journey reading all her ideas and watching her become more and more skilled as she has proved to be a true journalist. She has loads of ideas about music, honors our soldiers, has information about all the events, gives accounts of road trips or around town trips, and tops it off with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
The reason I have chosen to introduce my blogging friend on my blog is this; in reading someones thoughts through blogs, they are unable to exclude the many things that are part of their own personal lives. As is the case, Stephanie chose to share with all her faithful readers that last year, she became ill and was diagnosed with a not funny cancer with a very funny name… Hairy Cell Leukemia.
I couldn’t help but share this story of courage so people can see a real example of what happens to a person in crisis and how they triumph. There is more to come and I know you will enjoy her story.

Lady Godiva on wheels….. loving to share.

Next up; She Ain’t Buyin What Hairy’s Cell’n…part duex; what Stephanie is fighting…