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Lets talk Christmas and a bad economy…

This year may very well be the year that I exercise the most restraint that I have ever used doing my Christmas shopping. With that said, I would like to share some helpful hints for avoiding over spending…
These are really common sense ideas but ones that I have never chosen to tap into. Could I be one of the many that look at Christmas and loose all sensibility? Well, yes I could be! Which is how I know so much!!

Xmas Present.jpg

1. Make a plan, a list, and a budget. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It’s not! Choose your present carefully and make sure that it is a meaningful gift. It’s not important to spend a lot of money but to put a lot of thought into it. You can avoid last-minute panic shopping events at the mall by starting now while cooler heads still prevail.
Buy things in “sets” and then break them up into individual gifts made special by adding that touch that speaks to the person its intended for. Example: Candles in a set with a special holder for each that is just right for the person its purchased for. Or: A set of bowls given individually with special homemade cookies with a recipe that the person loves.

2. Dont use the credit cards…. unless it’s too late to save the cash. Spending with plastic makes you more likely to over spend. Stick to the list and the budget!  Credit cards aren’t the enemy but its the way they allow us to spend that makes them a danger! January will not be pleasant if you don’t stick to the plan!

3. If you plan on shopping online, which many of us will, make sure you take advantage of the sites that will compare prices for you. Here are some that were used by people I know. I have not used them personally so exercise some caution and do your own research: Shopzilla , Pricewatch , and PriceGrabber .
When shopping online, remember to check for “promotional codes” and “coupon codes” on the sites you decide to use before you make your purchase. Although you may be getting a smokin deal, there may be more money to save and who doesn’t love that kind of opportunity?

One more footnote: Remember to factor in entertaining cost when you are making a budget and start stocking up on items that come on sale to cut the costs there, as well. Make your holiday menus based on the things that come on sale. No one will care if its ham or turkey, peas or green beans… unless they hate those food items or they have allergies. 😉  Also a big help is that holiday cookies and goodies can be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer in sealed bags. Then you can have a last-minute gift idea!  You will also have more time to enjoy the season and be relaxed enough to have some fun in a stressful time. How much would the people around you like that?? Very much, I am guessing…..

So, let’s make this a great year despite the economy, remember to buy “made in the USA” where you can and let’s work smarter not harder.

Lady Godiva on wheels…. FYI, done Christmas shopping. Oh, don’t hate me!!


Christmas gift ideas…. again!!

Zhejiang Huafeng Motorcycle Fittings Co., Ltd.(China (Mainland))

Learning to navigate the “social network”, I have learned that you can work on one thing and have it go multiple places!! Who knew!! And, so…
Here is Motorcycle Travel’s Facebook page and the place I am putting all my Christmas gift ideas for 2011. Here is my Motorcycle Travel’s Twitter page where this blog post will be displayed.
I hope everyone who reads this will find some value here and perhaps find a great gift idea for that motorcycle person in their lives.
If you have an idea for a gift that will make a motorcycle rider happy, let me know and I will research it and display it on our Facebook page with credit going to the one providing the idea. So…. bring it and let’s get some great ideas out there.

Lady Godiva on wheels…. ready to shop!


Things I learned about three wheels…

Warning: This is a very wordy blog! Sorry… I had a lot to say….
Well, the Las Vegas Bikefest is over and we have all taken our bikes and gone home. But what a wild ride it was while we were there.
First you have to imagine that my bike was placed in the “Radical” group. Really? You should have seen the competition. Outrageous would be the word for all but my sweet little black darling with the two little wheels on the front. Man was she out-of-place!  But what was amazing is that right off the bat, we drew a crowd. Kelly, Jason’s fiance, was out there talking and demonstrating but the people were coming so fast that I got out there and helped. We talked to people and handed out my cards and the wooden nickles for Hellcat Customs.

It didn’t surprise me that the majority of the interest was with the older crowd, in the same age bracket as the main group for single vehicle fatalities (see here). That was actually what prompted me to start advocating for an alternative riding method that will give the rider the same or similar thrill as riding a standard two-wheeled motorcycle but with an added bit of safety. Then my motorcycle club, Rose City MC, lost one of its long-standing members and a very longtime rider who got the front tire of the bike into gravel around a curve on a road that he had traveled for decades. That just cemented what I already knew…. as we get older, our abilities diminish a little more as time passes. I don’t see as well, I’m not as quick as I used to be, and I can’t hear for crap! Along with that, I’m just not as strong as I used to be. So, whats a girl to do? Call the one guy that can build anything…. which wasnt how this story begins so I digress;
I started on Twitter when I started the website Motorcycle Travel and did it to find other motorcycle people. And, wow, did I. That is where I became familiar with Jason Sarratt of Hellcat Customs. I did my homework to find out a little bit about him and was impressed with what I found. I needed an artist to do some specialty artwork on one of my bikes and wanted portrait work. That isn’t the easiest thing to do and if it doesn’t come out right, it doesn’t look good. After seeing some of his work and realizing how delicate it was, I was sold. Let me just remind you all… he painted Dorothy… remember. I wasnt disappointed in fact, I was thrilled!
So, here comes a time in my business world that will require a company vehicle and I have given considerable thought to the fact that I want something different for the long rides and with a spin for me to use to get my point across about older riders. I did so much research and found two really fine adaptations that might have worked for me. One was Mystery Design in Dallas, Texas and the other was Tilting Motor Works in Marysville, Washington. Both were excellent products and both tilted! Sorry, I just can’t give up the lean… So, after much research and consideration, I decided to let Jason purchase a bike for me and called Tilting Motor Works to order a kit to be sent to him. Unfortunately, the kits were only for the HD Road King and to make a conversion to the kit to fit the Sportster I had already purchased would have taken 6-8 months to complete and then longer to attach it to the bike. That would be too late to put it in the LV Bikefest as well.   Fortunately for me…. Jason has a remarkable mind and has been doing what he does for a very long time! I had many a conversation with Jason about his past experience and was always impressed and so, we decided to go ahead and let him make the most of his remarkable mind!  Here is a rundown of what he has been doing up until now;
He started out under hoods and around motorcycles in highschool and did a mc repair class as a trade school elective. Later he started as a Tech with Honda of America and did repairs and reports back to the factory on “at risk lemon law” cars and correcting design flaws on the mechanical side. Some of his duties led him to develop a lot of repairs to correct engineering issues. He had an admirable record of averaging 8-10 cars a day for 6 days a week and only had one come back with an error that couldn’t be remedied. He even helped write test questions for Honda to use to hire Research and Development Techs, like he was.
I asked him about his education and the answer certainly didn’t surprise me… He said,”I went to school to start a mechanical engineering degree and quit when the professor couldn’t answer the questions I asked. I figured he had nothing to teach me!”.
And so, the story began and the story still continues today.
Now the thing I learned at this particular show with the revealing of my little 3 wheeled wonder is that there is a definite interest in the design… but with more than just older riders. The interest with men wanting their women to come look at it and their delight at what they saw was overwhelming. The comment from the ladies was always the same…”now that bike I would ride!”. The stability that the front end offers is just what some women need to make them feel like they could ride it themselves. Heck, she stands with no kickstand. And that brings us a third group and the one that blew me away.
I was standing with a crowd and noticed a man on the fringe examining the bike. And then he walked off abruptly. It looked quite suspicious! He came back in about 10 minutes with a woman in an electric wheelchair and said to her, “I think you can ride that, what do you think?”. She said the same thing I had heard all day…”I could ride that bike!”. We had a gentleman that had only 20% use of one knee.. he loved the design and even sat on it to give it a try. Last but not least was a young man who lost nearly all the use of his one arm in a motorcycle accident. He didn’t want to give up riding and got really excited about the thought of being able to ride again and this bike design could be altered to make riding available to even a guy with only partial use of one arm. The excitement in the crowd got us excited. Jason was really happy to think that he could do some good with the design to benefit people. He’s just that way, God bless his heart!
This could open a lot of doors for Jason and give riding back to people who thought they had lost the option of riding something other than a rigid trike or a CanAm Spider. Not that there is anything wrong with those options but, its nice to know there is something more. So here is to innovation, here is to Jason’s beautiful mind, and here is to the future. Stay tuned…. there is a lot more to come!

Lady Godiva….. feeling very grateful!
Next up… the newest ideas for the reverse trike. What until you hear who Jason is talking design ideas with!!


Meeting Jason and Kelly….

It’s so funny to meet someone on Twitter and have a long running relationship with them… and then finally meet them! This isn’t the first Twitter buddy I have met and I have to say that I have been blessed with some great friendships that I can’t imagine loosing, ever! In fact, Andrea D’assis, designer of the Wrapter hair wrap and “chickthatrides” on Twitter, met me in Vegas for some fun.
Enter Jason hellcatcustoms on Twitter, Kelly fierypinkgirl on Twitter, and Fred smoothbiker on Twitter! Man did I have a good time and have found more great riding friends.
I just wanted to thank Jason and Kelly for all the good times had and for the great bike and bike show experience. You two are awesome!

Lady Godiva on wheels… lovin the bike and my old but new friends! Thanks Twitter!!

Next up…. all about the Las Vegas Bikefest and my new three wheeled beauty!


Las Vegas, here we come!

My bags are packed and Im ready to go…. Las Vegas Bikefest is calling my name.  I feel like Im waiting to give birth. Really! Think about it; I conceived a baby..the reverse trike idea, I found the best OBGYN…builder Jason Sarratt of Hellcat Customs, I’ve seen the ultra-sound…the teaser pictures from Jason, and now I wait to see what the little critter comes out looking like…at the Las Vegas Bikefest.
This is the last picture I have seen… notice that its not a whole picture! Jason is such a tease…

Now, as Jason has made perfectly clear…. What I am about to see in Las Vegas is simply the bike with the concept showing but, its not the finished product. My beautiful baby will be worked on until early spring… pre-mature birth and she still needs the tender love and care of her pediatrition…yup, you guessed it. Jason!  I dont even care! I will be falling in love in a matter of days….Im on the count down…Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!! Stay tuned to Motorcycle Travel America’s Facebook page for the baby pictures and videos.

A very happy Lady Godiva on wheels, packed and more than ready to go.
FYI.. my spell check is mal-functioning so no wise-cracks about my spelling. Im tired!


September 11, 2001…..

Let us never forget how vulnerable we are… Let us never forget that united we stand… Let us never forget those who serve… Let us never forget those who parished… Let us never forget! God bless us all, a nation on shaky ground in need of a Savior.

Lady Godiva… remembering. (very heavy sigh)
(photo via Got Geoint? and was not a webpage I could find to provide a link)


It’s all about the lean and Jason knows lean….

You may remember in the last post that I posed the question about the bikes leaning ability to Jason of Hellcat Customs. Here are a couple of pictures that will back up his response….
Now that’s what I call “lean”.  Take a good look at that! Awesome….

Lady Godiva on wheels…. leaning….really leaning… way over, LOL