Here are three more of my favorite things..Considering a new helmet as a Christmas present?

Here are three helmets that I just love and two of them are right here in my back yard.

The first one I wanted to showcase is a local company that allows the motorcycle rider to sport their favorite collegiate colors and logos on their helmets, combining two of their passions. The company is called Fan Rider and I found them quite by accident, wondering how the local sports bike club riding to one of the college football games were wearing helmets with the OSU Beavers colors and logos on them. I had to chase them around town to finally get an answer!! I believe that the teams are limited but, the more interest and exposure they get, the more teams we will see them add. So, if you have a person that loves that college team and loves to ride, as well, this could be the perfect gift.

Next is a company called RedIron Helmet Branding and it is located in the next town over from me. Like the first company

Custom Embroidered Helmets from RedIronI spotlighted, I ran into a fella wearing one of these helmets and was in awe at how well done they were and how beautiful they looked. You can have anything…well, anything they will agree to put on…and it can be put on a one of a kind helmet. You can make helmets for your entire club, have your business put on your helmet, or put someone special on the helmet and have them ride along with you. There is no end to the helmets that you can have done..and, did I mention that they are very well done??

Wow! Look at that awesome helmet design! Last but, certainly not least is a helmet that has some serious bling! The name of the company and the designer is Rain Hayes of Rain Hayes Designs and they are located in San Francisco, Cali.  These helmets are covered with genuine Swarovski crystals made into the design of your choice. These are one of a kind helmets and will have you the envy of everyone that sees you in it and the love of the person who gets it as a gift. They are that special and that beautiful. I have wanted one of these helmets for three years and Santa still hasn’t brought me one! Looks like I might want to give up my “naughty” ways!! Yea, that’s not about to happen!!
So, if a helmet is one of your gift giving ideas, get on it! Time is wasting..

Lady Godiva on wheels with a few more ideas up my sleeve!!


3 Responses to “Here are three more of my favorite things..Considering a new helmet as a Christmas present?”

  1. November 29, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    Thanks so much for the shout out about FanRider! FanRider currently carries Oregon, Oregon State, Boise State, University of Washington and USC motorcycle and motocross helmets and we plan to continue to add schools. Check us out at http://www.fanrider.com or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fanrider or on Twitter @fanrider. Thanks again! Let Your Fan Pride Ride!

    • November 29, 2010 at 7:46 pm

      Thanx for the great comment. You guys really are awesome and getting bigger all the time. Im sure if you get enough requests for schools, they will be the next to get added so, listen fans; You want ’em, request ’em!! Right, Jay!! Go, Fan Riders!! I know I just love you guys.

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