Just like Oprah, I have my favorite things…Christmas gifts for bikers.

Every year I come up with those creative gifts for the bikers in my life and thought I would share a few with my readers. Lets start with two that can be given to anyone, any gender, even someone you don’t know well….but, are sure to impress!

 First on the list is the “Bikers Coffee Company”. The name is pure and simple enough and the names of the different coffees tell a story, as well.  Their beans are organic, shade grown and premium roasted..and that sounds good to me. Although this coffee company is primarily Canada and more east coast, the beauty of the internet brought it to my attention a couple of years ago and again this year when one of my favorite bloggers, Liz at “Rippin-Kitten” did a post about them in October. Here is how you can send the gift of coffee, made by bikers for bikers with mugs, travel cups, t-shirts, and patches, to the biker of your choice. One day they may name a coffee after me!! Mellow and a little goofy? Ok, maybe not! 

Next on my list is the V-twin Vinyards and Del Fava Wines. This is an endeavour brought forth by the love of wine and the love of motorcycles and wanting to do something that brings passion as well as a living. This is a subject I personally understand. Scott and Lisa Del Fava have found the perfect parallel and a great gift idea for the biker in your life. You can also make someone a member of the “Wine Club” and get the premium and exclusive wines as they come available. The prices are reasonable and all the reviews I have found are favorable. This was a location in the heart of wine country that I wanted to visit via the seat of my bike and have just never had the opportunity to do so. Perhaps 2011 will cough up some time for me to have a little fun and add this location to my list of road trips. Until then, I plan to enjoy a little wine sitting in the garage leaning up against the Harley and dreaming of “next year”. Well, as soon as the wine gets delivered!

That’s all for now but, I will be back with more… please hold!
Lady Godiva on wheels… comin up with more of my favorite things.


4 Responses to “Just like Oprah, I have my favorite things…Christmas gifts for bikers.”

  1. November 28, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    Don’t you think every biker should have Chicks On Bikes book on their coffee table or in their stocking on Christmas morning? hehe.

    • November 28, 2010 at 9:56 pm

      You are reading my mind but, thats still a couple blogs away. Dont give away all my secrets just yet! Books, magazines, and calenders are coming!! Would I EVER forget that fantastic book by my dear friend? Hell no! LOL

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