What a beautiful day and Dorothy was out in it..

I worked today but noticed that the day was shaping up from a slightly cloudy day to a day that I wanted to be riding out in. I was on my way home by three o’clock and just knew Dorothy would be anxious to get out and show off a little. She has turned into such a diva!!
Here is a picture I took on my way home so you understand why I was so anxious. November in Oregon is usually not this warm but, it was 67 degrees! Yesterday was 62 degrees and I thought I had died and gone to motorcycle riders heaven! Tomorrow promises to be 65 degrees.

As I suspected, Dorothy was sitting by the door looking gorgeous and ready to run! I got dressed and pulled her out of the garage. The day was beautiful and I couldn’t help but take a moment to take a picture of the colorful trees and Mt. Hood in the distance of my street. I had to dodge the construction traffic from the houses being built to the right of where I was sitting. In fact, a car nearly caused an accident because the gentleman inside just had to know what I was riding. He managed to get pulled off to the side of the road and we had a great chat about Dorothy, the new Enertia Plus, the Brammo Company, and how much he hoped his wife would consider riding one of the Brammo bikes. Some years back, he had convinced her to take up riding so that they could ride together and he wouldn’t have to have her on the back of the bike all the time. He bought her a small cc Honda but, the experience didn’t turn out to be a good one and she abandoned the bike. It turned out to be a little more intimidating for her than he had considered. I gave him my business card and told him that I would be willing to talk to her and even meet her at the local high school and let her try my sweet little bike .
I decided to stop for a coffee and when I turned to take my helmet off, there was a truck sitting parallel to me and about 2 feet away! I nearly fell into the driver side door!! Of course, it was about my bike… and a rather funny story. Inside the truck was a gentleman driving and a pleasant-looking lady in the passenger seat. The gentleman started like this…”I knew you were a girl riding that bike.” I reply, “Really, why was that?” “Well”, he says, “your bike is all pink! I told my wife you were a girl and I followed you just so I could show her”. I laughed, his wife didn’t! She finally turned to me and said, “He has been after me to ride for years and I keep telling him that girls don’t ride, then you come along and there is no way to say you weren’t a girl on that pink bike! Thanx!!” I laughed, again. Then she gets out of the truck, slams the door, tells her husband to go park the truck and wait for her and she will be right into the restaurant. Now, he smiles and drives away to find a parking spot.
I had a wonderful fifteen minute conversation with her.  Her name was Mary and she was two years younger than myself. It was a familiar story about her wanting to ride but the bike scared her, riding scared her, her husband irritated her, the bike was irritating her…and so on. And, you guessed it, I gave her my card! I might be wrong about this but, I do  believe I am seeing a trend. LOL
Well, I didn’t get as much riding done as I had planned due to the interested onlookers but, I did have a great time. The sun was going down and I thought I should get home and take the Road King for a little spin. When I took Dorothy out, he was pouting… poor Harley!! So, I changed a few of my clothing items and changed bikes. I needed different gloves because the wind sneaks up the sleeves of my jacket because of the ape hanger and I need the heavier boots so I can shift. I wasnt out long because when the sun went down, so did the temp! And, by the time I got home, the wind was moving the outdoor furniture around the yard! Ah, but it was worth it to ride in November in the Great Northwest and on a night with a full moon. HHHOOOOOwwwwllll….I mean, fabulous!! LOL

Lady Godiva on wheels, helpin out the girls in my area to get on a bike and ride!!


3 Responses to “What a beautiful day and Dorothy was out in it..”

  1. November 4, 2010 at 2:29 am

    So cool to know you’re enjoying the ride!

    • November 4, 2010 at 2:38 am

      Oh, sweetie…the weather has been gorgeous one day and down pours the next. You really have to be ready to ride at the drop of a hat!
      Hope your enjoying some better than average weather, as well. Keep the great pictures coming!! Later, darlin.

  2. November 4, 2010 at 5:18 am

    You are an terrific ambassador of women motorcyclists, way to turn heads!

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