An interesting bit of research about E-motorcycles…

A Quote from Exhaust Notes’ James Tate says, “The year 2016 is right around the corner, and for the many electric motorcycle manufacturers in this country and around the world, it can’t come soon enough. A new study by Pike Research says that by that time, there will be a dizzying 466 million electric motorcycles spread around the globe. Think that sounds a little fishy? Think again: The electric motorcycle business is ramping up in a big way, and the past few years have seen the birth of a number of startups dedicated to bringing EV technology to the 2-wheel world.”
I’m keeping my eye on Brammo,Inc.  This company is going to REALLY put E-motorcycles…REAL MOTORCYCLES FOR ALL YOU SKEPTICS..on the map.

Lady Godiva on wheels and an investor…yes, I have a business brain, as well!! Go figure!


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