Riding on the back…

Last night, I got stuck riding on the back of the Road King. Why, you ask, when I ride my own? I shall tell you….

About three weeks ago, we received an invitation to a wedding. My hubby’s little niece was all grown up and getting married.  She happens to be one of the family members that he just adores and so, the RSVP was sent back with a “YES”.  All my hubby could talk about was how much he was going to enjoy driving his new to him ’72 Chevelle SS down Old Columbia River Hwy and to the wedding. I have to admit, it is a particularly lovely part of the country out here. I thought about the wind blowing through my perfectly curled hair while I sat in my wedding appropriate attire, cruising along……and then….. the paint shop didn’t have the car ready yet. OMG, was my hubby bummed. He actually had a poutty face with the big lower lip stuck out. I felt really bad for him! So bad that when he said, “At least I can still ride my bike to the wedding, sniffle, sniffle”, I said, ” Of course you can, ..cute little smile and a pat on his back”.  Then I thought to ask the question, “Where is the wedding?”  To my chagrin, a quick Google Map on the iPhone showed that it was 29.1 miles from home. Opppssss. That was going to make it hard for Dorothy to make the trip and back home without a little plug-in time. “Poop!!”, I was not happy. At 70 mph, Dorothy is a breeze to ride but, it takes more of my change than I would like. I can’t wait for the new Brammo bike, the Empulse, since it wont be ready until next year. Dang!!

So, the drama unfolds like this… my perfectly curled hair under my full face helmet on the back of the HD with no sissy bar. I had to put away the pretty little black dress and the hooker heels and wear my leathers. As my hubby pulled the bike out of the garage and up to the back porch with a big smile on his face and announced, “Your chariot awaits, my queen”, I was bitching and bitching, in my head of course! In fact, in my head I bitched all the way there, really bitched when I realized I forgot my “fancy” do-rag and tried to make sense of my flat, nasty hair, and bitched all the way home until… one block from home, we pulled into my favorite little micro-brewery, McMenamins, and my hubby announced, “You were so good tonight that I am going to buy you a beer!”. A nice cold Hefeweisen and some lemons…ahhhhhh. I’m so glad it was just in my head!! Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut!

Now, I will get to what this blog is really about. I realized something last night on the back of the HD… riders make lousy passengers! I have always known it but, I really knew it last night. I didn’t want to be there and I was pissy about it. I don’t ride on the back, normally,  and so my hubby has strategically neglected to put the $400.00 sissy bar and back rest set-up on the bike. It sucks! About half way there, my right butt cheek was hurting because I was leaning over anticipating his every move!  FYI, he is an awesome rider. He is a truck driver by trade and has been riding since he was a teenager, a couple of times eluding the police after speeding! The story involves jumping curbs and grassy fields, hillsides and forests, alleyways and a friend’s garage! Soon after both, it involved the selling of the bike!  For me, it proved he was good under pressure, good all terrain rider, and understood when to say no and get out. Good to know! I would only ride with a few people; my son, my son-in-law, one of my sons friends, my BFF’s man, and my hubby. They all ride like the bike is a part of their bodies.. on the road as well as on dirt.  I need to trust the guy in front with my very life. I need to know that they have “riders intuition” and aren’t willing to take chances with their own lives and thus, mine!   

As we were getting ready to leave the wedding to ride home, I realized that I just didn’t want to get back on the bike! I even asked if I could ride and he could get on the back.. I think he almost hurt himself laughing at that one. Reluctantly, I straddled the bike and we headed home. As we pulled out into the street, I just hated how much I didn’t want to be there. So much so, that I closed my eyes to have a little talk with God. As we chatter, I could “feel” the motorcycle moving and knew we were getting on the freeway.  The sensation was exhilarating! I leaned into my hubby and just sat there. The motorcycle accelerated, I felt it sway to the left, lane change.  It swayed  left again and accelerated, passing a car. Slight deceleration, power into the curve and lean. The consistent hum of cruising speed, the sound of another motorcycle beside us, Ninja? It was this fantastic rhythm that I had never fully appreciated. I had such a great ride home that I decided that the only way I would ever ride on the back is with my eyes closed. No anticipating the moves of the rider I trust with my life and if I’m going to die, I wont see it coming. LOL

Because I fessed up to my hubby that I didn’t like riding on the back, he has decided that if I don’t get a bike that can ride a little further than Dorothy can, I’m not allowed to go with him and I can drive in the car. In other words, the girl needs to buy a long distance bike and save Dorothy for the all important errands and around the town rides. I can still do everything I want to do on most days but not take her further unless I know I will have a place to plug-in. Believe me, I can find a plug almost anywhere! And, I have!! I have even stowed an extension cord in the saddle bags. But, not at someones wedding… I have my limits. I can just see the bride tripping over my extension cord… “My bad!”

So, Dorothy is going to get a big sister!  I’ll wait until summer is over and then I will go motorcycle shopping.  Bummer, huh? LOL 

Lady Godiva on wheels, hoping you enjoyed the story.


3 Responses to “Riding on the back…”

  1. August 13, 2010 at 2:33 am

    I had to laugh at the butt check comment! I’ve had many a ouchy butt check in my day! LOL

  2. August 13, 2010 at 2:34 am

    Ok…I really meant cheek! LOL Wow…it’s only 9:30 and I can’t spell!

    • August 14, 2010 at 4:43 pm

      Stephanie…. ur wreckin me!! LOL.. U do make me laugh!

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