Riding and the bad back…

Because I am of the upper 50’s age bracket, I know how important it is to be in good health so that it remains fun to ride. I will be adding some medical information in my posts, from time to time, just to help make sure we all have the best info for maximum success and blissful riding experiences.
I understand back pain! Although mine is minimal and age related, it’s still a pain. My son is at the doctor as I post, hoping for an answer to his back pain and, he is only 32! I hope I can pass along a bit of wisdom and information that will help someone. I would love to hear from my readers, as well. I want to know what you know so that I can pass it along.
Especially for we older riders but, certainly not exclusive to, back pain can be a pain in the… well, you know where. I read a tweet from @loosingmybehind( Cheryl Sweeney) about compression shorts while bicycling. That made me ponder and, ya know what happens when I ponder!! Could this be of value to we long distance riders?
I did a little reading about these “compression shorts” and found the name Saunders coming up over and over. I also found a website called Isokinetics,Inc, that carried the Saunders brand items (just type sauders in the search bar).  Some of it resembles torture chamber items… hmmmm… but, others look quite promising. You will also find books and videos.
Now, I havent tried any of the items and do not advocate any however, I will be looking into this further. So, lets talk back pain and cures. What have you found that works? What have you tried that didn’t?  

Lady Godiva… pondering, again!


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