Dorothy gets her “fix” at Starbucks…

I had a meeting with my friend, Mary Nunnenkamp of the The Randall Lee Nunnenkamp Scholarship Foundation, at my local Orenco Station Starbucks.  It had been a perfect day to ride and having got caught up in the lovely weather, I wasnt thinking about how far I had taken Dorothy on our route to the meeting. We had really taken the LONG way there and when I arrived, I realized that I was going to need to plug-in and recharge!

I went inside and started scouting out an outlet. One was perfectly located just inside the window where we were sitting! How perfect for me!  I grabbed myself a little iced coffee pick me up and asked about a little electric refreshment for Dorothy.  The girls behind the counter were in total amazement and wanted to know everything about the bike. That got all the customers going and during a 30 minute conversation, we cracked the window and hooked Dorothy up. I was able to go through the entire process for all to see. I even got a round of applause when I started Dorothy up and she made the familiar hummmmm. She had wowed the crowd again! 

Mary arrived and joined us at the table.  We had a lovely time talking about the “2010 4th annual Randy Cares Ride” coming August 21st. The proceeds from this event are used to fund education for young people who would otherwise be unable to secure money to go to school.  They are considered the ones that have fallen through the cracks!  Mary and all the people involved with the foundation have worked tirelessly to continue giving to the communities youth, in Randy’s absence. Read his story at “Randy’s Story”.   To anyone in the area of Hillsboro, Oregon or anywhere in the world, this is a worthwhile cause and deserves attention. If we can educate our youth, they can prosper and give back to society in a positive fashion. Hey, they may be taking care of us one day!!  Keep up the wonderful work, Mary.

After the meeting, Dorothy was revved up and ready to go. A special “thanx” goes out to the sweet girls that helped me out that day. I got my “pick me up” and so did Dorothy.  THANK YOU, LADIES!  See, you really can plug-in just about anywhere.

Lady Godiva on wheels…..


2 Responses to “Dorothy gets her “fix” at Starbucks…”

  1. August 6, 2010 at 4:39 am

    I love your blog. I’ve added it to my favorite bookmarks and subscribed in a reader.

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