50th anniversary of the “Twist”….

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the dance move known as the “Twist”.  This dance forever changed the way couples danced together, meaning that they stopped dancing while touching…. damn Twisters!!

FROM WIKIPEDIA: The Twist was a dance inspired by rock and roll music. It became the first worldwide dance craze in the early 1960s, enjoying immense popularity among young people and drawing fire from critics who felt it was too provocative. It inspired dances such as the Jerk, the Pony, the Watusi, the Mashed Potato, the Monkey and the Funky Chicken, although none were as popular. The dance was inspired by “The Twist,” B-side of Hank Ballard’s single “Teardrops on your letter” in 1959.

Here is an example of Chubby Checker, singing his signature song, “The Twist” and performing the dance, which he still does today. I guess the dance keeps a body young! So, everybody “do the Twist”!                                       


Lady Godiva on wheels….. “Twistin”
PS.. I was 5 yrs old the year Chubby Checker first sang the song on American Bandstand!! And, I was twistin!


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