Today is the first day of Summer….

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcome the first day of summer!!  And, you know what that means….  Lets ride!!

According to Kelly Whitt at Suite101.com;
“If you have been watching the sun each day leading up to the summer solstice, you will see that it climbs higher in the sky each day. On the day of the solstice, which marks the first official day of summer, the sun appears to stand still. It has reached as far north as it will get. The word “solstice” means the sun stands still. This is also true for the winter solstice, when the sun gets as far south in the sky before coming to a stop.”

Let me put this in perspective for you;
There are 93 days until the first day of Autumn (September 23) and 182 days until the first day of Winter (December 21).  Those lazy days of Summer will be gone in no time.

Lady Godiva on wheels….. hoping for the sunshine!!


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