Saying good-bye sucks…

Here we are again with another good-bye! This will be my forth in a few weeks!
Rue McClanahan - 160 x 120 

My favorite bad girl, Rue McClanahan has died at 76.
Just a few words about this woman, she said all the things I thought but didn’t say. She made being so bad look so good. She will be missed by all!!

Now, I think there is some irony here. Today is the 14th anniversary of the death of my dear sweet daughter, Jessica. This day, back in 1996, my oldest daughter suffered a right ventricular arrhythmia. That day, her parents lost their daughter, my son and daughter lost their sister and the keeper of the group, and my grandsons lost their mother. That was a very dark day!
But, we know that she would want us all to be happy and so, we always make it a point to do something fun. We always let off balloons with silly messages, watch them climb to the heavens, and sit over dinner and tell all the goofy stories that Jessica’s 21 years blessed us with.
To all those who have lost a child…. my prayers are to you all. It’s the toughest thing I have ever done and it left a huge hole in our family that will never be filled. But, we are all still here!  It’s a true testimony of the good job God did on us!!

Lady Godiva on wheels… lookin up and blowing kisses


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