Brammo sends me my very own Flip Video Camcorder…

If you have read my prior blogs, you know that I am the proud owner of a 2010 Brammo, Inc. Enertia Electric Motorcycle. After much reasearch and consideration, I decided to make the purchase of my first electic vehicle. I have been in LOVE ever since.
Along with being an owner, I am active in a forum that talks about the Enertia ( http://brammoforum.com/index.php ), hosted by my buddy, Harry Mallin, aka Brammofan (http://brammofan.wordpress.com/). On the forum, Harry has made sure that we have access to the most brilliant minds running the show at Brammo, down in Ashland, Oregon. You can make inquiries prior to buying, you can talk to other owners about their experiences, you can talk to the designers about concerns, or pass along ideas that may be of value for the future (not that they listen to me but, you may have better luck!! I am the non-egghead in the bunch!)  On the forum, we also have access to all the latest promotions.
The latest promotion comes from Brammo’s director of sales and marketing, Adrian Stewart.
” I am looking for Enertia owners who are happy to talk about their whole Enertia experience on camera.
Does that sound like you?
It does. Okay here is the deal…send me a direct message and I will send you a cool Brammo flip video camera….you record your auto-videography…then upload the video file to Brammo.
That’s it.  Grin
Oh yes and you get to keep the very cool Brammo video camera  Grin and you can always send in updates whenever you have the time and the inclination”.
So, I was in! Hell yeah…
Now, I read the request for riders and the camera they promised but, something didn’t click in. The day after I agreed to be a Brammo guinea pig, My grandson went out to the mailbox to find a package for me and, it was from Brammo. He handed it to me…. my heart quickened!!  What prize had I won? What surprise lay inside? (You should see me on my birthday!!) I opened the box and rummaged around amongst the bubble wrap to find a box with a Flip Video Cam. I looked at the little black box with suspicion. This couldn’t be a REAL Flip Video Cam.
I opened the box and slide out the contents…… and, there it was. It was a REAL, honest to goodness, sitting in my hand, Flip Video Cam (http://www.theflip.com/en-us?gclid=CN_Nien7gqICFQz_iAodFkXuGA). It made my grandkids go “Ewwwwwwwww”. They know all the cool new stuff. My daughter informed me that the Flips are “all the rage”. I was shocked to find that it wasnt some inexpensive version of a real video cam. And, when I am finished with my videography, I get to keep this camera to do future works. I considered this a very generous offer… thank you, Adrian.
When any woman gets something cool, what is the first thing she does….. she gets accessories!! And, that’s just what I did.

Lady Godiva on wheels……  charging my Flip Video Cam! 



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