A special thanks to “the many thoughts of Harley Girl”…or, whomever I got the idea from!

I have a routine of surfing the web for great motorcycle news about every other day. When I find something note-worthy, I put it on a page for future use. I am a stickler for putting the website, persons name, or magazine I got the information from. I also make sure I ALWAYS give credit to that person when I do the post. That is exactly what I intended to have happen with a song by Toby Keith called “American Soldier”.

 I found it somewhere! I did the “copy and paste”… and I transported it to a page to keep safely until I was ready for a Memorial Day or Veterans Day post. The problem was that I forgot to add where I found it.  Yes, I forgot!!
Along came Memorial Day and out came the ideas I had so lovingly saved. It was perfect.. except for the fact that I didn’t know who to thank. Should I use the idea anyway?? I decided to go ahead. I did a brief but to the point post, added the song,headed off to bed, and all was well with the world, or so I thought.  But, where I got the song idea was bugging me. I tossed and turned, all night long. No matter how much it bothered me, I still couldn’t figure it out.
A night later, I was sleeping peacefully. I finally went to sleep without thinking about that song. But,somewhere in the night, I remembered where I saw it. I sat straight up in bed and said, out loud, “Stephanie”! 
I didn’t even care that it was the middle of the night. I tossed off the blankets and ran for the laptop. I went all through “The many thoughts of Harley Girl” blog posts. In fact, I went all the way back to 2005, when Stephanie first started her blog. Not there?? But, I was so sure…. Maybe it was the sleepy eyes??
Now I don’t know who gave me the idea but, whoever you are, I am very thankful. If you read this and realize it was from you, would you mind letting me know. Seriously, its messin with my sleep!!

To all the men and women that have kept us safe, have died for our right to be free, will fight our enemies in the future, THANK YOU. You are appreciated!!

Lady Godiva on wheels… thankful.


1 Response to “A special thanks to “the many thoughts of Harley Girl”…or, whomever I got the idea from!”

  1. May 31, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    I thought I did post this at one point. I’m sure you can find the song on Youtube. It’s a wonderful song!!! Thanks for the shout out too!!! 🙂 I have really fallen short this Memorial Day. I usually do a post about our troops.

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