Another innovative Idea by Harley Davidson..

I was browsing for something…now I don’t even remember what it was…and I ran across an idea that, I have to say, shows the brilliant advertising minds that Harley Davidson has on the payroll. Let me explain..
First, it’s a promotional on-line book called 
“The Guide to Ride”     (http://www.harleydavidson.com/en_US/Content/Pages/2010c/ss/start-something.html)  and has the lovely Marisa Miller to guide the male fence-riders through the three stages of material geared to helping men forget their inhibitions, leave their excuses behind, and purchase that darn bike, no matter what!
After curiosity got the best of me… I read through the material and I will admit, they thought of everything! You can learn how to get your endorsement, what to say to a spouse or significant other when they aren’t as excited about the idea as you are, or learn the “lingo” with a handy-dandy glossary, so you don’t look like a dork?. Worried about the price, they have an answer for that! Worried you’ll get hurt, they have suggestions there! You don’t know where to start….Oh, worry not!
My biggest giggle was the section called “Ask Permission or Beg Forgiveness” (http://www.harley-davidson.com/en_US/Content/Pages/guide-to-ride/get-smart.html) which centers mainly on the cranky hard nosed wife that wont give in and let the poor defenseless guy have a motorcycle. It goes so far as to say that you should just bring the bike home or just tell her it’s going to happen whether she likes it or not. Is HD going to employ divorce attorneys and give the rider a discount for services? I’m just sayin………. 
Now, Marisa is the  lovely girl in the introduction and they say she is a rider. You do see “someone” do a nasty burn out and ride a bike with blonde hair blowing in the wind…but, ya never see the girl actually riding! I think she is under the one helmet that kinda shows a face that looks like her… maybe. AT LEAST show the girl riding!! I don’t doubt she rides, I just think they outta show her. She does however, promise to guide you through the process so that you can get that Harley you’ve always wanted. Are guys so lame that they need a pretty girl tell them how to buy a Harley? If so, I have some great properties that I need to unload. My daughter is gorgeous and I would be happy to let her talk men into buying them. No, seriously!! 
For the record, in my house, I was the bike lover.  I had to convince the man I was married to, to buy a bike..and make it look like it was his idea. Unfortunately for me, the man I was married to said that “no woman of mine will ever ride her own bike!”. Part of the divorce agreement was a sweet little 883 Hugger  HEHEHE. She was a great ride and served me well until I had to sell her to pay for the right to raise my grandson..he owes me BIG but, it was worth it, sort of!!
Look guys, if you or one of the ladies out there want a bike, there is actually a lot of fine information on this somewhat silly HD page. Take a riders course and see what you think. If you like it, grow a set and buy one. If you aren’t sure, rent one. But, make no mistake about it…. there really are steps necessary to becoming a motorcycle owner and a motorcycle rider and not a motorcycle mishap statistic.
One more thing to note; HD is offering Rider’s Edge New Rider Training Courses, free to 100 contest entrants. Also, one guy and three of his friends will win a guy’s road trip with the winner riding his brand new motorcycle given by HD as part of their promotion. Sign up on the homepage; click on THE GIVEAWAY. A training course is an ABSOLUTE must if you decide to ride. In some states it eliminates the need to do the DMV riding course or take a DMV written test.
So, enjoy the above mentioned Harley Davidson’s “The Guide to Ride” and get some giggles where you can find them!

Lady Godiva on wheels…….. my own wheels, that is!!


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