an update to the GoPro Hero….

I realized AFTER I did the GoPro Hero post that I forgot to include some of the most important pieces of information. My apologies and here is the update…
Included in the kit are the suction cup mounts, which have been tested by one of my Enertia riding buddies, Implovator, and he proclaims them to be quite secure. However, I have read many articles that recommend a short leash to insure that it doesn’t run off!  Also included are the chest strap for some action shots showing landscape and road shots with a nice 170-degree wide-angle lense and the bar mount for the shot of the road ahead or, turn it around and view the rider.
This 5 ounce camera, complete with all the mounts and water proof case, is available for just under $200 or just under $300 for the HD-quality variety.  The only down side to the camera is that it blows through batteries…about 3 hrs worth of shooting per…so, add batteries to your saddlebag for change outs. 
This camera comes highly recommended by the racing community for great race day shots.
Check all the cameras and equipment out at www.goprocamera.com and let me know if you decide to make the purchase. I would love to see the pictures and videos!

Lady Godiva on wheels….officially updated!!


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